I listened to the sound of the Whip-poor-will (is that REALLY the name of this bird??) on Guy's Blog and my pussy almost jumped out of her drawers, if she wore them. She was going all around the house looking to see what was making that sound and finally parked herself in front of the computer speakers.

I remember hearing that sound before, but I can't remember where it was. LOL...Maybe if I could smell it I would remember it?


I finished both inspections even found the car that I was looking for!

The business inspection was really strange. The house was way out in the sticks off of a gravel road. There was so much stuff piled up next to the house that I couldn't find a front door to knock on.

I looked through the window and the inside was piled up with STUFF wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

Being used to my little and organized home, it scared the shit out of me. As you can tell, I don't deal with clutter very well. I wonder if this is some kind of phobia and does it have a name?


  1. Now I pictured you as someone who liked a bit of clutter!

    There's a name for every phobia isn't there?

  2. Joe, I can't stand clutter. I can't even stand a dirty spoon in my sink before I hit the bed.
    Of course, now it is a lot easier since I don't own anything that I don't use because of the limited space.
    LOL....You're right, it probably has a name and I should probably see someone about it.

  3. Tango, it's called being German.

  4. Oh no, then there is no treatment for it.


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