Buckland Farm Market

Finally after two long years, Buckland Farm Market,  owned by Bill and Sherry Coffey, located at 4484 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187, has opened.

I've only been living in the area for the past year and I have been waiting, driving by, watching it being built.

I stopped by there this morning and they are still getting everything put out and organized.  Bill told me that there is a building full of antique furniture that still has to be placed inside the building.

While walking around and taking photos, lovely smells of freshly ground coffee and baked goods were floating through the air.  I talked to Sherry and found out that she will be adding low fat and sugar free baked goods to the menu in the near future.

LOL.....These have got to be the biggest Avocados I have ever seen in life!  

I see that I'm not the only one that's been waiting for this.  There was quite a bit of traffic while I was there.
Good luck to you, Bill and Sherry :)


  1. Maybe they'll let you try a blue berry next year.

  2. Yes, hat would be awesome. Right now I have my eyes on a jar of blackberry preserves.....yummy...with some cream cheese.

  3. i love all the pics! and i am super glad that you will have access to some good quality food! awesome stuff Tango!

  4. Kymber...and the best thing is that it will be open every day and it's less than 3 miles from my home.

  5. I am so jealous that I won't be able to go there. I LOVE places like that and really enjoyed looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing them Tango and have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Gypsy....I love them too and will be back next week to see about some Blackberry preserves. Oh...am dying to get one of those huge avocados.
    You have a great weekend to :)


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