I had a busy day catching up on paperwork yesterday...I'm almost finished.

My toe is doing much better. I dug out an ugly bright red pair of Crocs and that seems to be the only type of footwear that I can stand to have on for now. I just wish it was in a different color.

I changed to location of my little electric fan to the kitchen. That was a major undertaking since I again had to rearrange everything in my tiny home, but it was worth it. It is so much cooler now and I was not even tempted to turn on the air conditioner yesterday.

I have decided that I don't like DTV....since it's really choppy. Actually Hulu via internet is better right now. Maybe I need to play around with the antenna some more.

One of things I miss about living alone is not having someone tell me: "Hey, you've got a tick on your back. Let me get it off of you." I hate ticks!!!

I decided to remove some of the dead plants from the side of Kenny's house yesterday. I was out there maybe 30 minutes pulling and then raking and moving leaves and branches. That seems to have been enough time for that blood sucking bastard to attach itself to me. During the night it must have moved up to my back. I noticed it when I had an itch and got that bastard under my fingernail. Did I say that I hate ticks?

This is another reason I'm not too keen on taking Silly outdoors right now. Is there a tick season??

Talking about Silly, I took time to give her a bath too. She didn't like it much, but seems to be getting better at putting up with it. She's all squeaky clean and even softer...if that's even possible.

Well...it's time to get my butt into gear. More paperwork and then some inspections.

Oh, Dion if you read this...does this look like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo???

That was a car that I was looking for on Friday night. If the car cover hadn't been on so tight, I would have lifted it up to take a peak.


  1. Yeah, doing tick checks alone is no fun! A tick season? I don't know when they reproduce but they are always more around when the day are warm and the nights cold...

  2. Oh damn.....I was hoping that it would end soon. :(

  3. Hmm, a Lancer???... Hard to tell, sis.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Little Brother :) ...and thanks anyway.

  5. I love reading your blog Tango...
    I've become quite a fan of yours :-)

  6. I enjoy your reading your blog Tango...I've become quite a fan! :-)

  7. Thank you, Charlotte :) I started this to help me keep it together....never thought that anyone would interested in my rants and ravings.


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