So I never got around to doing laundry yesterday, but bathed my pussy instead.

It had been a month and she needed it. I can tell from the hair. It's not as soft as it usually is. I know she's supposed to be "self cleaning" and she cleans herself all the time, but being a Cornish Rex, she needs her bath.

I remember the first time. I was so scared that she was going to scratch or bite me, but Teri taught her well.

She doesn't exactly like it and carries on like someone is committing murder on her, but she puts up with it. No scratching or biting even when I wash between her tiny little toes and get water all in her face. Afterwards she will spend a good hour cleaning the wet off of her.

I'll let her be for a while until she's finished, then I clean her ears and clip her nails. pussy is squeaky clean, yeah!!! :)


  1. I can't see the photo on my computer but I love Cornish and Devon Rex cats!

  2. She's a real character. :) Her new thing is that she doesn't seem to like the sound of tissue paper. Every time I get ready to blow my nose...there she is trying to snatch the tissue paper out of my hand.

  3. I took my little dogs to a professional groomer once because one of them goes completely psycho on me when I try to bath or groom her. Anyway when I got there to pick her up the groomer hadn't finished her yet and she'd been there for 3 hours. When I asked why she wasn't ready the groomer claimed she could only do her a little bit at a time because it was bad for business. WTF? Apparently the way she was carrying on made it sound like a slaughter house and it was putting the customers off.

    Btw, did you notice I resisted the obvious pun? LOL.....

  4. No shit? I'm sure I would have been told the same because of all the carrying on she does.

    Pun? What Pun???

  5. BAHAHAHAHAHA - i can't believe that the comments left have been so civilized so far!!!

    anyhoo - your CAT (heavy emphasis on the word CAT!) is gorgeous!!!

  6. LOL....thanks Kymber! :)
    I can't believe it either....left myself wide open there. Everybody's tongue should be sore from biting it.

  7. Now you know the pun I was talking about...hehe. I almost bit my tongue in two trying not to go the obvious route.

  8. LOL....I've decided that from now on I will use the German expression when it comes to my pet.
    You might have a cast put on your tongue before it's all over with. :)


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