Above are some photos I took this morning on the way to Lignum and Jeffersonton,  Virginia.  There was a bit of fog in some areas.  It looked so calm and peaceful, I  didn't want to leave.
I had six car chases and started rolling out at 7 AM.  All together I drove a little over 3 hours.  The Evil Twin rides so much nicer now with the front end lowered.  I had to keep my eye on the odometer....lol...every time I looked I was speeding.
So, I got swamped with car chases today and nothing for tomorrow ....so far.  I have received assignments as late as 11 PM before.  If I don't, I think I'll go see my Mom in Front Royal and hug her neck for a bit.
I'm on a mission before it gets cold again.  I'm looking for tons of large bubble, bubble wrap. :)


  1. I already have a pile started at work that I saved for ya ;)

  2. Don't forget about garbage bags filled with shipping peanuts.

  3. I love that you're gonna hug your mum's neck for a bit. :)

    That's some lovely countryside there. It looks so serene and tranquil.

  4. Aaron....that's awesome. Thanks so much!!! I'll need a bunch to cover the inside of all of my windows. The large ones still let me be able to see outside.

    Guy....lol...that would make it pretty hard to see through.

    Gyspy...I'm excited! I haven't seen her in over a month. She'll hug me, kiss me, feed me, burp me and send me home.

    I could just drive all day, it is so relaxing to me.


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