^^^^^From the dealership door a couple of nights ago.

Happy Freakin' Monday everyone.
Murphy's Law has been in full force all morning.

1. The Corolla has 2 inch of play in the steering wheel. (I probably looked like I was drunk driving, fish tailing all over the lane I was in)

2. I tried to adjust the seat to upright and it went a bit past it. You know the position in the airplane. Where you're bent forward almost kissing your ass goodbye? That's how I drove for a couple of miles until I pulled over and fixed it.

3. I couldn't find the clock in the car.

4. You have to come to a stop to be able to see where to adjust the side mirrors.

5. The front of the car is slanted, so I can't see where the car ends.

6. The ass end of the car is way up, so I can't tell where the car ends.

7. Left the envelopes for work in the Evil Twin.

8. Left the painter's tape in the Evil Twin.

9. Left my business cards in the Evil Twin.

10. Gave the remote for the alarm on the Evil Twin to the mechanic, so I can't get in.

11. It was so humid outside that my photos looked like they were taken in the midst of a dense fog. Had to wait for the outside of the lens to dry out and go back to take more photos.

12. Gloria Pain Spencer (GPS) took me on a wild goose chase....another 15 minutes wasted.

13. Money Management International sent back my bank issued check saying that they want it in form of a money order or cashiers check, but didn't bother to put the money back in my account.

14. One hour wasted at my bank.

15. The Evil Twin needs a new compressor for the air condition unit. 640 bucks, which I would have if Money Management International would put the money back in my account.

16. Heard on the news this morning that some of the rules of the "Cash for Clunkers" where changed over the weekend. 78 qualifying cars were eliminated. I hope it does not affect any deals that were made at my dealership this weekend.

....so, how has your day been?


  1. My day is fine, but I have been ruining the days of others.

  2. ....and how is that, young man? (in my most grown up and deep voice)

  3. Never a dull moment in your life, is it Sis?!

  4. Your day sounds about as crap as mine! I'm just drowning my sorrows now. Wanna a beer?

  5. Sounds good, Joe. Can we have a 5th of Grey Goose with that??

  6. I'll see your Grey goose and raise you several tequila : )There is nothing that is not better with tequila.

    Well okay, don't drive on tequila, but other than that...

  7. Okay, tequila...but I'll have to add orange juice and a little bit of cherry.

    And then it will taste so good....
    and I'll be sick as a dog.

    LOL...I'd better stick to the straight warm Grey Goose.

  8. sounds like the evil twin is getting her "vag overhaul". gahh.

  9. So many problems, but you've gotten several funny posts out of it!


  10. Blogger a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

    sounds like the evil twin is getting her "vag overhaul". gahh.

    Yeah...the needy bitch!!! :) ...and she's only 3 years old.

    Pearl said...

    So many problems, but you've gotten several funny posts out of it!


    Hi Pearl...LOL....yes, they keep me from jumping off a bridge a lot!!

  11. yuhikes! sorry to hear about your crappy day - when it rains it pours eh? anyhoo - tomorrow will be better! i just know it!

  12. Yep....it's gotten better already. Yesterday was a real bitch!


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