I happened to stop by the parts department at Miller Scion and found out that the Prius badge had come in early. My boss took the badge to the service bay and had one of the guys file down the little plastic prongs that plug into the body of the car since my hatch doesn't have any holes in it.

I just finished putting 3M double sided tape on the back of the badge and glued it on the Evil Twin's hatch. It looks better in person than from the photo and I am really pleased with the look of it. Now the only badge that shows that the Evil Twin is a Scion is the xB badge on the right rear.

James stopped by the dealership last night to show off his new wheels, tail lights, and dual exhaust installed on his Scion xB 2nd Generation.

Nice job, James!!! :) I love the dual exhaust!!!


I still haven't fixed my printer yet. I keep on putting it off because I hate to mess with it.

Last night T-Jay stopped by the dealership and he asked me if he could come to the house to use my printer.

Well, I guess I better get to it then. I hope I can fix it to print black. If not, I'll have to get out the portable printer that's in the car. :(

This is the truck that my middle sister and her husband are driving and living in. She does the driving and hubby does the maintenance. She's never had an accident and gets a new truck every year. They have been doing this for 20 some years.

Guy.... and you thought that I live in a bread box.

We see each other usually twice a year since they mostly run up and down the west coast. It was nice to find my little sister on Facebook last week. :)


It's "scale day Monday". I'm now down 27 pounds. Woohoo!! I'm such a happy woman :)

I'm almost out of 5-HTP, so I'll stop by the Vitamin Shop this afternoon to get another bottle.

T-Jay has been taking it for about three of weeks now. It really seems to be helping him in the sleep and mood department. It's nice to have my little boy back. :)


I need to take my printer apart. I bought some no name brand black ink and now it will print everything except for black. I should have known better. Screwed up my printer trying to save a buck!
I am so sore!!! I guess I'm not used to detailing cars anymore. It has been about a year. I feel like somebody beat me up.

It's all good though. I enjoyed seeing the car transform from dirty and a bit dull to clean, shiny and smooth.

My Sis also stopped by my parents house. It was nice to see her. :) Mom cooked for us.... steaks, cauliflower with hollandaise sauce, fried new potatoes and green bean salad. It was terrific!! There is nothing better than my Mom's cooking.

Afterwards I stopped by VA Pistol and picked up the check for the Walther P22, which they sold within 3 days.

Now I'm going to drag my sore self to bed.

Morgen ist ein anderer Tag. :)

I poked my head out of the door at the dealership last night and took this photo. The color of the sun was so beautiful and streamed into the showroom reflecting onto the far wall. It's too bad that my camera couldn't capture it.

I just got in, after stopping by T-Jay's to pick up my detailing supplies.

I'm going to print out Mapquests for the two inspections for tomorrow and then off to get some sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

....so yesterday, after finding some fishing line in a sales bin at a hardware store, I removed the Scion badge. Damn, that's some awesome glue Toyota uses. It took a while to get the sticky stuff off of the hatch.

Of course and I should have figured this, the Pruis badge wasn't in yet. It will be July 1st before I get it. LOL...I tried to talk Wilber, one of our sales managers, into letting me have one of the badges from a Pruis on the lot, but no, he wouldn't go for it.

I also removed the "Tango's xB" badge so that I can put a new layer of sticky tape on it.

Removing the residue from the glue from the Scion badge caused my wiper plug to lose it's black paint, so I'll have to repaint it.

I need to give Eddy a call to get an update on the cover for the sound system in the hatch. It looks so crappy right now, I'm tempted to put something behind the glass so that no one can see it.


I finished my car chases early this morning. Time to put in the paperwork and upload the pictures.


You know what happens to things that get on my LAST nerve? I make them go away :)

Okay....now I'm going to do the paperwork. :)

While doing a field chase in Manassas yesterday, dinner was sitting just six feet away from me. :)

I see a lot of deer near my home, but never any rabbits.


I noticed a few red berries on the Blackberry bush last night....won't be long now! :)


Last night I asked every man I saw if they had any fishing line in the trunk of their car, but no :( I've looked everywhere for it in my house. Don't they know that they all should carry around their fishing gear....just in case???

I know I have a roll, but I guess I put it in a very safe place. I'll have to ask Kenny if he has any.

It's been so long since I've done anything to the Evil Twin, that I feel like a kid on Christmas expecting a new toy. Got to get my fix.


Sunday, I will spend the afternoon using one of my favorite power tools.

No Guy, not that one! My orbital double headed buffer.

My Stepfather is hiring me to detail his car. I told him that I would gladly do it for free, but he insisted on paying me. I enjoy detailing a car that has not been done in years. You can really see the difference. I'll have it looking like brand new.


After I finish that, I'll stop by VA Pistol to pick up a check. Jimmy e-mailed me that the P22 sold Tuesday night, much faster than I thought.

He also told me that maybe I should try a universal magazine loader to make the loading of the Bersa easier.


It seems that I get more replies on Facebook between 5 and 9 PM than any time of the day. Not being able to reply at work was getting on my last nerve, so last night I downloaded the Facebook application for my Blackberry Storm. Glad I did, it really works nicely, much faster than going to the website via browser.

Oh, I was told last night that I'm much to old to have a Facebook account. WTF? I'll have to enlighten Ric in San Diego...he's in his late 60's and has a Facebook account. :)


Silly is knocked out in my bedroom closet. She was up all night chasing a couple of moths that I accidentally let in while getting in the door. So of course she now has to catch up on her sleep. :)

It's time to clip her nails again. Wish my nails would grow that fast.


Time to hop in the shower. I've got a ton of paperwork to catch up on so that I can get it off my table.

I hope everyone has a great day :)

I had to do some rearranging this morning to get rid of this pain I was getting in the back of my neck. This was due to my chair at my desk being about an inch lower in the rear than in the front. My chair was straddling the bump out and the main floor. It looks like this is going to be much better. I will see once I work on the computer for a couple of hours. :) Now the extra monitor sits on the shelf right in back of my laptop instead of to the side.

Lucy's home!!! I received permission to take her home finally around 2:30 PM yesterday. They are so backed up now. I doubt that anybody will be able to take a handgun home right after purchase for a while.

It took me almost half an hour to get used to loading the clips. My thumbs and fingers are sore as hell! It was much easier with the P22, but I guess I'll get used to it. LOL...I need to go and break her in.

Rear 2010 Prius Badge

Once you get the bug to modify a vehicle, it is really hard not to. I can't afford any major modifications, but every once in a while I just have to get a little something to change the look of my 1st Gen Scion xB.

..........so last night I ordered the rear badge for the 2010 Pruis. I should get it tomorrow and I'll be looking for that roll of fishing wire that's in here somewhere to remove my Scion badge off of the rear hatch.

Where in the hell is my coffee? I looked on the service sheet at Safeway and the store was last serviced on May 14th by Tom.

Tom, you're fired!!!


I have a property inspection coming up this week. It's the first one for this company and will help me get my feet wet. Only problem is that I don't know where it is....exactly. This is going to be interesting and this is all I have.

CATALPA , VA - 22701

Well, I guess my GPS will be just about useless for this one. The last inspector says that there are dogs and other critters on the property, so I hope I get the Bersa in my hands before I go. The home on the property was built in 1900.


I counted the waivers that were signed by all the people that attended Casino night on Saturday. 94....we had a packed house. That's not counting employees and the vendor employees. I had no idea we could pack that many people into the showroom.

I was so proud of the people that attended. Everyone was so well behaved. LOL... We didn't even need the service of our bouncer, Rodney. He was on standby just in case things got out of hand.

I have 269 more photos to upload, but I have to find software to shrink them or else it will take weeks.


Well, time to research wherever in the hell I'm supposed to be going.

^^^I stopped by my Mom and Pop's on the way home yesterday. Mom and I were in the yard when we noticed that the statue of the pig looked like it was growing a mustache. It turned out to be spiders. It looked pretty bizarre.

Two Tone Bersa Thunder 380

^^^^^Another stop on the way home was at Jimmy's Va Pistol. He was having a nice sale for Father's Day. I didn't intend to buy anything, but he showed me the Bersa Thunder. LOL...He's been teasing me for months for carrying such a "light weight" as my Walther P22.

I was shot in my right elbow back in 1983 and have had an issue of holding anything over a pound with my arm extended ever since. After he let me get a feel of the Bersa I decided to let him take my Walther into consignment. (After all, Guy says that I live in a bread box....so I won't be needing 2 guns) After it is sold, I'll still have a couple of bucks back in my wallet.

While doing the paperwork, and "getting permission" from the "government", I was told that they were backed up and that it would take a couple of days to go through. LOL...I bought my first two handguns within 90 days on my Registered Alien card and it took about 20 minutes. Now I'm an American citizen and it takes days. I know this has nothing to do with it, but it still struck us as pretty funny.

.....so while I'm waiting and if I get into trouble, I'll just throw a handful of 38's at them.

Miller Scion Casino Night

We had a great time at the Casino Night last night. I saw so many people that I had not seen in such a long time!!

Even Teri came out!! :) Thanks for coming and hanging out with us, Teri. Thanks also for taking pictures for me.

My sister and her hubby also came out. She won a steering wheel and also took some photos. Can't wait to see them!

I'm uploading over 70 photos to Photobucket..this might take all night!

After it was over with, my boss let me go with the gang to Hooter's instead of staying to clean up. I was a very happy camper.

So about 30 of us ended up at Hooter's. I remember Leah telling us that hopefully we would get a waitress with half a brain.....and we did. :) LOL... I ordered a straight shot of Grey Goose with a Coke on the side and she asked me if I wanted them mixed.

Thanks again for everyone that came out!! Love you all! :)

Miller Scion Casino Night

Ha, I'm so excited....we're up to 86 that signed up. We're just waiting for the rain to stop!!! Later all the cars will be moved from in front of the dealership so that all the Scion owners can park their car right up front.

Here are before pictures from this morning, including.. LOL..Wilber holding the "Dion, I whish you were here!" Sign.

Wilber helping me out.

Showroom before the cars get moved out to set up the gaming tables

Front of the dealership.

Always Fun Casino has arrived:

^^Chris wishing that Dion could have made it!!

Grand prizes for Casino Night have been purchased. People are really getting excited.

So far, 82 people have pre-registered and it looks like we are going to have a packed house. I'll be manning (womaning..is that a word? Ha, guess not!) the table outside at the entrance of the dealership. Making sure everybody gets their bracelets and funny money.

I was thinking of the workers at Hooter's last night. They don't know what they're in for when we all show up at 10 PM for a couple of drinks. LOL...Our crew tends to take over restaurants. Luckily we are a respectful, peaceful bunch!!

I'm bringing my camera and the Flip Video. I want to make sure we get plenty of pictures! My sister will be there and I hope she brings her camera. Her pictures are awesome. She really has an eye for photography.

Talking about my sister, I am so happy for her. She handed in her resignation at her job yesterday and starts a new job on the 6th. Hopefully this one won't take over her entire life!! :)

Sometime this afternoon, I have to get the Evil Twin washed. It looks like I've been off-roading in her. Not to mention about 300 miles of bugs.

Silly kept me laughing last night. I accidentally let in a glow worm last night and she spent an hour playing with it, bouncing off the walls. She would catch it with her paws, but wouldn't kill it. This morning it was still alive and crawling/flying around. LOL...Silly is knocked out in my bed again.

I'm so glad the sun came out yesterday. I ran into a bush on the corner of Kenny's house on the way to my door the night before last. All my solar lights had finally petered out. It gets dark as shit out here!

I see Kenny's home today. Sucks that they switched your days off away from Sundays! ....and it sucks that you and Cyndi can't join us at the Hooter's Takeover!!! :(

Well, time to get back to work. I hope everyone has a lovely Friday :)

Thanks a lot, Guy

That's the second day you have made me spit stuff on my monitor. Yesterday, about me living in a bread box and now this today:

Astoria Oregon Rust

Make sure you click the link at the bottom of the post. I want EVERYONE to have sticky monitors. :)

So, yesterday I'm driving down Rt 15 towards home...minding my own business, when an undercover cop pulls out in front of me. I drive behind him for about 11 miles when he slows down to around 45 mph, sticks his fist out of the window and gives me the thumbs down. I'm thinking WTF??? What is that supposed to mean???

Then I'm thinking, maybe he's trying to tell me to cut my high beams off? I always drive with my low beams on because they are so nice and bright even though they are not HID's. I've often wondered if my headlights bother people because of the angle they are pointing due to my car being so "rear" heavy.

Anyway....so I'm driving and driving. Finally he pulls off the road to make a left on Sully Rd and I think he's gone.....but noooooo!!! He pulls in right behind me and follows me almost all the way to Rt 29.

I wonder if he ran my plates and found out that I wasn't some young punk kid driving a bizarre box with a black widow grill and spikes on the bumper? Well, I guess I'll never know.


I'm leaving early this morning because I have car chases all over creation today. Woodbridge, Culpeper, Manassas, Warrenton and Clifton. By the time I get home I'll have another 160 miles on my car. More than 4 hours of driving.

I actually got my foot, after wrapping my toe up like a mummy, into my boots. I'm such a happy woman!


We're up to 71 people that have registered for Casino Night. I am soooo excited. I know almost all of the people that are coming and it will be really awesome to see everyone again. :)

Kimber.....I've had tomatoes on the brain ever since yesterday. It's been a long time since I've had homegrown tomatoes, but I can still remember what they taste like. My Mom makes this delicious salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, onions, vinegar, sugar and a dash of water. Yummy!!

Today: Showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm before 9am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 9am.

I sometimes wonder who writes these reports. They could as well have said thunderstorms all day.

Later Gators

....it's raining again! :(

Silly is bouncing off the walls. Must have gotten into my coffee somehow? Keeps attacking my shower curtains. Ha...wore her out with my laser. Now, maybe I can get in the shower.

Then it's off to do some inspections...in the rain...trying to keep my camera dry.

Our Casino Night is coming along. 55 people have pre-registered so far and I expect some more. We should have told people that they have to register instead of just registering to get the extra funny money to play with. Now I'm expecting a ton of people to just show up.

Thanks for the recipe link, Chris. I found a recipe, I'll just have to modify it a bit.

Guy, thanks for stopping by. :)

This is a Blackberry bush that I've been keeping my eyes on for the past couple of months. I can't wait until they ripen. They are a little bigger than peas right now.

On my way to Maryland for an inspection, I stopped by a roadside fruit and veggie stand. There I bought a jar of Amish Blackberry Butter....with out the butter. It was awesome tasting and last night I googled the shit out of it for a recipe to no avail.

I'm still hoping that I will find one.

Last night I received two inspections (car chases), one in Woodbridge, the other in Leesburg. I hate it when they are at opposite ends! :( I'm waiting to see if I will get a couple more to fill the cap in between.

Got to get fuel today, I'm running on fumes! I haven't changed the extend of my territory, but I will if the prices keep on rising as they are. So far I've been lucky to be able to clump my car chases together.

Last night I got quite a few chuckles over my absolutely beautiful pair of bright orange/pink Croqs. Why couldn't my Mom have given me a pair of black ones? Ah, let me quit bitching. If it wasn't for her giving me those, I guess I would be going barefoot. LOL...At this rate I'll be back in my boots by August.

My thoughts are with my little sister today. She's giving her notice to leave her job. She's been miserable there for a long time now and her misery was beginning to spill over into her home life. It's very stressful when work and home both get crappy. Life is short and you have to make changes to make yourself happy!

Safeway is out of my favorite coffee, Millstone's Organic Mayan Black Onyx, AGAIN!! :) WTF??? I know if I was selling it and ran out of it after two weeks, I would order enough so I would have enough to sell for the entire month. I don't get it! The sales rep is an idiot!!! Doesn't she understand that she can't make money if she's out of product?

Remember the gig that I'm doing for a company that requires me to log in my junk mail? Everyday or two I get large envelopes. When I open them, they are filled with sheets of high quality blank paper. Since it's blank, I save it. LOL...In a couple of days I'll have saved an entire ream of paper. Paper is one thing that I won't have to buy this week. I still don't get what the point of this is and the company is not very forthcoming in information, but...who cares, as long as they are paying me for it.

Mmmmmhhhh....do I seem more bitchy than usual to you?

Oh Kenny......is this the tiny house you saw in Chicago?
It yes, that was Jay on his roadshow giving an open house there. He's in New York now. Damn....another thing I missed by not going to Chicago! :(

Tiny Home For Sale
I wish I could afford to get this. :)
After living in a 322 sq ft home for almost a year, I could easily downsize to this without a problem.

Well....my mini sort of vacation is over with. Somebody please remind me not to take anymore. Every time...except for one, when I drove Lexy to California and back...I've been sick or some issue came up during my vacation. This time it was my toe and the lack of money. :)

Tonight it's back to the dealership.

On the upside, I did get a hell of a lot accomplished during the past few days. LOL....there is not a scrap of paperwork in sight!
My toe is healing.
Silly is freshly bathed and I got the paperwork for Money Management International in order and ready to get mailed out today.
I also found out that I won't be making any more money on inspections by doing them later in the day. People have all sorts of schedules and going to their homes late in the day does not guarantee them to be home and therefore getting higher pay. It only guarantees me to spend more time for the same money and the added cost of idling in the insane traffic we have here.

Today was my "Scale Day". I did not lose any weight this past week, but I didn't gain any either. I'm okay with that! :)

Well....off to the UPS store and I hope I have more junk mail. :) Did I really say that?
I had a busy day catching up on paperwork yesterday...I'm almost finished.

My toe is doing much better. I dug out an ugly bright red pair of Crocs and that seems to be the only type of footwear that I can stand to have on for now. I just wish it was in a different color.

I changed to location of my little electric fan to the kitchen. That was a major undertaking since I again had to rearrange everything in my tiny home, but it was worth it. It is so much cooler now and I was not even tempted to turn on the air conditioner yesterday.

I have decided that I don't like DTV....since it's really choppy. Actually Hulu via internet is better right now. Maybe I need to play around with the antenna some more.

One of things I miss about living alone is not having someone tell me: "Hey, you've got a tick on your back. Let me get it off of you." I hate ticks!!!

I decided to remove some of the dead plants from the side of Kenny's house yesterday. I was out there maybe 30 minutes pulling and then raking and moving leaves and branches. That seems to have been enough time for that blood sucking bastard to attach itself to me. During the night it must have moved up to my back. I noticed it when I had an itch and got that bastard under my fingernail. Did I say that I hate ticks?

This is another reason I'm not too keen on taking Silly outdoors right now. Is there a tick season??

Talking about Silly, I took time to give her a bath too. She didn't like it much, but seems to be getting better at putting up with it. She's all squeaky clean and even softer...if that's even possible.

Well...it's time to get my butt into gear. More paperwork and then some inspections.

Oh, Dion if you read this...does this look like a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo???

That was a car that I was looking for on Friday night. If the car cover hadn't been on so tight, I would have lifted it up to take a peak.
I managed to get out of my front yard without getting stuck yesterday. I'm so glad that I'm not one of those women that doesn't do "reverse" :)

Now I remember why I don't like to do inspections in the late afternoon. I left at 3 PM and got home after 7 PM. It should have only taken me 2 hours, but because of the traffic, it took twice as long.

While I was waiting in traffic I got a call from one of my clients to perform an inspection after 5 PM in Woodbridge. :(

I stopped by my UPS store yesterday and got my first piece of odd junk mail. I was accepted by a company a couple of months ago to be paid for logging in my junk mail. I received two large envelopes with nothing but blank sheets of paper in it....so I'm assuming that it's test junk mail from that company. This means that I will have to check my mail daily. I'll just make it a part of my inspection route.

My big toe is leaving me alone today....so far. Yesterday was not too bad with my boots on, though I was glad to take them off when I got in.

Remember this photo?

I had to pass that church on the way to the UPS store yesterday. I pulled into the church to ask someone if they knew about the misspelled word. As I was looking at it again, I read the whole message for the first time and it hit me. The mission of the message was accomplished. I just didn't see it because I'm so anal about misspelled words, which is probably due to walking around with a German/English Langenscheidt's dictionary for years when I was a kid.
Feeling so much better today. I slept for 11 hours and must have needed it. The swelling in my toe has gone down and the bleeding has stopped. It probably helped that I stayed off of it yesterday.

We had a power outage last night. Weird, this is the first time that I have lived somewhere and the power went out since the 90's. I actually had to text Kenny to ask him if he had lights.

My home was lit up by battery operated lights and I finally got to use my crank radio. I'm glad I bought it years ago. I knew someday it would come in handy.

Poor Silly was freaking out with the thunder and lightening. The only other noise was from firetrucks and their sirens going down Rt. 29.

It rained so hard that the crank for my TV antenna leaked water from the ceiling.

This morning everything was back to normal.....except for the front yard. I have 4 inspections to do later this afternoon and I hope that I can get my poor car out without getting stuck.
I was going to post a photo of my toe, but I'll let you all imagine the grossness of it.

I left work early last night because to the throbbing pain. I thought I was going to have to cut my boot off, it was so painful to remove it. I took a Trammadol and went to sleep. Got up at 2 AM and took another Trammadol to get back to sleep.

The doctor told me to leave the dressing on for two days, so I removed it about an hour ago. I tell you....it's not pretty! It's bloody and swollen. I called the doctor and he told me to soak it in cold water with some Epsom Salt.

The bastard!!! If I would have known how I was going to be doing afterward, I would have waited until I could take some time off so that I could heal in peace. I called in and won't be going to work tonight...not that I can afford to take time of.

I guess it's lucky or unlucky that my vacation days start tomorrow.

So I went to the doctor at 11 AM. I thought he was just going to cut the sides of the toenail, but he said it would be best to remove the whole nail. Yikes....I was already a nervous wreck, this didn't help any.

The nurse gave me two shots in the toe to numb it up, but when it was time to do the deed, I could still feel what was going on. One more shot and then he pulled the entire nail off of my toe. Meanwhile I was almost imprinting the armrests with my finger prints and had to remind myself to breathe.

Afterward my toe was all wrapped up and I was told that there would be no pain and that Tylenol would take care of any discomfort.

.......BullShit!!! At around 6 PM last night my toe started to wake up and by midnight it was fully awake and very angry. I could feel my heartbeat in my toe.

I had to wear a sock on that foot since I couldn't stand it when the toe touched my bedding when I moved.
Luckily I had a bottle of Trammadol in the cabinet, so that I could finally get some sleep.

LOL, it says to take it every four hours as needed, well apparently it only lasts for those four hours. At 4 AM I was wide awake with a throbbing toe. I'm beginning to think that the dressing is wrapped too tight, but they told me not to take it off for two days. I will call the doctor and ask in a while.

Well, one more cup of coffee and than I'll take a "whores" bath at the sink. LOL

Above are a few photos of the Scion Evolution 5th Year Anniversary this past weekend. I'm sure sorry that I missed it. I can't wait until the rest of the pictures are up.

On the way home yesterday I stopped by my Mom's to catch up on her vacation in Germany and check out all the pictures she took. She said that the Germans look just like many Americans now. Almost everyone is overweight. People eat too many ready to eat foods. Lots of fried potatoes etc and hardly any vegetables or fruits. She managed to only gain only two pounds on her trip. You go Mom!!!!

I came home with a wooden flower stand that Mom had in her garage. It's perfect for the extra monitor and now I have my table space back.

The sign at the church is still misspelled and it's getting on my last nerve. Next time I pass by there, I'll have to stop by and tell someone. :)

I'm taking on another gig that I can do in my inspection down time, which is usually on Monday and Tuesdays. It's site linking. I'm going to start on it today. I've never done this before, so there will be a learning curve involved until I get the hang of it.

I've got an appointment at the foot doctor this morning to hopefully have an ingrown toenail removed. Driving will be interesting especially since this time it will be on my gas/brake foot.

I was supposed to be in vacation this past weekend, but due to a screw-up with one hand not knowing what the other is doing, it has been postponed to start on this Thursday.

Monday weight-in....I'm now down 21 pounds. Woohoo!!! :)
....and I still feel great!!

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