I love my GPS (Gloria Pain Spencer). I have it set on the shortest instead of the fastest route, so it takes me on all these back roads. I took these this morning on the way to Stafford, Virginia. It was such a nice, quiet and relaxing drive, I didn't even want to go back home. Tanked up on $2.43 per gallon fuel while I was out there. I love to drive!!! :)

On the way home I saw a deer laying down near the driveway.

It didn't run away, but walked. Then I saw that it was limping. :( I wonder what happened to it.

I feel great this morning, so hopefully the worst is over with and I'll be back at Miller's as my chipper self tonight. I had some antibiotics that I took yesterday....just in case. I slept a total of 14 and a half hours. Must have needed it.


  1. All right then, 14 hours of sleep sounds like good medicine.

    I love to drive the bags roads too : )

  2. I always need lots of sleep when I'm feeling bad.

    I could have driven until I ran out of fuel. No stereo, no traffic...just me and the Evil Twin going down the back roads.

  3. No stereo!!! No!!!

    Sure you didn't hit the deer? ;)

  4. lol....bite your tongue!!! I've had two accidents involving deers. One with each Scion. Rat Bastards!


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