it over yet?

Ever since my sister told me that she had Sushi yesterday, I've been wanting some. Sure doesn't help to find these in my photos.

It wouldn't have to be on a woman. It could be on a plate.
I wonder what it feels like to her when complete strangers start picking the food off of her.

Sorry...getting side tracked. I wonder why I always get in a silly, giggly mood when I'm tired? When I finished the inspection that I had dreaded for days, it felt like someone had given me a hand full of tranquilizers. All the sudden I was so relaxed....and now I'm sleepy.

We just finished fixing a pot a coffee with two bags of coffee in it at work. It was already bad coffee, but now it is extra strong bad coffee and it is not working. I think tonight I'll fall asleep quickly without any help for a change.

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