This made me think of Darev of Attitude and Pepperspray

It looks like I got out of Miller's just in time tonight. Right before I left a couple arrived with two young boys. We have three cars in the showroom. They were jumping in and out of all three of them, blowing the horn, turning the lights on and slamming the doors. The parents did nothing to make them behave and just seemed to ignore their kids and pretend they were not there. It was high time for me to go before I ended up saying something which would have been absolutely normal thing to do if I were still living in Germany.'s after 7 PM and still 84 degrees out. Cool down already!!!

Looks like I'm going to end up getting my printer fixed. I just applied for another Field Agent job and will need to print out lots of forms for the work. Tomorrow I will hunt around for a repair shop. Now I wish I wouldn't have bought over a 100 bucks worth of ink for it. I'll see if they can give me an estimate to see if it will even be worth it or no ink.

Time to enjoy what little is left of my weekend. :)


  1. Love that pic at the top.

    If it makes you feel any better, it was 80 degrees here on Saturday and it's bloody winter for crying out loud.

  2. Really? LOL..So what is it like in December?

  3. That pic is priceless, LMAO!

    Hey yeah, thats what you need!

    One. more. job.

    Are you the only person who works in that burg?

  4. I'm not the only one working in this burg. I could use longer days though....or an extra couple of days a week. :)


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