....it's raining again! :(

Silly is bouncing off the walls. Must have gotten into my coffee somehow? Keeps attacking my shower curtains. Ha...wore her out with my laser. Now, maybe I can get in the shower.

Then it's off to do some inspections...in the rain...trying to keep my camera dry.

Our Casino Night is coming along. 55 people have pre-registered so far and I expect some more. We should have told people that they have to register instead of just registering to get the extra funny money to play with. Now I'm expecting a ton of people to just show up.

Thanks for the recipe link, Chris. I found a recipe, I'll just have to modify it a bit.

Guy, thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. I come by every time you post, though sometimes I read it on bloglines. You are on my list, babe.

  2. And you are on mine!! :)
    I'm waiting on the next rap review. I've worn Eminem's cd out.

  3. I've got two coming up on some old music this weekend. Sorry, not rap this time. I've got to keep it interesting for others.

  4. Tango - thanks so much for stopping by the Nova Scotia Preppers Network and commenting on my first tomatoe - it means the world!

    i have added myself to follow your blog and look forward to all of your updates - plus i have all the archives to read - soo much fun!

    you seem super cool! can i ask how it is that you found the Nova Scotia Preppers Network? i'd be really interested to hear...

    okay - off to catch up on your archives...this is gonna be awesome!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Kymber :) I love your tire garden....that is such an awesome idea! I want to know how you "stack" tires with potatoes.
    I found you by checking out blog rolls from others. :)...when I find something that interests me, I attach myself like a leach.

  6. bahahaha - Tango - we are very much alike! i find other blogs thru blogrolls and attach myself like a leech too!

    i also love the tire gardens! 2 years ago when i was researching different methods of gardening (raised bed, square foot, etc.) i came across a bunch of sites of people tire gardening! it seems that people in the central and southern parts of the US have been doing this since the inception of cars - ya gotta love their smarts! anyway - the most awesome part is that you can get tires from any local garage for FREE - garages have to pay someone to come and pick up their tires and they are more than happy to give them away!

    as for the stacking and cutting...i have had a few people ask so i think i will do a post with pics over the weekend as we have already put up the second tier of tires and are ready to put on the third tier!

    and again - love your blog!

  7. LOL..we're a pair of leeches.

    Can't wait to see your info on the tires this weekend. I'll be looking for it. :)


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