Busy Sunday

What a long day :)

I drove an hour for a couple of inspections in Adamstown, MD, then drove another hour to Rockville, MD to meet up with a friend at the University of Maryland, who had brought me 10 pounds of Buckwheat for my Mom.

While there I met up with 7 other friends from the Scion Evolution NoVA and Baltimore chapters and had a late breakfast at Wendys with no air conditioning.

Then I drove to Front Royal for two more inspections.

Stopped by Jimmy's at Virginia Pistol to pick up my new purse to carry my handgun in and then swung by my Mom's and put the Buckwheat in front of her door. (I hope the animals won't eat it during the night.)

Then I picked up some can food for Silly and went home.

I just finished uploading my paperwork and pictures for the inspections.

I had to go outside to get something out of my car and some insects got inside....now I'm watching Silly bounce off of the walls trying to catch them and climb up the screen door.

Time for bed. Two inspections tomorrow morning.

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  1. Oh...to to have that much energy and spring in one's step...Great photos! Hope she doesn't break anything!


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