A friend of mine took me out to the Akasaka restaurant for lunch today. Great memories here. We have had a couple of Scion Evolution meets in this restaurant. :) A couple of years ago my sister and I would stop by here for lunch at least three times a week. They have changed owners now, except for one of the Sushi chefs, but the place is still awesome.

The first thing you have to do when you go to eat Sushi is to check out the bathroom. It has to be spotless....which it was, as always. :)

....and here is lunch...

It was pretty funny when I asked them if I could take pictures. They must have thought I was a mystery shopper because they waited on us like royalty.

After lunch I went to shop to see if my printer could be fixed. Bad news...it's just not worth it. So I bought a new one for 30 bucks. I should have done that from the get go. I'm such an idiot!! She's all set up and works like a charm. Now, what to do with all that ink.


  1. I've never had Sushi. Even looking at fish makes me wanna puke up!!

    The loo looks clean though. Did they think it was strange that you were takimg photos of the Restroom? You could probably get arrested for that in the UK!!

  2. Joe, you don't eat any fish at all??

    LOL...they don't know that I took pictures of the loo. My camera is small enough to fit in my pants pocket. Wow..you would get arrested for taking pictures of the inside of an empty loo in the UK???

  3. I love fish as long as it's been cooked first. Otherwise.....YUCK.

  4. A lot of my friends feel the same way. Luckily there is plenty of no raw fish Sushi available.

  5. I don't like any fish no. Well smoked salmon is ok. :D

    Well lurking around the toilet with a camera could be seen as suspicious! Especially if your name is George Michael!! :D

  6. LOL...I'm sure. The bathroom was empty at the time. :) If someone would have been in there, I would have waited for them to leave. Leave it clean, I hope!!


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