^^^^^ Did I mention that I can't stand these blood sucking vampires????

When I was putting on the Toyota badge, I must have picked up another one. I found it later that night dug into the top of my right thigh. That was two days ago and this morning I had a red spot the size of a Frisbee where the tick used to be.

^^^^ Kenny, Cyndi....maybe we should get a dozen Guinea hens? Maybe some that don't make noise. :)

I mentioned it to Nikki at the UPS store and she insisted that I get it checked out at Urgent Care.
The doc cleaned the area where I was bitten and prescribed me antibiotics.

..........so while I was there, I had him check out my other thigh which also has a red area the size of a Frisbee. No, it's not another tick, but a huge boil that's growing by the day. It's getting rather hard to walk carrying these Frisbees between my legs. I probably look like I need my diaper changed from behind.

The doc said that he might have to lance it if it doesn't go down in a few days. Just the thing I wanted to hear. :(

Stopped by Safeway to get the prescription filled.
Still no coffee. I talked to the manager about them always being out of stock. He told me that Tom was in a car accident. Now I feel kind of bad for firing him.


  1. The only time Guinea hens get quiet is after you behead them.

  2. LOL....that sounds about right. I lived in a house with a tin roof in Louisiana for a while. I had Geese under the house in the crawlspace, Turkeys on the tin roof, hens on the hood and roof of my red Toyota, and a dozen Guineas that would go around and around the house. ....and I worked nightshift and slept in the day.

  3. Ouch...that sounds extremely painful you poor love. Are those ticks common around where you live?

  4. I guess so. I don't remember seeing any last year when I moved here in September. Do they have an OFF season?

  5. I don't know their breeding cycle but they are always the worst when the nights are cool and the days are hot...least that's then the animals get them the most...

    I got one between the cheeks of my ass onetime...if Mike hadn't been around, not sure who I would have asked to help me with that one!

  6. lol.... Oh no!!! You poor thing. From now on I'll consider myself lucky for the places that I've found them.


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