I am so sore!!! I guess I'm not used to detailing cars anymore. It has been about a year. I feel like somebody beat me up.

It's all good though. I enjoyed seeing the car transform from dirty and a bit dull to clean, shiny and smooth.

My Sis also stopped by my parents house. It was nice to see her. :) Mom cooked for us.... steaks, cauliflower with hollandaise sauce, fried new potatoes and green bean salad. It was terrific!! There is nothing better than my Mom's cooking.

Afterwards I stopped by VA Pistol and picked up the check for the Walther P22, which they sold within 3 days.

Now I'm going to drag my sore self to bed.

Morgen ist ein anderer Tag. :)


  1. Nope, it was my stepfather's Yaris. She looks like new except for some rock chips. Ha, I still feel it this morning.


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