^^^^Miller's Casino Night...Linda, our finance manager put together photos from that night and put it in the show case in the hallway at Millers. It looks better in person. I'll have to get her to open it for better photos.


Wow...from 79 degrees to 68 degrees in ten minutes. We had a major rainstorm half an hour ago and it cooled things down nicely. I'm sure it will be extra, extra muggy by the time I go to work at 5.

I love the sound of rain on my roof. It just makes me want to slide back into bed. :)


The "Cash for Clunkers" program came to a screeching halt at a little after 8 PM at Miller's last night. Four customers walked out. I had a crazy woman on the phone that insisted on getting in on the deal since she was told it would end at midnight. We ended it right then and there.

So much for this lasting until November. Well, at least our used car department will be happy since they haven't been getting many trade ins for the last week. They haven't been selling too many used cars either.


I got an e-mail from my client about the Tattoo shop last night. They want a drawing/sketch of the inside of the shop, showing each room, hallway etc matching the total square footage of the store.

I was going to try and use Google Sketch to do it, but it won't open on this laptop.

I guess I will be doing it by hand tonight. I'll have to remember to bring my adding machine with me to get it correct.

Earlier I went back to the shop with my measuring wheel and got the data.


I'm having a real hard time losing these last 17 pounds. They don't seem to be going anywhere.

I wonder how much hair under the skin weighs? You know, when you take the tweezers and pull out a tiny stub of a hair and the rat bastard turns out to be half an inch long?? That's got to weigh something right?

I do go through extremes on Mondays when it's time to weigh in.

The before getting on the scales ritual is:

Poop First!!!
Pee out every drop of the coffee that I consumed, making two or three trips.
No food!!!
Take off all jewelry including ear pins.
Shave, shave, and shave some more.
Cut my finger and toe nails.
Dry my body totally after I take a shower.
Dry my hair.
Do not put on any creams before hitting the scale.
Get on the scale naked.

.........no, I'm not losing my mind! Well, a little bit maybe.....

^^^^^^^^Sign at the Tattoo/Piercing shop I inspected today.

Life is good again. The Evil Twin is fixed and it's so nice to drive my own car!!!

My little brother, Dion, in San Diego posted the above photo on our SE forum and was picking on me like he always does.

So, of course I wanted to get back at him with a really smart ass reply to totally shock the hell out of him.

I used the word pussy and shit in the reply and those two words were instantly turned into beaver and poo poo. WTF???? So of course I tried other words to see what happens. Nothing. Apparently pussy and shit are on the top of the bad word list.

What's up with that????

I typed in tits, butt, ass, dick, penis, vagina, asshole, prick, fuck and these all stayed the same.

Who makes these fucking rules??? ...and what exactly do they go by???

^^^^^From the dealership door a couple of nights ago.

Happy Freakin' Monday everyone.
Murphy's Law has been in full force all morning.

1. The Corolla has 2 inch of play in the steering wheel. (I probably looked like I was drunk driving, fish tailing all over the lane I was in)

2. I tried to adjust the seat to upright and it went a bit past it. You know the position in the airplane. Where you're bent forward almost kissing your ass goodbye? That's how I drove for a couple of miles until I pulled over and fixed it.

3. I couldn't find the clock in the car.

4. You have to come to a stop to be able to see where to adjust the side mirrors.

5. The front of the car is slanted, so I can't see where the car ends.

6. The ass end of the car is way up, so I can't tell where the car ends.

7. Left the envelopes for work in the Evil Twin.

8. Left the painter's tape in the Evil Twin.

9. Left my business cards in the Evil Twin.

10. Gave the remote for the alarm on the Evil Twin to the mechanic, so I can't get in.

11. It was so humid outside that my photos looked like they were taken in the midst of a dense fog. Had to wait for the outside of the lens to dry out and go back to take more photos.

12. Gloria Pain Spencer (GPS) took me on a wild goose chase....another 15 minutes wasted.

13. Money Management International sent back my bank issued check saying that they want it in form of a money order or cashiers check, but didn't bother to put the money back in my account.

14. One hour wasted at my bank.

15. The Evil Twin needs a new compressor for the air condition unit. 640 bucks, which I would have if Money Management International would put the money back in my account.

16. Heard on the news this morning that some of the rules of the "Cash for Clunkers" where changed over the weekend. 78 qualifying cars were eliminated. I hope it does not affect any deals that were made at my dealership this weekend.

....so, how has your day been?

When I started the Evil Twin last night, she was making this awful noise and stalled out when I turned the air condition on. I caught one of our mechanics before they all went home and he told me that he had never heard anything like it. I hope it's nothing major!!!

I was afraid to drive her home so I got a loaner and left her there.

I hope that she's alright, I left her in a well lit area. :(

Driving a Corolla home was pretty strange. I felt like I was laying down driving. I'm so used to sitting up straight and off of the road. The loaner having an inch of play in the steering wheel didn't help any either going around those curves. I'll have to let them know about that when I get there tonight.

No inspections today, so I'll be moping around doing paperwork and waiting on the call from one of the mechanics. :(

I hope it's just a belt!

It could have been worse. I could be out here waiting on a tow truck.

^^^^ A fearless squirrel I encounter yesterday during a car chase. It was three feet from my car and I didn't seem to phase it at all. Looks like it was eating the leftovers from a ice cream sandwich.


We had another crazy day at the dealership, although it didn't start until about 2 PM.

One customer was really loud and upset about not being able to use his clunker. LOL...He had totaled it and had a salvage title.


I stopped by to hug my little sister's neck after work. Her birthday was on Saturday and I had missed it due to the crazieness at work.

She's doing well enjoying her new job and her four day work week. I shared a cup of coffee with raw sugar and a slice of jack daniels chocolate cake with her. It was good to see her and she looks a lot more relaxed since she switched jobs. :)


I can't sleep when I'm hot, so I stopped by a store and bought a 9" fan for 12 bucks. When I got home I rigged it up to the ceiling vent in my bedroom. I only have one window that opens in that room and it is blocked to keep the sun out. Since I hate to run the air conditioner just to be able to sleep, I thought that this might help.

Luckily the fan is not too heavy and I had no problem rigging it up to the ceiling vent. I ran it on low last night and really slept well. I'm thinking that the white noise will also help in case the dogs get to barking.

LOL...of course my pussy didn't agree with the coolness of my bed and acted like a heat seeking missile trying to get under the covers.

It's been raining most of the night. I hope that it will clear up later. I'm sure glad I didn't get the Evil Twin washed AGAIN yesterday and hope that I won't get stuck on the way out from my house.

Love the sound of rain on fiber glass :)


I didn't have time for anything but work at work...LOL
We were jam packed and the Prius' were flying off the rack.

Usually I will bring in my laptop and hook it up to my phone. Since our IT man has the store totally sewn up, I like to use my phone for internet, then I can surf anywhere without anything being blocked. Didn't get to do that yesterday because we were so busy.

I finally got a chance to leave at 3:30 to get some breakfast. I could have eaten some greasy vegetableless pizza that was in the lunch room, but I hadn't had any Grey Goose.

One of the customers had to be escorted out of the building because he wasn't getting what he wanted. He was acting like a child and even his wife was telling him to shut up. For a while we thought a fight was going to break out in the showroom, but the our guys managed to get him outside. Unbelievable!!

"Cash for clunkers" sounds easy enough, but there are a lot of rules to follow in order to qualify and some of the decisions didn't sit well with the customers.

I was asked to work today, so I'll be chasing a couple of cars and the going in at noon until 5.

Where did this week go???

I blame all this on a special friend of mine that's been keeping me laughing and smiling most of the past week. :)

The week just flew right by me even though I didn't have much work in the inspection department. It's been really slow.

The upside to this is that I am all caught up in paperwork and get to enjoy what my desk looks like without piles of papers.


The water pressure is back to normal in my home, which is really awesome while taking a shower. :) In the past week it's been like standing under someone with a mouth full of water and no teeth.

I have been trying to help it along a bit by saving my water from the kitchen sink to flush the john instead of letting it go down the sink. Don't know if this helped any, but it sure made my toilet smell peachy.


Today is the first day of the "Cash for Clunkers" program and I think it's going to be a bit crazy at the dealership tonight.

Besides customer arguing about qualifying, there is a learning curve for our sales people on implementing this program.

I'm glad I finally slept through all night without any barking interruptions because I have a feeling I'll be working late. I made a container of very strong coffee and it's sitting in the freezer. LOL....I'll be sucking on a coffee popsicle tonight.


Tomorrow is my baby sister's birthday. There will be a get together at her house at noon. My Mom is bringing her homemade German cheesecake :)It's like 5 minutes from the dealership and I hope I can get away for a bit to help her celebrate.


My dear son washed and detailed the Evil Twin last night. Two hours later we had a really bad thunderstorm. I'm looking at her now....pitiful!!! It looks like I've been off-roading again. :(


That's all that's going on in my neck of the woods.
I'm feeling great....no boils, no ingrown toenails, no band aids on my forehead. Live is great! :)

I listened to the sound of the Whip-poor-will (is that REALLY the name of this bird??) on Guy's Blog and my pussy almost jumped out of her drawers, if she wore them. She was going all around the house looking to see what was making that sound and finally parked herself in front of the computer speakers.

I remember hearing that sound before, but I can't remember where it was. LOL...Maybe if I could smell it I would remember it?


I finished both inspections even found the car that I was looking for!

The business inspection was really strange. The house was way out in the sticks off of a gravel road. There was so much stuff piled up next to the house that I couldn't find a front door to knock on.

I looked through the window and the inside was piled up with STUFF wall to wall, floor to ceiling.

Being used to my little and organized home, it scared the shit out of me. As you can tell, I don't deal with clutter very well. I wonder if this is some kind of phobia and does it have a name?

I'm fighting my printer this morning. Rat Bastard!! (thanks Guy)

It's only printing red now so I decided to print up a huge batch of envelopes for work while I can.

I guess I will copy and paste anything that I need to print in Word and then change all the info to red. Rat Bastard!


I'm getting ready to do a commercial inspection. I think I will make a dry-run and see where this is at. It doesn't look like a commercial area from the info I have found on the company.

Yep, sure enough, it's a single family home. I have 4 different phone numbers and none are getting answered.
I'll save my fuel and keep calling.

Ha, finally got a call back. Turns out it went out of business in April. Tomorrow I'll drive over there, take pictures of the house, upload them and a report with explanation, and collect 60 bucks. Live is good! :)


I stopped by the little veggie stand to get another Zucchini yesterday. I see they bolted down the cash box this time. I wonder when they will have some tomatoes.


I'm making another batch of Zucchini soup. Zucchini, a little bit of water, a spoon full of beef or chicken bouillon. Put that in a pot and bring to a boil. Let it cool, add a spoon full of curry and then put it all in a blender. Can be eaten hot or cold.


I owe an apology to all the knee high crew sock makers. For years I've been buying them and for years I've been cursing them out for mislabeling them as "knee highs". I was always wondering how in the hell they could ALL label them as knee highs when they would only go half way up my calf. WFT?? How could they all make this mistake??

Well, since I've lost all this weight, it seems that they now all go up to my knees. :)

Sorry! :(


I've noticed that many people that I know remember things by sight. Something they see makes them go back to memory lane.

I remember things by smells.

Last night on the way home I caught the scent of a man's cologne. LOL...don't ask me how that's possible driving 60 miles an hour, but I did. Immediately my mind went back in times gone by. I don't even remember downshifting the car at the one bad curve half way home.

One of the managers at work uses this hand sanitizer that smells like cheap, rut gut, Gorden's Vodka. It makes me remember my parents bedroom in the morning after a night of heavy drinking and me trying to get to sleep over all the partying noises that night before.

I have a feeling that I would forget a whole lot of things if I ever lose my sense of smell.
So I never got around to doing laundry yesterday, but bathed my pussy instead.

It had been a month and she needed it. I can tell from the hair. It's not as soft as it usually is. I know she's supposed to be "self cleaning" and she cleans herself all the time, but being a Cornish Rex, she needs her bath.

I remember the first time. I was so scared that she was going to scratch or bite me, but Teri taught her well.

She doesn't exactly like it and carries on like someone is committing murder on her, but she puts up with it. No scratching or biting even when I wash between her tiny little toes and get water all in her face. Afterwards she will spend a good hour cleaning the wet off of her.

I'll let her be for a while until she's finished, then I clean her ears and clip her nails.

Now.....my pussy is squeaky clean, yeah!!! :)

I finished two car chases last night after I got off at Miller's. I was going to do them today along with two others, but I was asked to help out at the dealership today. So I'll do the other two this morning and then work at the dealership from noon until 5 PM. Then I've got to work in some time at the laundry mat. It's going to be a long day.

At least the weather will be awesome. Right now it's a lovely 57 degrees and only supposed to get up to 81.

It's so chilly that Silly has dug herself under the covers of my bed.


I found a nice article about my middle sister Toni on CDLjobs.com Trucking Jobs Blog:

May 20, 2009
CalArk Driver Named Arkansas Trucking Association's Driver Of The Year

Little Rock, AR. -- Toni Chandler (Antje Luitjens) was named Arkansas Trucking Association’s 2008 Driver of the Year on May 15th 2009 at the Hot Springs Convention Center in Hot Springs Arkansas. Chandler and her husband, Leslie Paugh live in Benton, AR. She joined CalArk on December 19, 1995 and has logged over 1.8 million safe miles with CalArk with no accidents, no moving violations and 100% on time delivery.

CalArk Toni Chandler Her story is truly an example of achieving the American dream. In July 1968, Chandler boarded an ocean liner in Hamburg, West Germany with her mother and two sisters to travel to the United States to meet her father. Her family settled in Fairfax, VA where her father worked for a Mercedes dealership as a master automotive technician. Through her close relationship with her father, she learned to repair small gasoline engines and a myriad of other automotive preventive maintenance procedures. When old enough to drive, Chandler immediately obtained her driving license, and began to explore the State of Virginia. This led to her fondness for over-the-road travel.

Chandler served honorably in the United States Navy from 1980 to 1992 where she achieved the rank of Petty Officer First Class (E-6). While in the Navy, she was assigned to the Navy Material Transportation Office Command and trained in a variety of transportation, air passenger and cargo handling procedures. In addition, she obtained licenses to operate forklifts up to 10 ton and K-loaders for loading aircraft. Chandler was a member of the first contingent of female sailors stationed aboard the USS Emory S. Land, a submarine repair ship, operating out of Norfolk, VA. While assigned there, she worked in various supply administrative positions. After leaving the Navy, she worked as a certified armed security officer and later as the State Certified Compliance Officer for a Norfolk, VA security company. This stationary job left her with a desire to look for employment in a field that included traveling around the country.

In 1982, while stationed on the USS Emory S. Land, Chandler met her future husband, Leslie, Paugh. Paugh served with the United States Navy from 1970 to 1993 when he was honorably retired as a Chief Petty Officer (E-7). Paugh also came from a family who loved to travel. His great grandmother traveled from the East Coast of America to Alaska and back to the Midwest, and his grandmother traveled by mule, horse, covered wagon, stagecoach, boat, car, bus, train, propeller driven airplane and finally a jet. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, his grandfather drove automotive transports and his father hauled lumber.

Paugh’s family history sparked Chandler’s interest in learning to drive a commercial-motor-vehicle so that she could pursue her goal of traveling across the United States. Her husband fully supported her career move and joined her in July 1996. He acts as her trip planner, navigator and permanent support team member.

To obtain her CDL, Chandler attended Tri-State Driving School in Middletown, OH in 1995. She drove briefly for a carrier that went out of business before reading about CalArk in a trucking magazine and submitting her application. From her hire date, Chandler and Paugh have been valued members of “Team CalArk”. In addition to her driving duties, Chandler has volunteered to assist with CalArk’s border crossing program to create procedures and sample forms to assist other drivers. Chandler has trained and mentored newly hired drivers in a wide range of functions where additional instruction was required. She was featured with four other drivers on the cover of the Arkansas Trucking Report, August 2006 edition and in an article “The Road Is Calling”.

Chandler and Paugh are admired by CalArk’s Management Team and fellow employees for their professionalism and desire to give their very best in all endeavors. CalArk was honored to have Toni Chandler as their representative for the Arkansas Association Driver of the year for 2008.

Toni is pictured in the center with her husband Les in the striped shirt

I just had to stop by this Ben Franklin yesterday.

I remember my Mom taking us out to lunch at the one in Fairfax when we were kids. It has been over 30 years since I had have been inside one. I used to buy stamps for my stamp collection there. They actually had items that cost 5 and 10 cents a piece. It looks pretty much the same still, just the prices have changed.

Yesterday morning the little restaurant was packed with local folk having breakfast.


My car chase in Strasburg, VA was pretty weird.

I got there at 7:30 AM. The address was in a tiny little trailer park. It had 9 mobile homes stuffed in there like sardines. All of them had to be 30+ years old and some of them were in pretty bad shape.

I found which home the guy that I was looking for was supposedly living in and went back to my car to wait until 8 AM. I can only contact the debtors between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA)

At 8, I walked on the porch and knocked on the. The front door was open. The screen door was not latched. The windows were open. I must have knocked and banged on the outside wall for a good 5 minutes and no one came to the door. I couldn't hear any movement inside.

So, of course I'm getting worried thinking that someone is hurt inside.

So I went next door to see if they could tell me something. That door was also open and again no one answered.

I went to the next neighbor. Someone answered the door. Finally!!! LOL...I was starting to think I was in the Twilight Zone.

Turns out the guy I was looking for stops by the home every couple of weeks. I asked about the open door and the neighbor told me that it is always open. Weird!!

I left after taping the letter to the guy's door. Then I went to the courthouse to see if I could find out whom the trailer park belonged to, since there was no office and no signage at the property. The lady at the courthouse told me that those records were kept at the commmissioner of revenue's office.....10 miles down the road, in Woodstock, VA. So...down the road I went. I got back to Manassas around 11 and had two more car chases to do.

I'm glad that this kind of information is now available online....well, most of the time, unless I'm out in Bum-Fuck-Egypt like yesterday. Ha, it's so nice to be able to dig for information sitting at my computer in my underwear, if I want to.
LOL...one of my co-workers e-mailed this to me.


Yesterday was a super long day for me. Four car chases and all of them were miles apart. I started driving at 7 AM...Fairfax, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg and then Warrenton. I didn't make it back until 1 PM.

I had the most enjoyable time on a 12 mile stretch on Rt 1. I was driving, blasting "Make my Day" and minding my own business when a gold colored Sport Trac pulled up next to me in the left lane. A nice looking man, maybe in his early 40's, slight accent, looked like he just walked out of the barber shop, rolled down the window and started talking to me. LOL, we kept all traffic on Rt 1 South from going over 55 miles per hour for 12 miles until I had to make a right.

This was the most excitement I've had in a while.

I MUST get out more. :)


This morning I'm going to Strasburg, VA. Yes, I know, it's 50 miles from home, but the client called me ahead of time and asked if I would take care of this one for double the fee.

When it's done like this, I don't mind, but my other client just slipped one in on me last night that's 182 miles from home without even e-mailing or calling me. That's the second time this client has done this and this one pays the lowest fees. WTF??? Do they think I won't notice driving 3+ hours for a car chase and just go ahead and take care of it? What happened to the zip code list I sent them?? Ha, bastards!


One of my inspections yesterday took me to a house not two miles from my home. Sometimes I wonder what happened to the people that made theses houses their home.

^^^^ This home was found abandoned in May of this year.
Beautiful sunset at the dealership last night


"The Stench" was almost gone yesterday morning so I stopped by a little country store to see if I was losing it.

The store owner told me that every year the farm along this road sprays liquid manure on all their fields.

Weird, because I grew up next door to a farm in Germany. They also did this, but it never smelled like that. I wonder if it has something to do with what the animals are being fed?


I stopped at a "Fresh Vegetables" stand on the way back home. The place was down a gravel road and a flush truck was in front of me watering down the road to keep the dust down. Nice, I wasn't looking forward to removing all the dust from the Evil Twin when I got home.

...anyway, I got to the stand in front of this house. There was no one there, but I got out of the car anyway just to see what they had.

There was a sign next to a metal lock box saying that we are on the "Honor System" and that we are to put the money in the box for what goods we take. The lock box had a padlock on it, but box itself was not secured to the table.

I got a cantalope, a huge zucchini and put my 3 bucks in the box.

Now if I can just get Guy to send me some eggs, I'll be set. I promise to send back the carton. :) I just threw away half a dozen eggs that were dated "use by March 24". I have no idea how long they are good for, but I decided not to use them.


Every day I stop by the black berry bushes with my little bowl to pick what's gotten ripe. For some reason most of the berries are very small. I wonder if something else is eating them up before I get there. They sure aren't producing enough to make black berry butter!! :) Maybe it's to early?


I took the band aids off of my fore head yesterday. It looks like a large bird has been pecking on me. Wonder if anybody is going to ask me what happened when I get to work.

That's a photo I took when I was in the examination room at the dermatologist yesterday.

The doc biopsied the two spots on my for head. He thinks that there is a 98% chance that one is Basal Cell Carcinoma. The other one he is only 40% sure of being the same thing.

I have to go back on the 18th of August to have them removed.

So, I went to work last night with these two round brown band aids on my for head. You'd think they'd use the transparent kind? Everyone was looking, probably wondering WTF? Only one person asked me what was up with the band aids. Does that mean the rest of them really didn't give a shit or they were being polite?

I grew up during a time where getting sun burned was the thing to do in the summer in order to get a tan afterward.

I can't stress enough how important it is to use sun screen even when it's cloudy and to try and stay out of the direct sun if possible.

I spent four years running a company out of my pickup truck. It shows on the left side of my face. :)

Now on extremely sunny days, my skin actually hurts in direct sun light.


Boil update.....there is none. It's gone!! :) I'll stop taking the Tumeric in another couple of days. I'm so happy that I finally, after all these years, found some relief!! :)


Still can't figure out the stench on the road. I tried to Google it, but nothing. I'm starting to think it's all in my head. I'm going to stop somewhere along that spot and ask somebody about it.


I didn't have any water last night. Wonder what's up with that. This morning it's running fine. Weird! I'll have to ask Kenny what was different last night for this to happen.

Luckily I keep a couple of gallons of water on hand...just in case.


I stumbled on a blog yesterday that just about had me peeing on myself. 15 Minute Lunch ... check it out if you get a chance and remember to swallow before reading. :)


It's car and property chase time! You all have a good day, you hear? :)

^^^^^Now, what do you suppose that is????? :)


Geeezzze....somebody kick my butt! After researching (Google is my friend) I called Baton Rouge, LA to get a certified copy of the disposition from almost 29 years ago. I was asked to write them a letter concerning the matter and mail it to them with a money order for ONE DOLLAR.
Do you know that in 2004, I hired a private investigator to get that for me? Do you know that it cost me $500? I wish I would have known!!! OMG....I need my ass kicked!!!


My printer is still not printing in black. So, back to the drawing board. I'm too disgusted to mess with it right now and we all know what happens to things that get my my last nerve. They go away.


I was driving on to work last night when I hit a two mile long stretch of incredible stench. I'm thinking somebody must have major issues in their barn.

Coming back down that road 4 hours later, there is that same stench. So bad it just about made me gag. It must be a huge amount of some really nasty mulch. Why else would it not have dissipated in 4 hours?


Time to fill some capsules with Tumeric. I really wish that I could stomach it in a tea form, but I just can't. If I had to drink it, I don't think I would have lasted long. I probably would have stopped the treatment and by now I would have had to go to the doc to have that sucker lanced.


I've got an appointment with a dermatologist this morning to take a look at this spot on my fore head that won't go away. Wish me luck. I hope it's something minor.

My printer is Kaput :( I tried everything for hours yesterday, but still can't print in black. I am so disgusted!!

On my way home from a car chase yesterday, I past by the man in the pickup again. I wonder if he's going WTF when we pass each other as I am.

My desk is brown!! That means that I did all my paperwork and everything is now filed away. Well, except for the receipts in the drawer. I really need to log them into Quickbooks. I feel so much better when I have everything organized and put away.

I log all my miles and noticed that I'm passing 5,000. I used to just log the miles, but I've been told by other field inspectors that it would be best to log in the addresses too just in case I ever get audited. So I have a huge spread sheet in progress. It will speed things up when tax time comes around.

My boil is almost gone. I'm still taking the Tumeric three times a day. It's just a little discolored now and I don't need to put a band aid on it anymore. I'm such a happy woman!!

I have a new driving CD ready. LOL...Make my day is on there twice. Thanks, Guy :) Some of the artists include, Solar Moon, Carlos Santana, DeBarge, George Clinton, Waldeck, Candy Apple, Shakira, Patti LaBelle and Sade. Can't wait to blast it on the highway.

I'm getting ready for a commercial insurance inspection. It's on a Tattoo shop. This should be interesting. I have two weeks to do it in, but will try to get it done early this week before I get swamped with car chases. Since this is for the new company that I'm dealing with I need to get familiar with their forms.

This company makes number 12 on my list of companies that I'm doing assignments for. If I lived on the west coast or in Florida, I would have had to hire someone to help me by now. My area is not so busy. I'm waiting for inspectors to either screw up or retire so that I can take over their zip codes.

Late Saturday Night

I didn't find the Maxima during my lunch hour today. Shit, I couldn't even find a neighbor to verify that the owner lived at the address. It's funny how many people live next to each other for years and don't even know each others name.

I went back after I got off at Miller's. The car still was not there. I decided to wait and see. So I parked and did some paperwork. I can't knock on anybody's door after 8 PM and it was just 7:40. Finally I saw the black Maxima pull into the driveway and then into the garage at 7:57. I left after talking to the daughter, verifying the address as the borrower's and photos of the collateral.

On the way home I was driving behind a pickup truck that looked familiar. Turns out that I went to see the driver a week ago about that truck. He must have seen me and recognized my car, it's not like I'm hard to miss. He hauled ass into the left lane in between cars and made a u-turn, hauled ass down the street going the other way and then into a subdivision. LOL....I don't know what he thought I was going to do. Apparently he didn't pay his truck note as he promised?

He had me cracking up!!!


I am really beat right now. It's almost midnight and I would love to go to sleep NOW, but some neighbors behind the woods seem to have a live and not very good band playing. A lot of screaming and off key singing with drums and some electric guitars.

If I wasn't already in my night clothes, I'd jump into the Evil Twin and join them. After all they are playing so loud that I can't go to sleep. To me this is an open invitation. I do hope they stop at midnight. Else I'm putting my street clothes back on....inconsiderate bastards!!!

^^^^Mobile toilets....lol...how'd you like half of dozen of these to walk around your next outdoor event?

^^^^Twice this past week I had to chase cars at Quantico Marine Base. It always takes longer when I have to go there. Getting stopped and questioned about where I'm going, who am I, who I'm looking for etc. Getting permission to pull out my camera. LOL...on top of that EVERYONE seems to actually drive the speed limits.

....let me quit bitching because I sure do love to see men in uniform and this really was more like a field trip than work.

^^^^^I saw this bird when I was leaving yesterday morning. Looks like a Falcon? Is it?


I'm wondering whether I will have time to run across Manassas to chase a car during my lunch hour at Miller's today. Else I'll have to go after 7 PM when I get off tonight. Wonder how the traffic is over there on a Saturday afternoon. I guess I will just do it.

I want to keep most of tomorrow open to clear my table. It's full of papers that I need to put into QuickBooks and then file away. Right now I can't tell what color my table is and it's driving me nuts.

I have a car chase for tomorrow morning. It's in Warrenton, not too far from me. So I have no excuse to keep my butt in the streets.

The company that gave me the assignment with that hard to find house in Catalpa gave me another assignment. This time it's an insurance inspection at a Tattoo parlor. This should be interesting. It's a safety inspection, a two page form to fill out and then some photos need to be taken. I'm glad I did spend all that time to find that house in Catalpa instead of giving up, though I was given that option. It gave me a chance to get my foot in the door with this new company.

Let me go and see if I can find this Maxima. :)

^^^At the start of a beautiful day, riding along Rt. 229 on the way to Catalpa, VA


So after two days, I found the house that I needed to inspect. It took talking to the RIGHT person in the zoning department. :) The house HAS a physical address and YES, GPS can find it. I was so relieved, as this was getting on my last nerve. I knew that the county would have to know if there was a house on the land and would also have to have an address for it. Ha, you know they wouldn't miss out on their taxes. ...anyway, that's over with. I just have to upload the pictures and then I'm done. I also printed up a map of the land and the house so that the next field inspector won't have to go through this crap. I'll take photos of them and upload them too.


Some of the banks sure are getting slick as hell.

While I was out in the boonies looking for that house, I received and e-mail from my bank saying the my balance was $-50.21.
I'm going WTF????
I had the bank that I use for business set up to where they will e-mail if that account gets a balance of less than 50 dollars....... That's +50.00 not -50.21!!!!

After I found the house and took a ton of photos, I stopped by the UPS store to see about my mail. In the stack of envelopes is one from the bank. A letter in there tells me that my balance is $-350.21.
I'm going WTF??? and walk to the corner to the bank.

The teller that set up this account told me that the bank had approved a $300 overdraft protection for me. I showed her the e-mail on my phone and ask:

Me: "Okay, so what does THIS mean?"

Teller: "That department doesn't have the same information that we have yet, you are now $350.21 overdrawn."

Me: "How is this possible? My card has not been declined."

Teller: "It's because of the overdraft protection."

Me: "Okay, so if I have $300 overdraft protection, why am I being charged $34 per transaction that is overdrawn and why is my card not being declined?"

Teller: "No, it wouldn't be declined. We tried to call you last week at 000-999-0000 as soon as your account was overdrawn."

Me: "My phone number is not 000-999-0000, it's 000-998-0000! I set up this account with you. I gave you my business card with my phone number on it, how could you get this wrong?"

Teller: "Oh, I don't know what happened, let me change the number right now. No wonder I couldn't reach you. I also wanted to tell you in person, but every time you came in, I forgot to tell you."

Me: "Okay...so, getting back to the e-mail to notify me when my account gets below $50, what happened there???"

Teller: "I don't know. We don't do that here. It's another department. They get the information later than we do."

Me: "I want you to take off that overdraft protection now!!"

Teller: "Okay, but once we take it off you will never be able to get it back."

Me: "Doesn't matter, it's useless!! This is crazy, you want to give me $300 to use so I won't be overdrawn and when I use it you want to act like it's really not there and punish me with charging me $34 for each transaction. This doesn't make any sense, just take it off!"

What a fucked up ending to a beautiful day!!

Silly on bug patrol last night after I clipped her nails.


My boils are still going down and I just have a band aid on it to keep it from rubbing when I get in and out of my car. Woohooo!!!! :)


I see that this morning my client has removed the assignment that's out of my zip code area. Ha, they know better!! They have my list! Trying to be slick!!!

I guess I'll go back to Catalpa today and try to find that elusive house in the woods.


Once a week I go through my spam folder to make sure nothing important got filed in there. It always makes me laugh, especially the penis enlargement offers. It beats me why I'm not getting any offers for boob enlargement since I have them! On the other hand, penis enlargement would take major construction.


My printhead came in yesterday, so hopefully my printer will be back up and running tonight. I hope I won't give into the temptation of buying cheap ink again!!!


mmmmhhhh....tomato and cucumber on German sunflower rye bread. A few months ago that wouldn't have satisfied me. Four or five fried eggs with some kind of meat, cheese on two slices of bread would have been more like it. My pants are getting loose and if this keeps up I might have to break down and buy a belt to keep them up with all the equipment I have to carry around with me when I go on inspections. Pepper spray, keys, blackberry, 2 cameras, sometimes my handgun, and other misc. stuff. It's no wonder that I keep on having to pull up my pants.

I am so happy that taking 5-HTP has finally turned off that "I'm not satisfied until I'm stuffed to the max" switch. It's pretty amazing how little we really need to eat to survive.


Well, time to hit the road. I hope everyone has a splendid day. :)
What a beautiful morning it is!!! :)

My boils have gone down and there is no more swelling. They are still sore to the touch and hard in places, but that I can deal that.

I stopped taking the antibiotic that I was given for the Tick bite when it went down to normal on Monday, so that doesn't have anything to do with the boils going down.

The day before yesterday I could hardly walk because they were so swollen that they would rub against the other thigh.

This is day three of taking 4 packed capsules of Tumeric three times a day. I do notice that I drink more than usual.

Tumeric is also used for Diarrhea and to keep me regular, I eat 3 Bran Crispbread crackers a day. I started eating these way back when I was doing low-carb dieting to keep me regular. (See Darev...LOL..I talk about shit too!) It tastes like cardboard so I usually top it with Cream Cheese or with Liverwurst and a slice of Tomato.

My Mom and I buy these by the case, it's much cheaper than going to the health food store.


Ha, I've been thinking of my Mom all morning. That explains why most of my nouns are capitalized...the German is coming out.


I spent four hours in Catalpa, VA yesterday looking for the property that I needed to inspect. The 355 acres are broken up in four pieces. One piece has a house on it, which I couldn't find.

I went to look at maps in the county building and at the zoning department. Neither one of them had any records of the house. Weird!

I set off the metal detector at the courthouse. I forgot to take my camera out of the side pocket of my pants. Afterwards the officer said "thank you, sir" by accident. I told him that I better get that boob job that I've been putting off.

I'll go back sometime this week. I did talk to a neighbor next to one of the parcels. He explained the different parcels to me. Maybe I'll ask him to come with me to help me locate that house.

I'd give up on this one, but this is the first assignment that I've gotten from this client and I want to get my foot in their door.


I got a letter from the county about my conceal to carry permit. They want a certified copy of a disposition regarding charges issued in Baton Rouge, LA.

I was working in a club when they got raided because the owner was putting LTD whiskey in his Crown Royal bottles. The LTD was around $5 a half gallon and tasted and smelled just like Crown Royal. Everybody that worked there was hauled to jail that day. Later charges were dismissed and the owner was fined.

This was 29 fucking years ago!!!

I'm hoping that the immigration attorney that helped me when I applied for citizenship because Immigration had lost all my paperwork, still has these papers when the same thing came up 4 years ago.


One of my clients is trying to be slick and gave me an assignment that is out of my zip code area. I gave them a list of zip codes that I would cover up to 25 miles away. This address is over 30 miles away from me. Bastards!! I wrote them a nice little note and am waiting on them to get back to me.


Well, that's enough with the ranting.
Now...where to start first.

^^^^^What is this stuff??? It is growing under a drainpipe at the dealership. Stays green year round.

The first day of the Tumeric treatment is over with. The boil is not as hot to the touch as it was, seems to be shrinking a bit and is not as sore as it was.

I drank another cup of it last night. I changed my mind...it is just too nasty to drink as a tea, even with the raw Honey which had taken me hours to hunt down in Manassas. So capsules it is. :)

I'm going to try and do the inspection in Catalpa, VA today. I've been trying to get a close location to the property using Google maps and think I have it down to a square mile. It sure would help if the man that has the directions would return my calls, but no. So I guess I'm on my own. I also have the address to the Sheriff's department, maybe someone there can help me find it.

I printed out the photos that the previous inspector took of the house...maybe that will help and some one will recognize it.

It's going to be an interesting day. Hope I don't run into anything unexpected.

Heather reminded me of Hoop Dreams when she said that she was too tall to fit into most small cars. Hoop Dreams is an event in Washington, DC where young men and women compete for scholarships. They shut down Pennsylvania Avenue that day and line the street with basketball hoops. Scion Corporation was one of the sponsors and they had asked our car club to provide some of our modified Scions to display.

That day I had many very tall people ask me if they could sit in my Scion xB so that they could see if they would fit. The tallest person was 6'4" and sat comfortably without their knees touching the dash and that was sitting straight up. :)

Okay....I'm ready and this is WAR!!

I just had my first cup of Tumeric tea with raw honey (thanks, Guy). It doesn't taste as bad I thought, so I might not have to fill too many capsules with Tumeric. Maybe some to take with me.

I made a paste of Tumeric and Colloidal Silver and taped it to my thigh. Lets see if this works.

Most of the night last night was spent on research and it seems like the Tumeric worked for hundreds of people. Enough feedback for me to give it a try. Hell, I've tried everything else, what's one more? It will be worth it if it keeps me from being out of commission for days at a time, trying to heal up after getting lanced...again!

------Heather, this is what I do during the day and on Sundays.

Mortgage Inspections....going to empty houses to take photos of the inside and out, electrical rooms, plumbing, change locks if necessary.

Insurance Inspections
....going to homes and businesses taking photos of possible hazards

Commercial Inspections....going to shopping centers, motels, stores taking photos of the outside, inside and neighborhoods. Writing a report on neighbor hood trends, planned repairs etc.

Lease Inspections...going to a shop to take photos of equipment that is about to be leased, see the equipment in operation.

Collateral Inspections also called "chases"....going to the customer's home to deliver a letter and take photos of the collateral. Usually done when the lender loses contact with the customer and the customer has gotten behind in payments. It the customer is not home, I talk to the neighbors, take photos of the home, see if they have a garage or shed to hide the collateral, check county records to see if they own the home or if their just renting. If the customer is home I update their contact information and try to get them to talk to the lender on my cell phone while I'm there. I've been getting more and more of these lately.

Merchant Site Verification Inspections
...going to a business to see if it is legit.

Merchant Site Inspection....going to a business to see how the customer private information is being handled, are computers password protected, files protected, is there more than one business located there, does the business description fit the actual business.

Drive By Inspections....going to a house and just take photos.

Mail Delivery Inspections
....I receive special junk mail and log it in when I get it.

FastSnap Inspections....take photos of homes, schools, offices, stores, factories, roads, intersections, automobiles, recreational vehicles, etc.

I will travel as far as 25 miles from my zip code...further at a higher rate. Right now I'm signed up with 9 companies nationwide.

I wish there was more work in my area....I'd gladly do it full time. It involves all of my favorite things...driving, my computer, my cameras and NO timeclock to punch in on.

All work is received via e-mail. Photos and reports are uploaded on my clients websites.

Got my inspections over with this morning, washed clothes, stopped at Mom and Pops, and went home to start researching home remedies for boils. I've been at it for hours now.

The latest thing seems to be Tumeric, so I'm going to get some in the morning and some capsules to put it in so that I can stomach it.

So much pain!! I hope this works.

Thanks for stopping by Heather :) I will answer your question tomorrow.

Good night everyone.

^^^^ Our first Scion xD Release Series 2.0 came into the dealership last night. The color is called "Electric Wasabi". We have the number 328 car out of 1,600 made.

^^^^^^I drove this xD for two weeks while I was waiting for the Evil Twin to get out of the shop after having a run in with a deer. I told my insurance company that I had to have a Scion as a rental and Miller's happened to have one that they used as a loaner. It's a peppy little car. :)

I had a car show to go to that weekend, so Miller's agreed for me to have Pag put some vinyl graphics on the car. LOL, I won two awards that day.


Joe....cleaning the printhead didn't work for my printer. I did find a printhead replacement for 53 bucks, so I guess I'll be back in business sometime next week. No more cheap ink for me.


I hope that everyone has a great holiday weekend. I don't know what I'm doing tonight yet, but what ever it is, it won't be too far from home base.
I was checking to see if one of my external hard drives was still working and found a ton of pictures.

My drive up to SnowShoe Mountain when Scion Corporation invited about 180 of us Scion owners to participate in the Scion Round Table Event in January 2007.

The view from my motel room window the next morning.
Good times!!! It felt great to be pampered for 3 days by the car company that I got my car from.

Poor Lexy by the time I got back to Manassas three days later. LOL...I had to stop by the car wash before I even went home and unpacked.

My hubby and I in Front Royal in 2002. How long ago that seems. So many things have changed since then.

Oh well...that's enough of memory lane!! :)


I got my car chases out of the way EARLY this morning and because of that I managed to catch the people at home with their cars.

The first one was in Leesburg where I had the pleasure of meeting a very aggravated, stressed out very pregnant woman, her irate husband and their three barking while breathing out of their asshole dogs. They did finally let me take photos of the car just to turn around and tell me to leave.

Then off to Amisville where I was met by a very nice couple. The husband does a different aspect of Field Inspections then I do, he does property preservation work. His work is very slow right now due to getting outbid on jobs. Everybody is low-balling him. I really felt bad for him. He was telling me about the companies that asked him to mow yards for $12 a piece. Crazy...you can't make any money that way unless you get a bunch of them right next to each other. There is no guarantee that's going to happen. I see these ads off and on, on Craigs List.

The website for the company that I chased cars for this morning is down, so I can't upload my paperwork. I called right away...worried that this company had disappeared over night, which has been known to happen. I was relieved when they answered the phone.

So far I've only lost 20 bucks due to a company going under.

I get off an hour earlier at the dealership tomorrow night. Looks like Sunday I'll be chasing cars. It should be interesting and I hope that I don't find the people at home with major hangovers. :)

^^^^^ Did I mention that I can't stand these blood sucking vampires????

When I was putting on the Toyota badge, I must have picked up another one. I found it later that night dug into the top of my right thigh. That was two days ago and this morning I had a red spot the size of a Frisbee where the tick used to be.

^^^^ Kenny, Cyndi....maybe we should get a dozen Guinea hens? Maybe some that don't make noise. :)

I mentioned it to Nikki at the UPS store and she insisted that I get it checked out at Urgent Care.
The doc cleaned the area where I was bitten and prescribed me antibiotics.

..........so while I was there, I had him check out my other thigh which also has a red area the size of a Frisbee. No, it's not another tick, but a huge boil that's growing by the day. It's getting rather hard to walk carrying these Frisbees between my legs. I probably look like I need my diaper changed from behind.

The doc said that he might have to lance it if it doesn't go down in a few days. Just the thing I wanted to hear. :(

Stopped by Safeway to get the prescription filled.
Still no coffee. I talked to the manager about them always being out of stock. He told me that Tom was in a car accident. Now I feel kind of bad for firing him.

Above are two of my favorite photos that Dave Moulton took at Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska, on the way to Chicago to the 5th Anniversary of Scion Evolution celebration.


Got my field chases over with early this morning. Just finished the paperwork and uploaded the photos.

I checked on my print head that's been soaking in a tub of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol has turned black. I rinsed it and now have it soaking in some water. Later on I'll take it out and let it dry on some paper towels. Hopefully it will be dry enough by tomorrow to see if this has worked.....or if I have to spend 80 some bucks on a new one. :(

I should take a nap, but I usually wake up as the "bitch from hell", so I'll just have to muddle through the rest of this day. I hope that we are busy at the dealership tonight so that time passes quickly.

Last night I got off at 10:30 instead of 9, so of course I couldn't get to sleep right away. My alarm/phone is in the dining room and that's the only reason I didn't throw it against the wall when it went off at 5:30 this morning.

A half an hour ago, I decided to finally break in "Lucy". I deposited a few bullets in the bottom of a dead tree outside. Not bad, it does have a bit of a kick to it, but not bad enough to create issues in my right elbow.

LOL...a few minutes later Kenny's Dad came to my door, Glock in his hand, asking me if I was okay. I thought that everyone was gone this time of day. I'll let him know the next time I take a couple of shots.

LOL....nice to know I have backup if I ever need it. :)

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