I had one car chase in Culpeper, VA yesterday morning.  It was a beautiful drive out there, but Culpeper was really, really busy for a change.  It took me half an hour longer to get to where I needed to be due to road construction, two accidents, police directing traffic at a school and then there was this:

Duck Crossing!
After the car chase I headed to my Mom's.  Here are some photos from the drive to her home.
This is from her front yard.
....and this beautiful huge pot of plants
Hanging out with Mom was great and it had been over a month since I had had a change to do so.
Lots of talk of old times when we first came to this country.  Great breakfast and lunch.  Of course she sent me home with a couple of packs of German bread which I adore.  She also gave me a small rug that she had no more use for.  Silly spent about an hour investigating it.  It took her a good half hour just to put one of her paws on it.  My Mom has a cat and I'm sure Silly was checking out the strange cat smell.
She cracked me up...touching the rug with her paw and immediately withdrawing it as if the rug was on fire.
It's getting pretty chilly around here.  I wonder if it will last and if the heat is over for the year.  I know I'm probably jumping the gun, but I put away the fan that was in my kitchen and removed all the foil from the windows to let the sunshine, when it decides to come back out, warm up the inside of my home.
I'm thinking it's probably time to get the bubble wrap and get readied for winter.
Aaron, I know you had mentioned that you were saving some for me.  Can you go ahead and bring what you have home?


  1. Great to hear you had fun at your mom's. Will bring what bubble wrap I have so far :)


  2. Those aren't ducks, city girl.

  3. Your mum sure does live in a beautiful place.

    What do you do with the bubble wrap?

  4. Beautiful views, and very green. Actually it looks very British!

  5. Gypsy.... Yes, it's beautiful there.
    I have single pane windows and I'm getting ready for the cold. I will cover the inside of all the windows with bubble wrap.

    Joe....really? I love to be at my Mom's early in the morning and have breakfast outside.


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