That's a building that I saw in downtown Warrenton yesterday

mmmmhhhhh....tomato, cucumber and red onion salad wrapped in multi-grain with flax flat bread. I was starving when I got home a few minutes ago. Wonder why I can't make myself eat in the morning? It just turns my stomach thinking of food that early.

Last night I told Wilbur that I would probably be late getting to work tonight. I had six car chases today. I started out really early this morning and luckily everyone that I was looking for must have been sleeping in today. Finished with that. Now to upload all the reports and photos.

My toilet-paper-shredding pussy didn't make a mess while I was gone, but then I hung up toilet paper where it belongs. I sure miss my automatic toilet seat.

I forgot about the link I have on the bottom of this page.
No, I don't get paid for the link, but I like the stuff they have to offer.
Since I'm on here every day, it helps having the link where I will have it near in case they have something that I need.

Giveaway of the Day - Batch Picture Resizer

Batch Picture resizer Batch Picture Resizer is a new easy and user-friendly resize pictures and watermarking tool. It helps you to resize large groups of pictures in one go for the purpose of sending via email, publishing on the web or just to save space on your hard drive.

Well, one more pot of coffee and back to work. Have a lovely day, everyone!! :)


  1. I love that building. Very cool. Reminds me of Banksy's work.

    I'll have to try out that Batch picture resizer too.

    have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Joe :)
    Yes, me too. I downloaded it, but haven't installed it yet. I see it has a water mark function too.
    You have a great "no drama" weekend to, hear? :)

  3. Whoever painted those murals is very talented. The man looking out of the window with binoculars definitely looks like a Banksy job.

  4. The man looking out of the window is the first thing that really got my attention. Yes, much talent. :)


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