It totally urks the piss out of me when I can't find something!!

A couple of weeks ago a customer walked in the dealership wearing a really nice looking polo shirt that had little a pencil pocket on the top of each of the short sleeves. The guy told me what company to go to online and I did, but I did not see them.

I know I should have grabbed the guy by the neck to see the tag in the back of it. :(
The company did have these though:

Now, if they could just come out with some pink Bates Boots....just kidding.

Good news.....No migraines since I've started on the 5-HTP and it takes me about a New York Second to get to sleep at night. I've lost 14 pounds without trying. Only drawback seems to be higher sex drive. Pretty bizarre. I catch myself checking out the guys again a whole lot lately.


I know it is only the ramblings and rants of one woman, but I would love to hear from you.


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