I love bubble wrap :)



It's absolutely amazing how well this is working.

Aaron, I just used up all of the bubble wrap that you brought me.  I put TWO layers on the windows in the dining and living room area.  I had the little heater on for a bit because it was so chilly in here.  About five minutes after I finished, I had to cut the heater off.  The temperature had shot up 5 degrees.  Right now the temperature is holding steady.  Amazing how much of a difference this is making. :)

I'm leaving the kitchen window  and the door alone for now since we might have a few more very warm days.

Aaron......I'm going to need more, if you can get it.  I want to put another layer in the bedroom windows.  While I was organizing stuff the other day, I noticed that under the bathroom sink I can see daylight through the thin plastic that houses the outdoor shower outside.  I want to wrap that up too.  Maybe also the inside walls of the kitchen cabinets where I can feel cold in the winter when the doors are open.  I just have to figure out a way to make the bubble wrap stick to the inside.

Can you get a big enough piece to go over the entire trailer??   Just kidding, Aaron :)

It would really be great if I could reduce my propane use from 5 bottles a month to 2.  I would be such a happy woman. :)


  1. I think Aaron should get you enough to cover the whole trailer.

    Nice when something works, hey?

    What makes it stick?

  2. Rose...me too. That would take care of all my problems. :)

    Yes, it's nice. I'm delirous with happiness.

    Just a mist of water makes it stick. Now, the second layer, I'll have to see if it stays up on the first layer. Will check it when I get home tonight.

  3. "Can you get a big enough piece to go over the entire trailer?"

    Let me see what I can do ;)

    I should be able to get my hands on some more...I'll let you know when I get some :)

    Glad it's working for ya.


  4. LOL...you're awesome!!!
    Right now it's so comfy in here. I can really feel the difference. LOL, I've got the toaster oven going and it's heating up the whole front end.

  5. the company i work for buys bubble wrap in these ginormous rolls! it is unbelievable! now(chin tap)? how to ship to you while remaining under cover......

  6. Hi Heather :)
    LOL...if I were to cut that roll in very long pieces and tape them together I could wrap the whole trailer.

  7. I'm really quite taken with the idea of living under a protective bubble-wrap shield. I would wear my rose-colored glasses and pretend the world was a nicer place : )

  8. That would be really easy to do out here....even without the bubble wrap. :)


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