Going Through My Trash

What if I forgot something that I knew???

I'd be very busy later on today since I have to get in touch with a bunch of very important people.

I better write myself a list.

1. Email Richard Silva to set up information so that I can pick up that 20.5 bucks that's been abandoned a the First City Monument Bank in Nigeria.

2. Email poor Mrs Larisa, who's husband has passed away. She needs help collecting her inheritance. (The poor woman)

3. Email Stefan Mostrom about that guaranteed penis inhancement. (I wonder why he has my name and email, but doesn't know that I don't HAVE a penis??)

4. Email Mr. Fabian Grey at Microsoft Word Promo about the 5.5 million lump sum I've been approved for. (this will sure come in handy right now)

5. Email Mr. Rees Vivian Paul, who is a merchant in Tokyo, but taking treatment for prostate cancer. (he only has a few months left to live and needs my help to set up his money to use for an orphanage)

6. Email Rosa Richardson (wants to know if my wife or girlfriend cheating on me?)

7. Email Dexter Livingston about that new high powered vibrator. (Maybe Dexter needs to talk to Stefan and straighten him out)

8. Email Mr Danston since my car warranty seems to have expired. (Strange, where did THAT come from?)

LOL..... the list is growing and it's only noon.


  1. Gee, I think I need to make a list too! Yours made me laugh out loud and who doesn't need more guffawing in their life! Thanks!

  2. lol...I would be in a world of trouble if I ever got my inbox and spambox mixed up.


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