I finally broke down and bought another monitor to hook up to my laptop. I lucked out and got it for $69. It makes it so much easier filling out forms while looking at pictures that I took on the extra monitor. Also is nice to watch Hulu on while I'm doing other things on the laptop screen.

Of course now I have more wire mess to go with it. Sometime I wish I could cut a hole in the table to make all those wire go away. Mmmmmhhhh...might have to do that.

I found out on Friday that Verizon has released an update on their software for the Storm. It will be available at 10 PM tonight.....so you all know what I'll be doing. I'm really excited to see if it will make much of a difference.

Casino Night is coming along well. We have 15 people already signed up. There have been 500+ forum views of the announcement on various forums that I posted it to.

The sun is peaking out and it's time to get ready for my day. It's going to be a busy one.

....so I went to the UPS Store and there was my long awaited Temporary Concealed Handgun Permit.
It's good until August 28th, 09.

It says: "Pending the outcome of your original application".

It's kind of bizarre, how can they give me a permit without knowing if I have been denied or not. I guess it's like a learner's permit to drive. If you don't make it, you won't get your license. Hopefully you won't kill anybody while on the road.

For all they know I could be a serial killer. They don't know that I'm a nice kind woman that even talks lovingly about past toilet seats.

^^^This was Silly earlier. Laid out on the floor. She's not on the floor anymore since I turned the air conditioner on. lol...she's moving closer and closer to the ceiling.
It totally urks the piss out of me when I can't find something!!

A couple of weeks ago a customer walked in the dealership wearing a really nice looking polo shirt that had little a pencil pocket on the top of each of the short sleeves. The guy told me what company to go to online and I did, but I did not see them.

I know I should have grabbed the guy by the neck to see the tag in the back of it. :(
The company did have these though:

Now, if they could just come out with some pink Bates Boots....just kidding.

Good news.....No migraines since I've started on the 5-HTP and it takes me about a New York Second to get to sleep at night. I've lost 14 pounds without trying. Only drawback seems to be higher sex drive. Pretty bizarre. I catch myself checking out the guys again a whole lot lately.
I was out buying toilet paper the other day and was thinking of the automatic toilet seat that I had at my townhouse before I moved out last year.

A roll of toilet paper would last me 3 months easy.

It came with a wall mount remote control, deodorizer, warm air dryer, built-in ground spray nozzle, self-cleaning spray nozzle, thermostat controlled water temperature, built-in memory system regulates water pressure, and temperature push button control panel and a comfortable heated seat.

I really loved that seat!

The only person that hated that toilet was my son. That is probably my fault since I didn't tell him that he shouldn't use the high pressure back wash with a relaxed butt. Poor thing said that he felt violated.

When I moved here, I had to learn to wipe my butt all over again.

LOL...Good thing is...it's at Kenny and Cyndi's house...if I miss it too much!

I bet you never thought that I would write lovingly about my toilet seat.

Arthur Romero, a dear friend, passed away yesterday morning. He was only 30 years old. He had been battling cancer for the past 5 years and finally lost the fight.

He left behind his wife Sarah and his children, Shilynn and Jayden.

He will be missed terribly.

Here is the thread on our forum:

I can't believe it....my Evil Twin is fixed. No more tail light issues! :)

This is why I love my Scion Evolution Car Club Family. They went to a car show yesterday. Afterwards Kenny called me up to tell me that a few of them were going to stop by TGI Friday to grab a bite to eat.

I met up with Kenny, Cyndi, Scott, Jeremy, Lorenzo and Aaron. After we ate everyone decided to see about my tail lights, so we all went to Kenny and Cyndi's house.

After taking the two back panels off, Jeremy managed to get the tail light out. He played around with the contacts and the bulbs and we still don't know exactly what he did, but they work perfectly now.

I am so happy because this was going to get really expensive and I just can't afford it anytime soon. Another thing is, I know sooner or later I would get pulled over and given a ticket for faulty equipment because of my bright white backup lights that would come on randomly.


I can't believe that I only drank ice tea at TGI Friday's ....oh, I did eat two of those tiny little tomatoes that Jeremy didn't want on his salad. At first I was going to order their Spinach Dip, but we were told that the spinach had been recalled....WTF? I just didn't feel like eating else.

I've been sleeping really great and I feel like a million bucks when I get up in the morning.


I posted the information for our Casino Night on seven Scion specific forums yesterday afternoon. In the last 24 hours they had a total of 164 views, which is pretty good for a Sunday. I'm hoping that when everybody goes back to work tomorrow the forums will get busy again.

It's been a busy day today. Our Scion Event is going through it's last planning stages. I have spent the last couple of hours posting the event in all the different Scion forums in the Mid Atlantic, Virginia, Maryland areas.

This is the thread:

6/20....Scion's Wild Casino Night

Scion's Wild Casino Night

Miller Scion is bringing VEGAS to MANASSAS!
Everyone is Welcome!
Come gamble with Funny Money and win tons in Prizes and Debit Cards!
Food and Drink will be provided.
All door registered participants will receive $1,000 Fun Bucks.
No purchase necessary.
Front Row Parking for all Scions.

Saturday, June 20th 2009 from 7 PM to 10 PM

Miller Toyota Scion
New Car Building next to Prince William Hospital
8566 Sudley Road
Manassas, VA 20110

Casino Night
Saturday night our New Car Showroom will be transformed into a Casino.
There will be two Blackjack Tables, two Roulette Tables, two Texas Holdem Tables, one Craps Table and two Slot Machines.

Upon entrance to the event, each player will receive $1,000 in “Fun Bucks”
All pre-registered participants will receive an additional $200 in “Fun Bucks”
Players can exchange their “Fun Bucks” for chips at any of the gaming tables.
Players can take their chips from table to table to try to win as much as possible.
Once the tables are clsoed, the dealers will “cash in” the players.
For each $100 in chips and/or “Fun Bucks”, the player will receive 1 raffle ticket.
Tickets are put into a raffle drum and the numbers are called to determine the winners.

Cash Prizes
1st Prize.....$650.00 Visa Debit Card
2nd Prize.....$450.00 Visa Debit Card
3rd Prize.....$250.00 Visa Debit Card

Miscellaneous Door Prizes
Five Ipod Shuffles
Two Garmin NUVI 205's
One Nintendo Wii

Prizes Provided by Scion Evolution are:
Three xA Front End Masks
Two Sets of Aluminum Wheels 15 X 6
Eight 1st Gen xB Rear Spoilers in Various Colors
Three 1st Gen xB in Dash 6 Disk CD Players
Three RS3200 Security Systems
Five Aluminum Pedal Kits (Manual Transmission)
One Aluminum Pedal Kit (Automatic Transmission)
One xA Door Sills Protector
Two 1st Gen xB Taillight Overlays
Six 1st Gen Scion Battery Tie Downs
Two 1st Gen Scion Red Leather Steering Wheels

To Pre-Register an receive an additional $200 in “Fun Bucks.....please e-mail:

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone #
Your E-mail
Your Scion Model

.....to me at bk.tango(at)gmail.com
It's just me, Tango

Next week I'll start on e-mailing every person that ever bought a Scion here at Millers' since 2004 and also all of the members of Scion Evolution, NoVA and MD chapters.

I can't wait. This is going to be a lot of fun and a great chance to see old friends in my Scion family.

Chris Rado signing autographs for us and shooting the bull.

Here we are sitting under the tent trying to keep cool at the show.

That's us watching Moises racing his beautiful pumkin/black colored tC.


This have been such a frustrating 48 hours for me. I had to perform an inspection on a shopping center using a form I had not used before. I did some of the paperwork during my part time job today and just now finished it.

If I can't do these any faster, I'll have to call my client up and ask them not to send me any more work. I am so disgusted...and beat.

Me taking 159 pictures didn't help any. I cut them down to about 50, but it took for ever to put captions to each pictures telling them where it was taken at.

On top of that I have a huge issue with describing things using directions, as in north, south, west, and east.

Oh, well...I guess I'll stop bitching now.

I only have one inspection/car chase to do this weekend and I'll do it early tomorrow. It's only a few miles away.

I making up for it by working at the dealership from noon until 7 PM tomorrow and from 9 AM until 7 PM on Monday. I hope it is busy there tomorrow to make the time fly by.

Tuesday I have another property inspection on another shopping center and the guy that I'm supposed to meet sounds like a whining jerk on the phone. I hope that I'm wrong!!

Sometime next week I also have to get my temporary permit to conceal & carry since my 45 days are up and things were slowed down due to me having to be fingerprinted three times.

It's going to be a busy couple of days. Oh well, I better get while the gettin's good.

Time to hug the cat and go to sleep..that's if I can pry her off of the screen door. :)

My Silly...catching the first rays of sun in the morning.

So....does anyone know of a company that hires inspectors for public bathrooms? It sure would be nice to stop somewhere and get paid to take pictures and a piss.

View from the 6th floor window at my lawyers office.

The meeting went well. Brookfields owes money on work performed in two subdivisions. The problem was whether to sue them separately or together. It was decided to sue them together. So the saga goes on. I wish I knew how long this is going to drag out. I wonder if Brookfield will make another offer to avoid going to court. Mmmmhhh.....I wonder a lot of things. :)

The 5-HTP still seems to be working for my sister and I. It sure is cutting down my grocery bill. I usually cook for three days, but end up eating it all in less than two. I got hungry yesterday while doing an inspection. Fast food is out...unless they start selling half burgers. It would just be a waste of money. My sister and I were chatting yesterday about going out together and splitting a meal, if we ever get an urge for fast food junk.

Inspections have been slow coming except for one company. Must be the holiday coming up. Things always seem to slow down around them, but it's all good. I'm still practicing reports for my new client and have a ton of photos to upload.

We are getting ready to put on a Scion event at the dealership. It's a way to advertise and to reward Scion owners. I'm going to post the event on our forum tomorrow when some of the details have been ironed out. It will be a casino night and should be a good event. Instead of physical prizes, we will give a way cash gift cards. That should go over well since everyone seems to be short on cash. I think that giving away mostly aftermarket car parts is not such a good idea, since many people are mechanically handicapped and would have to pay someone to install them.

Our Scion Evolution forum has been pretty slow lately. I think it has to do with the economy. Right now everyone seems to be focused on keeping their shit together. I know that I am!

Well...off to sort a gazillion photos. I hope that everyone has a great day!!

I'm sitting here watching two birds dive bombing on Kenny's extra large poodle. Of course Silly is watching this since the birds first sit on the fence in front of the window. I wonder how longs these birds are going to keep this up. The poor dog is going nuts and so is Silly.

I'm getting ready to see my lawyer. It's me against Brookfield Washington Homes. It pisses me off how large corporations toy with smaller ones. They are making me jump through hoops, stalling. Waiting for me to run out of money to keep fighting. All I want is to get paid for work that was done.

It was hard to find a lawyer in Manassas in the first place, since this builder seems to have most of the lawyers on their payroll. I'm sure I would have given up a long time ago if it wasn't for the amount that they owe. $70,000 isn't exactly chump change.

A lot of times my inspections take me to one of the subdivisions that we helped build. Whenever I knock on someones door, I feel like telling them that the builder that built their home still owes us money....the bastards!!

This has been dragging out for a year now and I wish it would be over with!

Awesome Monday

The picture is of Silly in her new bed/basket that my Mom gave her yesterday. She seems to like it.

I had lunch with my sister and a friend today.
My sister also started taking 5-HTP this morning. It was really weird that we both left food on our plates...especially in a restaurant. Looks like it was that damned on/off switch all these years. :) I wish I had known about this years ago. I sure could have saved a bunch of money that I have spent on diet foods/aids over the years.

Well, it's off to bed. I've got two inspections in the morning, then it's off to my lawyer.

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Even though it's another gloomy, rainy day.....I am such a happy woman! :)

In September I bought two pair of pants that were a different brand than I usually buy, but the same size. Of course when I got home, I couldn't zip them up. I was so disgusted! They have been sitting in my closet ever since.

Well, I just tried them and they fit! I have lost 7 pounds so far. It's funny how much of a difference that makes.

It looks like the 5-HTP has repaired that on/off switch that no one on my side of the family has. We never seem to be able to realize when we have eaten enough. By the time we stop eating, we are usually stuffed to the point that we feel miserable and then it's too late. It's not that we eat unhealthy foods, we are just incapable of portion control.

If I can lose another 30 pounds, that would be awesome!

Well....it's off to work. I have 2 inspections in Frederick, MD and one in Fairfax, VA today. It's going to be a long one and I hope that the sun will peek out in a while.


lol....Friday is just another day. I think the last time I had weekends off was in early 2007.

Today has been a super day though. I finally finished correcting all my screw ups in my paperwork for one of my clients. Haven't heard anything back, so I'm hoping it's all good.

Safeway finally got my favorite coffee back in. I happened to go by there and there it was. Even after all the bitching I did, not one person was good enough to call me to let me know that it had come in.....so much for customer service.

Gave Silly her bath. She's been looking at me kinda evil all day. I wonder if she's plotting up on me? I hope she gets over it by the time I get back home tonight.

I finally caught up on much needed sleep last night and I feel AWESOME! All is good in the world, well, today in mine anyway. I've been taking 200 mg of 5-htp a day and have not taken anything to make me fall asleep since Monday. The painkillers weren't helping anyway. It's so nice to just be able to fall asleep. The 5-HTP is also having a really nice side effect. I've lost 3 pounds and haven't changed my diet. I just don't have that urge to eat until I can't eat anymore.

Debating Thursday

I wondering if this new client is going to work out for me. It is so time consuming and I wonder if I'm ever going to be fast enough to make any money at it. I think I just collect way too much information and take way too many pictures to remember the info by. As of now I'm not going to accept any more than one a week because the time it takes to do the paperwork is cutting way too much into my time with my other clients. I was up past midnight last night writing a report and had to finish uploading pictures this afternoon. I'm so tired I can't see straight. 9 o'clock can't get here soon enough!!

For the past three days the Evil Twin has been acting weird. I start the car and the VSC, ABS, and Trac Off lights come on. They stay on for miles until I cut the car off. Then the next time I start it, there are no lights and everything is back to normal. It happened again today, so when I came to a red light, I turned the car off, turned it back on, and the lights were gone. Weird!! Anyway, she's waiting to be scanned while I'm at work to see what's wrong. Can't be without transportation!!!

Harley Davidson has stopped calling me, so all that bitching I did yesterday must have done some good.

Last Friday I had issues with my Verizon Storm and took it to the Verizon store to have it looked at. The techs fiddled around with it a bit and told me that I needed a replacement and that it would be sent to me by last Monday. I rely on that phone so much for work and for internet, so I started telling my friends what the issues were. One of them asked me if I had done the "old battery pull". Nope....I had totally forgotten about that and I figured the techs had tried that anyway.

Well, I pulled the battery. Put it back in and everything was back to normal.

Yesterday I got the replacement phone. I didn't even want to open the box since my phone is fine now and I didn't want to go through all the time it takes to set it up the way I like it. Today I took the new phone to Verizon. I told them that they can keep it and that I don't need it anymore, but they told me that I had to open the box, take the sticker inside and paste it on the box and mail it back. I said: "Lets open the box now and do it, that way you can mail it from here." ....but noooo, they can't do that. I have to do that and drop it at a Fedex location....shit, that's miles away. WTF...This is so stupid. I just walked out of there.

OMG....1.5 more hours!!!

Spot...May He Rest In Peace

Teri, I am so sorry to hear that Spot has passed away. Are you okay?

Happy Humpday!!

I keep getting phone calls on my cell phone that my Harley payment is late and that I need to call them immidiately.

I don't own a Harley.

....but I did have inspection involving a Harley. The Harley was not there, but I believe the owner was. The man answering the door told me that the person that I was looking for was a border at that address, but that he had moved to North Carolina somewhere. He comes back now and then, but he didn't know when. So I ask him: He moved to North Carolina, but pays you money for a room? Did he take the Bike? He said he didn't know and he didn't want to answer any of my questions...didn't want to accept the letter I had either. He clammed up and got more aggrevated, so I decided to leave.

Last night I had already found the man's phone number and also found out that the man that I was looking for had owned the house at that address since 1989.

When I got back to my car, I called the lender and told them what was going on. I gave them the number that was linked to the name and address. I also told them, if you call right now...he is at home and will probably answer the phone. They thanked me and I went home to finished the paperwork for the day.

...so while I'm driving to my night job, the phone rings. I don't answer the phone while driving and got the message a few minutes ago. It was from the lender about the Harley.

The idiots called the number of the phone from which I was calling instead of the number that I gave them.

Awesome Tuesday

I just finished a report for my new client. It's been an hour and I haven't heard anything, so I guess I did okay.

I sure hope that I can get faster with this type of inspection or else it won't be worth my time. Of course it didn't help that I took 158 pictures instead of the 12 needed. Then I had to decide which pictures to upload, which took me for ever. Oh well...learning curve!

Last night I thought I was going to get teased to death over my short hair cut, but everything went well. The only one that had anything negative to say was my boss: "what did you do to your hair??" He's always just full of negativity. He must be a very unhappy man, I feel sorry for him.

I had two inspections this morning, one of them was in Stafford. LOL...I had no idea Stafford was so big. I ended up almost in Fredericksburg and stopped at a station to ask for directions. When I came out and started the Evil Twin, all the dash warning lights came on and stayed on for the next 10 miles. When I got to my destination I cut her off and when I started her again, all the lights were gone. Everything was back to normal. She must have had a hiccup?

I'm going to print up the paperwork for the next big inspection that I have tomorrow. Hopefully this one will go faster. Then I'll wait on what car chases come in tonight. I'll try to knock everything out tomorrow.

Monday....is it over yet?

Ever since my sister told me that she had Sushi yesterday, I've been wanting some. Sure doesn't help to find these in my photos.

It wouldn't have to be on a woman. It could be on a plate.
I wonder what it feels like to her when complete strangers start picking the food off of her.

Sorry...getting side tracked. I wonder why I always get in a silly, giggly mood when I'm tired? When I finished the inspection that I had dreaded for days, it felt like someone had given me a hand full of tranquilizers. All the sudden I was so relaxed....and now I'm sleepy.

We just finished fixing a pot a coffee with two bags of coffee in it at work. It was already bad coffee, but now it is extra strong bad coffee and it is not working. I think tonight I'll fall asleep quickly without any help for a change.

Happy Mom's Day

Picture stolen with love from my dear sister, Karin, at PHOTOGRAPHY OF KARIN
(Sticky Note: learn how to post a link in your blog)

...so I call my Mom. I was in a blue mood and very happy that she was very upbeat this morning. Upbeat enough to get me back to smiling. :)

After exchanging Happy Mother's Day wishes she said: "...and how is your Pussy?" I said: "She's fine." (..thinking that I need to make an appointment for my yearly checkup) She says: "My pussy is all by herself now". (I'm thinking...WTF?...and am in tears laughing) Sometimes I forget that we call cats "Pussy" in Germany.

After that, very uplifting conversation, I used a coupon for a free haircut after researching on line on what I wanted to do. By 11 o'clock I was at the salon, asking for my one and only favorite hairstylist, Jenna, armed with a printed out picture, to cut off my hair. My hair kind of looks like yours, Teri. I never thought that I would say: "short hair feels amazing".

At about one o'clock today, I removed the two panels (I thought is was just one) with the help of Kenny and Aaron, from the back of the Evil Twin. Sure enough....there was very little room beside the wooden box that houses the sound system. All three of us tried to get our arms in the space to see if we could unscrew the faulty bulb, but no! None of us could.

Since I already had my all time favorite power tool out, I was very tempted to just start unscrewing screws until the entire system was in small enough pieces to remove.

Before I totally lost control, I called my son, T-Jay, to see if he remembered where I had gotten those red bulbs from. Good thing I did, because he told me that there should be a spare bulb in the glove compartment....and there was!!! :) He also said that he could change the bulb without me going to extremes.

Needless to say, this really made my day!!! Everything is back together and I've got lights. Thank you, T-Jay! :)

Now...off to study up on my inspection for tomorrow. I'm still nervous about it, but at least I don't have a ton of other things nagging me.

I hope that everyone had a great Mother's Day....I know that mine was absolutely awesome!!!

Sunny in the sky, but cloudy in my head :(

I talked to Eddie and he is supposed to come by tomorrow to look at the Evil Twin. I bought bulbs today, but will have to return them. I had forgotten that T-Jay had cleared both tail lights, so the only thing that makes the red shine red is a red bulb, which I will have to order. I'm hoping that I have a couple of spares somewhere, but I doubt it. :( Oh well, at least Eddie will be able to show me how to access the lights....I HOPE!!!

I'm going back outside right now and walk down to my car. I think I left my office (my bag) at work.

lol...no I didn't! Phew, I couldn't remember if I put the bag behind the back seat.

When they call them "blackout curtains", they weren't kidding. You can see absolutely no light inside my home from the driveway. It is pitch dark! ....except for my clusters of solar lights that are fluttering their last bit of light.

Did I tell you that I love it out here?

lol...can you tell that I'm tired?

Not much of a Mother's Day celebration her tomorrow.

I'll call my Mom in the morning. Then I will remove the panel in the back of the Evil Twin. Maybe Kenny will let me store it in his garage for now. Then I'll wait for Eddie to get here. I also have a ton of studying to do for the inspection on Monday. I don't want to screw this up. I have not done this type of inspection before and want to be able to do many of them. The money is better and it will be much less stress than dealing with chasing cars etc. My first one will be at a Hampton Inn and the form is 13 pages long.

Charlotte, if you read this...thanks again for the Mother's Day Video. Hugs to you, baby girl!!! :) I hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!!

That's enough rambling for now. Silly is raising hell looking at the ceiling. I guess I must have let a bug in. I'll have to let her get up on my shoulder so that she can reach it....or there won't be any peace in this house.

Friday on Thursday

I probably won't be able to get on here tomorrow, so I figured I'd get something on here tonight.

I got slammed with inspections today so my dear Son is driving for me tomorrow after the surgery. I think I probably could have managed 1 or 2, but not 5. It will be about a hundred miles of travel and I don't know how my big toe will feel after it wakes up.

I had another good laugh today. A lender wanted me to tape a letter to the door at Lockheed Martin. I knew I wouldn't get paid if I didn't manage to do that, so I called in and let them know that I would probably be arrested if I did. They canceled it.

I was fingerprinted for the third time this morning...hopefully this will be it.

One of the guys at work tonight told me that my left tail light is out on the Evil Twin. That really sucks because I'll have to Eddie, he's the one that installed the sound system, to come out and fix it. There is a panel with two 15" monitors and two amps attached to it that will have to be removed to get to the bulb. I sure hope that it won't cost too much. I'll stop somewhere and pick up the bulb. Hopefully this is all that I need.
The picture below shows the panel right before the wrapped it in silver vinyl carbon fiber. Behind that wall are 6 10's.

I neglected the poor Evil Twin while I still had Lexy. I'll have to take some good pictures of her when it gets nice outside.

Well...it's off to sleep. (I hope it happens soon)

Here we go again....

So I went to get finger printed again yesterday. I'm getting used to driving to the top of downtown Warrenton. :) I still want to put a sticker on my bumper that says: "Please do not stop less than 12 inches from my rear, I'm driving a stick shift!!". I actually found the Sheriff's department at the first try.

On my way to work last night I got a call from an officer to tell me that again the fingerprint card was rejected and to see if I could come again. Good thing is that they found out it was a problem with the printer and hopefully this morning will be my last time. It's funny....they're starting to recognize me. LOL...The lady yesterday morning said: "Oh yeah, I remember your tattoo."

Oh...good news!!! We might get to see some sunshine next week. I read in a report a couple of weeks ago, that we humans have better memory and concentration when it's gloomy or when we're depressed. I haven't noticed any improvements in the last week. I still have sticky notes everywhere.

Happy Hump Day

It's been a crazy day.

I had to go back to the Sheriff's department to have my fingerprints retaken. Apparently the fingerprint scanner isn't lining up the prints in the boxes of the paper and the FBI wouldn't accept them. Since this is taking so long I'll be able to get a temporary permit to conceal and carry on the 22nd of this month. I sure hope that I don't forget. LOL, the Sheriff apologized up and down to me, but I told him that this is giving me needed practice driving up the steep hill of downtown Warrenton.

Stopped by to pick up my mail and mailed out the one and only invoice to a client (thanks a freakin' lot QuickBooks). Also faxed an application to a company that, if accepted, will pay me to receive junk mail. LOL...after I had trained Pam and her crew at the UPS Store to throw away all my junk. I'll have to remember to remind her...where are my sticky notes?

When I got home I did some paperwork and then called Chase Credit/WAMU for help. All these years WAMU has send my credit card bill to my bank. My bank emails me and then I pay it. Well...when Chase bought out WAMU everything got totally screwed up. My bank didn't receive the bill and I didn't pay it on time. I did pay it over the phone two weeks later and explained to them what happened. I reminded them that I have never been late before and they said that they could see that in my records and that this incident would be put in their notes.

A week later I get a new bill from Chase in the amount of $749...tripple of what it used to be.

I called them again explaining what happened and to check their notes...which they had none of. I then asked them to put me on some sort of plan. After giving them my income figures, I was told that I did not make enough money to be put on a plan. WTF???? Isn't that the reason I called????

I sent them $100 and just got through with talking to a credit managing company. I figured I'd better get on the ball before I get myself in trouble that I can't get out of.

My only good news today is that a client in California, that I do the inspections for that are always out of my way in Maryland called to let me know that he will be sending me more work since they just picked up a new client in my area.

All I can say is "Morgen ist ja noch ein anderer Tag".

~~~~~ Oh Guy.....I just found this on a webcam gadget on my igoogle home page.

Happy Birthday Silly

It's my baby girls birthday today.
Thank you for the card, Teri :) As you can see, she likes it.

I'm really looking forward to having my ingrown toenail removed on Friday morning.....NOT! Last year it was my clutch foot, this year it's my brake and gas foot. This should be interesting. I'm sure I will have to do many inspections that day and lots of driving.

I just got off the phone with Cathy in receiving at Safeway and she told me that Millstone is switching vendors. The new rep should come by today and she'll let me know what's going on later. :(

Where is my Coffee?

I'm always in search of a brand of coffee that I can call my favorite brand.
Usually I try a new brand and then I end up not liking it, so I mix everything together in a large container and make due with what I've got. LOL...this has been going on for years and years. Still hadn't found it....

....until I walked into a Safeway two weeks ago and decided to try Millstone's Organic Mayan Black Onyx. The name sounded like it could stain my entire house and slam my eyeballs open.

I took it home and right away made a cup. It was delicious, dark, strong, rich, but not bitter. I was so happy!!!

....so I ran out last weekend.

Sunday while doing my inspections I stopped at EVERY Safeway that I found, but none of them had my now favorite coffee. My last stop was in Warrenton where I had bought the first bag, but they were out. They're STILL out!!

Today I search for it and found it on many sites including Millstone's website.....but no way to order it.

Tomorrow morning I'm calling Safeway and talk to the lady that's in charge of receiving to see if she can help me out. If she can tell me when the vendor comes to their store....I'll be there waiting.

I feel like I lost my best friend! I know it's crazy, but I have been searching for soooooo long!

Mmmhhh....don't know why I'm rambling so hard about coffee. I think I need some R & R.

Gloomy Sunday

I hope it lightens up a bit. I have some inspections in Frederick MD today and I do not like to drive in the rain. I wonder what kind of neighborhood I'm going into. There was an arrest at that address last year for possession of Crack.

Last week was the first time I ran into a not so friendly dog. I was taking pictures of a house and then taping a letter to the door when a huge 3 legged dog (no I'm not kidding) came running at me. Apparently it had been under the house. Needless to say, I ran to my car and couldn't finish taking pictures. On the way home I stopped by an ammo shop and bought some pepper spray. I'll be ready next time....it sprays up to 15 feet away.

I installed the new applications on my home computer last night and have already uninstalled Copernic. It wants to run all the time to index my files. In general it wants to take over everything, plus it has these annoying blinking advertisements. I'll have to look for something else to do the job. It's funny, I never had an issue of finding files on my computer when I was running XP.

Oh well...time to hit the shower and get ready to go to MD. This company likes to get very lengthy reports on each assignment, but it's okay since they pay very well.

Computer Tweaking Saturday

Wow....and I was bitching LAST Saturday about slowness. There is so much going on in the area today that even the traffic is slow.

That's okay, because I have found some very useful free applications to put on my laptop.

I was pretty disgusted when QuickBooks let me know that they will no longer let me e-mail invoices from my 2006 version....unless of course I upgrade. I think $159 is a bit much to be able to e-mail a couple of invoices per month. I just downloaded TurboCASH's free accounting software and will give it a try this coming week. It lets me import all my QB data. I don't know if I will be able to e-mail invoices, but if this program is any good, it will beat having to pay QB for upgrades.

I had a hard time finding things on my laptop at home so I also downloaded the free
Copernic desktop-search application.

Last, but not least, I downloaded the new Opera Portable. No installation required, it's running off of my thumbdrive. It's super fast. These are some of the features:

* Does not affect existing browsers - IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
* No traces left after exiting - files are overwritten, not just deleted
* Doesn't make your USB drive tired - all code and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer
* Ability to create multiple profiles
* Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB sticks or CDs

So far I'm really happy with Opera. I'll try it out at home tonight.

Freaky Friday

I'm a bit down in the dumps today, which usually happens when I have to pay mortgage and rent since that will put me behind in other things that I need to get paid off.

When things got bad or I was extremely unhappy, I used to pack up my car, leave everything behind and start over somewhere else. I know I've left behind a couple of houses of furniture in the past. I'm too old to start over now.

I used to drink like a fish too, but after many years it dawned on me just how destructive that was. So I stopped that too.

LOL...One of my co-workers just told me that I need to get laid and drunk. That has been the solution to so many problems for as long as I can remember. If it were just that easy.

Oh well. I'm going to watch the rest of "Numbers" and then hit the sack.

Enough rambling. Tomorrow is another day! :)

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