Luck Stone in Centreville

All these years, I’ve always told myself that one of these days I would stop by this rock quarry and take some pictures.

Today I chased a piece of equipment that was parked here at this facility.  A young man,  named Brad Johnson, took me for a tour in his truck, so that I could get some photos.

This quarry is now 300 ft deep and will be dug down another 300 ft  before they will close it forever.








This tunnel is just big enough for one of the gigantic Caterpillar truck to go through.  Everyone has to use their  two way radios to announce themselves coming at every turn.  Surprisingly they have never had an accident at this quarry.







That tiny little yellow spot in the middle of the photo above is a giant Caterpillar truck.





This is a picnic and fishing area for the employees.


I haven’t had time for much of anything besides work for the past week.  I’m almost finished with that 69 piece assignment.  Today I went to two more sites to document the last pieces of equipment.  Tomorrow I will spend most of the day organizing the bazillion photos that I took so that my written report will make sense and line up with the photos.

I don’t have any car chases due until Wednesday.  That will give me time to finish this.

This is the kind of results you get when you have a “real” camera….

Wilber's soccer game 055


Wilber's soccer game 056

…….a camera that costs more than 300 bucks, weighs more than a pound, and doesn’t fit in your pants pocket.

Wilbur, one of our sales managers at Miller’s took this photo from the dealership last week.

Yesterday was a killer.  I got up at 4 AM to get started early before the traffic got out of control.  I knew I had to go through some major road construction to get to the first site.  It took 5 hours to photograph and document 61 pieces of heavy construction equipment on three different sites.  Luckily the sites  were only a few miles apart.  The third site was a construction site with nothing but sand and dust surrounding the equipment.  I took close to 500 photos and have two more sites to go to.    Since it’s raining today, I will do that on Monday.  Good thing I took both cameras because one of them ran out of juice.

When I left the third site, I pulled over in a paved area and took a towel to clean myself up, before going on two car chases.  I had sand and dust everywhere.  LOL…..You can imagine what the Evil Twin looks like today.


I had just enough time to go back home, rip off my dusty, sandy clothes and jump in the shower before I headed to Miller’s. 

Today I have three car chases way out in Stafford and it’s raining like crazy.  I’m hoping that it will stop soon.  I don’t enjoy driving in this mess.

New Cat Toy





Now you see why I had to keep the bubble wrap outside last night?  LOL….The crinkle noise would have kept me up all night.  She’s been playing in it non stop ever since I got home.  I’ve gotten her a ton of toys that she doesn’t play with… look at her!

I just finished putting a second layer of bubble wrap in all the windows.  I also stuffed some behind the air condition filter in the ceiling.  Sometime this week I will pull everything out of the kitchen cabinets and find a way to cover the back walls.  Wonder if water works to make it stick just like the windows.  I always feel the coldness standing in the sink area when it freezes.

It was cloudy last night, but I still love these photos.  Too bad the blue color didn’t come out right.



Tomorrow I have two car chases.  Then I’m meeting a gentleman that will help me locate 69 pieces of heavy construction equipment.  I talked to him this morning and he told me that the majority is located in two places.  I was glad to hear that.  I’m meeting him at 6:30 AM in Chantilly and I wonder what the traffic going east will be like.  I guess I’ll leave home at 5:30 just to make sure.

Things that I need to take with me, both charged cameras, a spray bottle with water and some towels.  The water and towels are to clean and wipe the VIN and serial number plates so that I can get a clear photo.

I’ve been playing with Windows Live Writer to write my blog.  So far so good.  I really like it and it’s easy to use.  The only thing is that I can’t get on it from another computer.  Because of that I will use the old way to post when I post from work.

Time to figure out a way to hide the bubble wrap from the pussy. :)

Room for one more gadget!! :)




Ha...finally found my other USB extension.  Only having two places to plug in gadgets on my laptop really sucks.  Now I have and extension plugged into an extension.  Room for one more gadget after everything is plugged in.  That solves the problem I have with misplacing wires. :)


CIMG4734 CIMG4735

This is Leah's xA, Bella.  She was parked at the shop for repairs last night and I couldn't resist taking a  couple of photos.

CIMG4736 CIMG4738


The dash is covered with hundreds of crystals.  Nice job, Leah :)


Well, tomorrow is going to be another crazy day.  Three car chases and I then I have to make plans to go all over Northern Virginia and Maryland to find and document 69 pieces of heavy equipment.  That should be interesting.  I hope I can get it done in five days.

Aaron surprised me with a huge bag of bubble wrap.  Thanks, Aaron!!!  :) That should take care of the windows.  I still have to figure out how to rig up the kitchen window, since I will want to open it once in a while.  I’ll think of something.  I even noticed a huge difference when it got up to 85 the other day.

Next will be finding a way to insulate the belly of my home.

A Chuckle to Start This Monday Off Right!!

Teri posted this on her blog yesterday and I couldn’t resist stealing it.

Of course, Silly would never do that.  She has the art of cocking her head sideways without getting her hair wet while lapping from the faucet, down to a science.

Today was laundry day.  I always run out of socks on Mondays or Tuesdays, so that’s when I load up everything and head out to the laundry mat.   My load was extra large because I got out the winter blankets along with all the bedding so I would not have to deal with it later.  Everything is all fresh and clean.  I’m going to sleep so good tonight.

Stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up a 12 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper.  I rarely drink sodas, but when I do, those are my favorite.  A 12 pack will last me about a year.

My dear son, T-Jay picked up the Evil Twin while I was at work on Saturday and gave her a good washing.  She’s sparkling this morning.  I wonder how long that’s going to last…probably until I get a car chase out in the boonies…..or it rains again.

I managed to find a battery operated light with a motion sensor on line on Friday. I should get it in a few days. That will be for outside of my front door.  Since the days are getting shorter, my solar lights don’t light up long enough for me to get home.  It gets really, really dark out here.  I refuse to turn my porch light on when I leave….it’s such a waste of energy since it will only get dark about two hours before  I get home.  I see no sense in having it on all afternoon.

I wish I could figure out how to disable the light in the surround sound in my home.  The blue light that stays on 24 a day lighting up the dial is getting on my last nerve.  There has to be a way to disconnect or unplug it.  I never use it anyway since the sound system hooked up to my computer sounds way better than that.

It’s been really nice not have to to buy propane every week.  The last time I had to refill the bottle was right before it got warm.  Goes to show you how much the central heat in here eats up.  I will insulate as much as possible before it gets cold again.  Even the fan over the stove and the air condition filter thingy in the ceiling.  I already have blow up pillows that go in the ceiling vents. 

The nights have been cool lately and I don’t think it will be too hot to sleep again so I’ll take down the small fan that I rigged up over my bed and put it away until next summer.

I got a crock pot of lentils going.  Time to put in the seasoning…then get ready for work.

I hope that everyone has an awesome Monday…I intend to!! :)

I love bubble wrap :)



It's absolutely amazing how well this is working.

Aaron, I just used up all of the bubble wrap that you brought me.  I put TWO layers on the windows in the dining and living room area.  I had the little heater on for a bit because it was so chilly in here.  About five minutes after I finished, I had to cut the heater off.  The temperature had shot up 5 degrees.  Right now the temperature is holding steady.  Amazing how much of a difference this is making. :)

I'm leaving the kitchen window  and the door alone for now since we might have a few more very warm days.

Aaron......I'm going to need more, if you can get it.  I want to put another layer in the bedroom windows.  While I was organizing stuff the other day, I noticed that under the bathroom sink I can see daylight through the thin plastic that houses the outdoor shower outside.  I want to wrap that up too.  Maybe also the inside walls of the kitchen cabinets where I can feel cold in the winter when the doors are open.  I just have to figure out a way to make the bubble wrap stick to the inside.

Can you get a big enough piece to go over the entire trailer??   Just kidding, Aaron :)

It would really be great if I could reduce my propane use from 5 bottles a month to 2.  I would be such a happy woman. :)

Miss-Bee Haven

Back in July,The Guy Who Writes This wrote about the cream and lip balm that he makes using bees wax and meadowfoam seed oil. I received a sample of both in the mail two days ago. I'm loving both of them!! :)

The cream reminds me of candle wax at first. Then after a few minutes the heat from my body warms it up and I can rub it in nicely. It stays on for many hours and I don't have the need to re-apply it every twenty minutes. Mine is slightly it has three ingredients, bees wax, meadowfoam seed oil, and the scent. Pretty amazing when you put this cream next to a jar of so called natural creams with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients.

I'll be curious to see how it works when winter comes, along with cracked elbows, hands and feet. :)

In other news....Aaron dropped off a bag of large bubble wrap last night. Thanks Aaron. I'll be doing the rest of my windows tomorrow before work. BTW....I have to get some motion sensor lights for the front of my home. You scared the crap out of me last night.


Got one car chase in Woodbridge lined up for tomorrow which I might or might not be able to do due to a non existing physical address. Looks to me like it is in Alexandria and I won't go that way. I really don't like to go east any further than Fairfax and it's out of my zip code area anyway. Hopefully my client get that address straightened out.

Yesterday was interesting. I had to go to Stafford and took a wrong turn. Gloria Spencer Pain (GPS) recalculated and sent me 15 minutes out of the way. Weird since usually she tells me right away to make a U-Turn. I'm going down this road which then turns into pot holes and gravel for quite a few miles when I see this pickup truck sitting in the middle of the so called road. I get closer and there is not one sitting in it. Not a soul in sight anywhere. I ended up turning around in the 1.5 lane and driving all the way back to the main road.

Then to top that, a couple miles down the road, there is a sign telling me that the road I'm on is closed. times! :)

Buckland Farm Market

Finally after two long years, Buckland Farm Market,  owned by Bill and Sherry Coffey, located at 4484 Lee Highway, Warrenton, VA 20187, has opened.

I've only been living in the area for the past year and I have been waiting, driving by, watching it being built.

I stopped by there this morning and they are still getting everything put out and organized.  Bill told me that there is a building full of antique furniture that still has to be placed inside the building.

While walking around and taking photos, lovely smells of freshly ground coffee and baked goods were floating through the air.  I talked to Sherry and found out that she will be adding low fat and sugar free baked goods to the menu in the near future.

LOL.....These have got to be the biggest Avocados I have ever seen in life!  

I see that I'm not the only one that's been waiting for this.  There was quite a bit of traffic while I was there.
Good luck to you, Bill and Sherry :)

Teri had given me this little cat tunnel for Silly to play in.  Since she would never get in it, I put it away.
While organizing the the other day, I pulled it back out.  Since she likes to get under the covers of the bed when she gets chilly and wants to sleep, I thought I would sew together one end of the tunnel, add a little blanket, and see if she would enjoy getting inside to sleep and cuttle in.
....but NO!  I spent half an hour neatly sewing up one end and look what she does with it!
I had a super long day yesterday.  I chased 3 Hondas, 2 Limos, 1 Baldwin Grand Piano, 1 piece of land (actually the owner of) and I found a Dodge that was slated for repossession by accident.  When I was about to upload the reports and photos, the company's website was having issues, so everything that I had put in was deleted.  The website still wasn't fixed by last night.  I was up until midnight putting my reports in forms and then e-mailing them to the company.  Phew....I sure hope they fix this soon.  It's really time consuming doing it this way.
Since the days are getting shorter, my solar lights on the outside don't last very long.  By the time I make it home at around 9:30 PM, they have petered out to nothing.  When I got up on the steps to my home last night, it felt kind of weird when I stepped up and there was a strange wet sound under my boot.  At first I freaked out a bit thinking that I had stepped on some poor animal by mistake.  When I got inside and turned the light on, I saw the three tomatoes on my steps.  One of them a bit damaged. LOL, this morning I was scraping tomato off of my boot.
Kenny, please thank your Mom for bringing me my favorite fruit! :)
Mmmhhh.....I've been boil free for a while now.  I wonder what's going on that's different than before?  Maybe it was all weight related like so many things? 
I have no clue and just hope that things stay this way.
It's so nice to live pain free.  I have not had a migraine headache in months,  Blood pressure is normal.  My left shoulder and elbow have stopped hurting.  I seem to be able to stand heat much easier.  I don't need any help getting to sleep at night. 
All I take now is my daily dose of 5-HTTP and a multi vitamin.
I hope it keeps on working!  I'm still losing weight, but much slower now.  I can tell by my clothes.  I don't get on the scales very often now because I would just get down in the dumps if I don't see the needle move too much.  
LOL, I actually say "no, thank you" when someone brings or orders pizza at work.  If I do eat a piece, it's just one and I don't feel the need to eat the whole thing as if they won't make any more....EVER. This is a first for me.
I've got a couple of chases lined up for tomorrow.  They are on opposite ends of the world, so I'm waiting to see what else I can get in to fill in the miles in between and do them all at once tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'll research them tonight so I'll be armed with as much information as possible before I get there.
I hope work will be busy tonight, I hate it when it's slow!!
I can't seem to get tired of the sunsets.   What's up with that?

These were early this morning on the way to chase a grand piano.

I did get a chance to bathe my pussy.  I tell you.....she was not a happy camper!!

I don't know what she was saying, but it sure the hell sounded like:  "NOOOOOO!!"

She ignored me for the rest of the afternoon.  By the time I made it back home last night, she
had finally gotten over it.  Geeezzz.....what's the big deal???
^^^^ This was last winter ^^^^
One morning the ice was thick enough for me to chip off with a knife.
When I bought this trailer I assumed that when I told the sales people that I would be living in it
full time, that they would advise me!! 
Little did I know that they had no clue.  I found out later that this trailer is not made
for full time living.  Now I know that there are trailers that a very well insulated and  have
double paned windows made for cold temperatures, but I'll have to make due with what I have.
Don't get me wrong...I love the floor plan and the storage space that I have in here.  
It is much better than most trailers.
I spent most of yesterday trying to find more large bubble, bubble wrap.  Had no idea
it would be so hard to find.  The first place I went to was  "The Room Store".  I was met
by a salesman who just about brushed me off.  Pointing his nose high up in the air he told
me: "we don't have that!"  Next I went to Pier 1, but they recycle and use it themselves.  Lazy Boy
store gets their shipments with peanuts.  Office Depot and Staples only have the small bubbles.
I only have the living room, dining room and kitchen windows left to do.  So I'm hoping that
Aaron will be able to get me just a little bit more.
Meanwhile, I'm really happy with what I've done so far.  I took down the black out curtains
in my bedroom.  Now there is much more light and it doesn't feel so gloomy back there.  The curtains 
I put up in front of the door.  LOL....I had to dash water on Silly twice when she tried to climb up
the curtains.  It looks like she got the message, I'll know for sure when I leave her alone to go
to work tonight.

 ^^^^I removed the warning tags that I still had everywhere^^^^
  I can't believe that I didn't do that before.  Weird....
Today I'll be spending much of it re-arranging items that I haven't used in the 
past few months.  I have a large storage area under the bed which I can access from
inside and outside.  I'll get out the small electric heater while I'm outside.  I'll also go through
my closets and see what I can move out of there.  The only complaint I have about the 
closets is that there are no shelves in them and there is a lot of wasted space.  It's also
hard to keep organized!  I can't seem to find my spare light bulbs so I'm hoping that I will
run into them by accident.
Look what I found sitting outside my door last night
Thanks Aaron!!!  
I attached the bubble wrap to two small windows, just to test and see if it would really stay up there and to see how much I could still see through it.  
You can't tell by the photos, but a lot of light still comes through.  
In my research on full time residents of travel trailers in colder climates trying to keep the heat in, a lot of them swore by bubble wrap. It's really easy and can be used over and over again.  Just cut a piece large enough to cover the window, spray the window with water, attach the bubble wrap using the bubble side and smooth out.  It's supposed to stay there all winter.   When it gets warmer, just peel it off like you would a window decal.  So far, so good.

Tomorrow I will do the rest of the windows.
I'm bound and determined to stay warm for less than $150 a month on propane.  Last winter I still had to run a small electric heater and block off the rear end of my home to keep warm.
I wish I would have known about this when I lived in my townhouse before I had all the wood frame windows replaced.  It was so hard to keep warm in the winter.

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