Above are two of my favorite photos that Dave Moulton took at Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska, on the way to Chicago to the 5th Anniversary of Scion Evolution celebration.


Got my field chases over with early this morning. Just finished the paperwork and uploaded the photos.

I checked on my print head that's been soaking in a tub of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol has turned black. I rinsed it and now have it soaking in some water. Later on I'll take it out and let it dry on some paper towels. Hopefully it will be dry enough by tomorrow to see if this has worked.....or if I have to spend 80 some bucks on a new one. :(

I should take a nap, but I usually wake up as the "bitch from hell", so I'll just have to muddle through the rest of this day. I hope that we are busy at the dealership tonight so that time passes quickly.

Last night I got off at 10:30 instead of 9, so of course I couldn't get to sleep right away. My alarm/phone is in the dining room and that's the only reason I didn't throw it against the wall when it went off at 5:30 this morning.

A half an hour ago, I decided to finally break in "Lucy". I deposited a few bullets in the bottom of a dead tree outside. Not bad, it does have a bit of a kick to it, but not bad enough to create issues in my right elbow.

LOL...a few minutes later Kenny's Dad came to my door, Glock in his hand, asking me if I was okay. I thought that everyone was gone this time of day. I'll let him know the next time I take a couple of shots.

LOL....nice to know I have backup if I ever need it. :)


  1. hi! Thanks so much for checking out my site. This is very interesting! Golly - what do you do for a living? I can't quite figure it out... lol

  2. ....and thank you also. :)

    I perform field inspections. Right now due to people not paying their car notes, I get a lot of field chases and collateral inspections. When the borrower stops answering the phone when called by the lender, they call me and I got to their home. If they're not there I talk to the neighbors, take photos of their homes, garages, cars in the yard etc. Never a dull moment. :)

  3. I really like those photos!

    I had to do a similar thing with my Canon printer but it did solve the problem and is now working again.

  4. yep...Canon here too. The print head is still drying out. I hope that it works for me also.

  5. I've just read your comment to Funnyrunner about what you do for a living. Good grief, I bet you have some interesting stories to tell.

    Guns just scare the crap out of me :(


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