....so yesterday, after finding some fishing line in a sales bin at a hardware store, I removed the Scion badge. Damn, that's some awesome glue Toyota uses. It took a while to get the sticky stuff off of the hatch.

Of course and I should have figured this, the Pruis badge wasn't in yet. It will be July 1st before I get it. LOL...I tried to talk Wilber, one of our sales managers, into letting me have one of the badges from a Pruis on the lot, but no, he wouldn't go for it.

I also removed the "Tango's xB" badge so that I can put a new layer of sticky tape on it.

Removing the residue from the glue from the Scion badge caused my wiper plug to lose it's black paint, so I'll have to repaint it.

I need to give Eddy a call to get an update on the cover for the sound system in the hatch. It looks so crappy right now, I'm tempted to put something behind the glass so that no one can see it.


I finished my car chases early this morning. Time to put in the paperwork and upload the pictures.


You know what happens to things that get on my LAST nerve? I make them go away :)

Okay....now I'm going to do the paperwork. :)


  1. i love it gurl - it looks fantastic!

    (teeheehee - my word verification is "scored" - bahahaha!)

  2. Thanks Kymber! It will be even fantasticer when I slap that Pruis badge on there.

    It seems that I only get none words in the verifications. :(


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