Miller Scion Casino Night

Ha, I'm so excited....we're up to 86 that signed up. We're just waiting for the rain to stop!!! Later all the cars will be moved from in front of the dealership so that all the Scion owners can park their car right up front.

Here are before pictures from this morning, including.. LOL..Wilber holding the "Dion, I whish you were here!" Sign.

Wilber helping me out.

Showroom before the cars get moved out to set up the gaming tables

Front of the dealership.

Always Fun Casino has arrived:

^^Chris wishing that Dion could have made it!!


  1. Sounds like it's going to be a fun and probably exhausting night. And nothing better than topping off a good night of work with a trip to Hooters. It's probably a real good thing we don't have one of those close. I'm sure we would be banned from the place inside of a week. My crew tends to get a bit wild when they let their hair down.

  2. lol...I'm sure you guys would be okay, especially if you get a waitress with HALF a brain, like we did.


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