On the way home tonight around 8 PM. The camera didn't do it justice :(

I just got home from Miller's and got a chance to wash the Evil Twin before I left. Ha, our detail guy, Chris, said that's the first time he's heard someone talking to their car while washing it.

The sunset was so beautiful on the way home, I wish I could have driven for ever. So relaxing. Good thing too because a guy that had taken it upon himself to post a weekly meet without even introducing himself nor asking for permission, really got me pissed off. Pissed off so badly were I deleted the nasty, hateful little remark that he had made about one of our club/family members. Rat Bastard!! I usually don't delete other people's posts, but he really got me riled up.....okay, end of rant.

No car chases tomorrow, so I'll be working at Miller's from noon until 5 PM.

I've got about 10 to 15 more pounds to lose. Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the baggy pants keep being in style. LOL....I'm having a hard time keeping them up. They seem to be getting longer too, but I know it's just my thighs shrinking. Most of my shirts are hanging off of me like drapes now. I guess I'll be buying new clothes in a few more months.

Well, time to check up on what everyone's doing on Facebook, then shower and bed.
Have a great night everyone and be safe. :)

PS...some laughs and an awesome converter gadged
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  1. I, too, have taken sunset photos that are never as good as the real thing. Your photos are gorgeous, nevertheless.

    Congrats on all the weight loss, by the way.

  2. Thank you MJ :)

    Sorry to hear about Mr Broken Lizard :(


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