Thursday Rant Day

Late yesterday afternoon I received a call from a man, Vincent, at the dealership. He had just been in an accident close to Roosevelt Bridge and was wondering if we had a tow truck and how long would we be open so that he could have it towed to our dealership.

I told him that our dealership didn't have a tow truck and offered to Google him up a towing company. The first thing that came up was Henry's Wrecker Service and I gave him the number. I also told him that we outsource our bodywork and that the car would have to be towed to the body shop first.

I recommended Mr Spoiler and gave him Dan's number. Dan is absolutely anal about his work and he has re-installed and re-painted a body kit on "Lexy" for me. He has also taken care of a deer incident with "The Evil Twin". Many of our NoVA Scion Evolution members have taken their Scions there. Dan is known to take on insurance companies, to make sure that everything is repaired and done perfect, in a New York Second.

....anyway, I'm getting off track. So Henry's sends out a tow truck and picks up the man and the car.

On the way to Mr Spoiler, Vincent calls me back and says that the driver is telling him that the car has to go to our dealership because we have an account with them and that we will pay for it. This is crazy....I told him that we do not have a body shop and that if the car is dropped off here, it will be towed away in the morning because it has no official business here. WE DO NOT HAVE A BODY SHOP!!

The driver keeps arguing and I can hear him talking to his dispatcher in the back ground. This went back and forth for about 10 minutes and I was getting no where!!!

Finally I told the driver, forget that I happened to be at a dealership and pretend that the man had just called a neighbor or who ever to get the number of a tow truck...then what would this argument be about?

I was sooooooo pissed!! I was so worked up last night that it took forever for me to get to sleep.

When Vincent first called I had made a note of Henry's number in our desk area in case we needed it again. Needless to say, I yanked the number down and threw it in the trash!! I will NEVER recommend Henry's again! that out of the way. I feel much better now!:)

Just got off the phone with Theresa at Mr Spoiler and they have already talked with Vincent this morning. Everything is okay and they will take good care of them.

You've got to be kidding!!!

I almost called my client this morning to see if they were joking when they e-mailed me an assignment....but then I wouldn't have gotten paid.

The lender requested my client to send some one out to Lockheed Martin and deliver a collection letter to one of their employees.

LOL...don't they know that place is like Fort Knox? WTF?

So, I went there and got to the security gate with my letter and asked them is Mrs..... worked there and if they could please deliver a letter to her.

The security officer kind of grinned and told me that he could not tell me if she did or did not work there and that they couldn't accept any personal document for any of the employees.

I told him that I knew that, but I had to ask so that I could get paid. Then he showed me the way out. :)

Amazing on this.

LOL....I just found this article in the Tokyo Reporter.

What a Beautiful Morning

I really don't want this morning to end!

I was going to cook, but decided to just season the meat and let it sit in the fridge until tomorrow since it's going to be another hot day today. It's already 75 degrees and it's only 9:30 AM. It will get up to around 87 today.

I don't want to heat it up in here and am trying not to run the air conditioning unless I have too in order not to burden Kenny and Cyndi's electric bill.

So far I have eliminated most of the vampire electric suckers in my home...except for the so called "surround sound" radio/cd/dvd player that came with this trailer. I haven't figured out how to make the blue lights go off. LOL compared to the system in my car and the system hooked up to my computer, it sounds like a tin can anyway.

I unplug the coffee maker after each use, don't turn the outdoor light on at night, and don't need to charge my cell phone since it's charging while I'm using it to get my internet. The only thing that's always running is my refrigerator and the sensors that tell me when the propane bottle is empty and my holding tanks are full.

My mom gave me a small indoor electric grill. I haven't used it yet since I don't know how much juice it will pull. Anytime I have an appliance that uses too much, it will trow off the breaker at Kenny's house. I have a Kill-O-Watt gadget in here somewhere that tells you how much juice an appliance uses. As soon as I find it, I'll see if I can use the grill in here.

Later on this afternoon I'll find out if the new curtains and the aluminum foil that I put up yesterday made any difference in here.

Time to clean, that should take about 15 minutes. It's nice to have a tiny home!!! :)

Tomorrow I'll cook since it's going to be around 63 for a high. Bizarre weather we're having!!

The cd/dvd "Playing for Change" will be out at Starbucks today. I thought I had ordered it, but I can't find the e-mail confirmation for it....and I keep all e-mails. Maybe Pam at the UPS Store will call me today to tell me that it came in.

Aluminum Foil and Duct Tape are my Friends

When I came back from my inspections this morning, it was around 2 PM. I got inside the door and turned the air conditioning on and closed up all the windows.

Then I put up some energy saving heavy duty curtains in the bedroom. They were way too long so I draped them over the curtain rod and and pinned them up.

Then I got out the aluminum foil and duct tape and covered the other windows that catch most of the sun during the day and can't really be seen from the outside.

I also covered the sky light in my shower. All the glass was super hot to the touch....I could have fried eggs on them. Much better now. Of course, Silly doesn't like it much since I covered up one of her favorite spots that she uses to mess with Kenny and Cyndi's dogs. She'll get over it....come winter it will be like a brand new play spot when I tear all the coverings down to catch all the sun I can to warm things up.

The weirdest thing happened when I got up this morning. I looked from the bedroom into the living room and noticed all this light. I thought it was really strange since there isn't a lamp in that area. So I walk in to see what's up....and there it was, the front door wide open and just the flimsy screen door latched. LOL, it is so dark out here at night, that I didn't notice the door was still open when I went to bed. I sure am glad I live in the country. :)

Busy Sunday

What a long day :)

I drove an hour for a couple of inspections in Adamstown, MD, then drove another hour to Rockville, MD to meet up with a friend at the University of Maryland, who had brought me 10 pounds of Buckwheat for my Mom.

While there I met up with 7 other friends from the Scion Evolution NoVA and Baltimore chapters and had a late breakfast at Wendys with no air conditioning.

Then I drove to Front Royal for two more inspections.

Stopped by Jimmy's at Virginia Pistol to pick up my new purse to carry my handgun in and then swung by my Mom's and put the Buckwheat in front of her door. (I hope the animals won't eat it during the night.)

Then I picked up some can food for Silly and went home.

I just finished uploading my paperwork and pictures for the inspections.

I had to go outside to get something out of my car and some insects got I'm watching Silly bounce off of the walls trying to catch them and climb up the screen door.

Time for bed. Two inspections tomorrow morning.

Saturday Dragging Slower Than Molasses

When it's slow for me at work it makes me crazy.

I've already done everything that can be done ahead of time and now I can just wait for the phone to ring and more cars being sold so that I'll have more work to do.

Some people can stretch two hours of work into eight hours and complain about not having enough time to finish their work.

I'm not a phone person, so I can't waste time hanging on the phone with personal calls. I've read up on all the blogs that I keep track of, checked the weather for tomorrow, made myself a route from home tomorrow to my inspection sites, researched the customers that I'm inspecting, answered e-mails.

It's 4:33 PM and I've got until 7 PM.

What's probably not helping any is that lately it takes me over an hour to go to sleep. It's strange, I never had that problem before. Now I'm yawning like crazy, tears coming out of my eyes. I go to bed and then I can't get my brain to shut up. That's when I'm tempted to get up again, but the alarm will go of in a few hours. :(
So I toss and turn a while longer until I finally doze of.

Of course I feel like crap in the morning.

Oh, maybe it will be better tonight. Might have to stop somewhere for a couple of hooks of Grey Goose to relax my nerves. Oh crap...nevermind...I've been riding around with an empty propane bottle in the back of my car for two weeks. I'd better get it filled tonight while there is no mud in my front yard and while I still have enough in the other bottle for hot water.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty crazy since I'm going to Maryland for two inspections and then another two in Virginia.
Sorry Teri....I was hoping that I could releave you of some steak and postachio ice cream. :(

Before I forget....the picture at the top was posted on our Scion Evolution forum by Terry. LOL...he took it on his way to work on Rt. 28 one morning a couple of weeks ago.

Have a safe and beautiful weekend everyone!!!

Ripping and Running...'s been a busy week.

Yesterday, for the second time this week I drove over two hundred miles doing inspections. I was chasing a Time Share owner, an Infinity, a Neon, and a Ferrari.

It's amazing how much the landscape has changed in the last couple of weeks...from dreary brown to beautiful, cheerful greens, pinks, and yellows. I wish I had time to stop every view miles and just take pictures. Maybe I should take my other camera just for that. It would just get too confusing if I took none inspection related pictures on the same camera, since taking pictures of the customers homes, mailboxes etc. is my only proof that I was there and that's how I get paid.

I seem to get busier and busier as more people can't pay their notes. I'm now up to 7 companies nationwide that I do the inspections for. In the beginning I registered with 27 companies and most of the assignments where in California. Now there are more and more companies expanding into my area.

Every couple of days I'm being asked if I might be going to Kentucky or West Virginia and able to do some inspections there. If I didn't have my part time gig in the evenings, I sure would take them up on it. They must not have many inspectors in those areas.

Time to do my research. I have a few inspections for today and probably have some more by noon.

Rainy Monday

It's pouring down over here. I wish I would have known that it would rain this hard, I would have moved my car to gravel. I hope I can get out of here today.

Yesterday was a long one. 5 inspections covering, Lignum, Madison, Partlow, Locust Grove, and Manassas totaling 203 miles.

One of the customers in Madison was very hard of hearing (I think) or on massive amounts of drugs. I had the hardest time making her understand what I was there for.

Her next door neighbor was having a yard sale and was very chatty, so she helped me fill in the blanks about her neighbor.

While we were talking I looked at her stuff. She had this very old wooden table with the top sides extending and big wooden wheels on one end and small clear plastic wheels on the other end....perfect for my tiny home. I told her I would take it if it fit on my back seat along with the printer, tools, office, and wheel measure. It barely fit, but I got it home. She was trying to talk me into getting this really nice love seat, but I explained to her about my tiny home and that I would have to remove something in order to add anything to my home.

When I got home, I unscrewed my table from the floor for the third time. I can't seem to make up my mind on what kind of table I want there, but I think this is it. Just right for my laptop and my gazillion gadgets hooked up via USB.

Maybe I'm having a hard time deciding what I want in this space because it's really the only area that I can modify without too much trouble since everything is attached to the floor.....unless I decide to tackle the ugly hide-a-bed which is also screwed to the floor. In the back of my mind I'm wondering how long this travel trailer will last, living in it 24/7. This is another reason why I don't want to modify it too much....just in case I have to sell it one day.

I learned my lesson in modification with my first Scion xB. I had added so much stuff to it where it was too personal to get a decent selling price. It would have helped if I was not so mechanically challenged and able to take all the extras off to put it back to stock. Oh well, I did get enough money from THAT box to buy another box to live in.

I sold my first Scion xB last August to buy this tiny home to a man in Anandale. Last week he had it on Ebay starting at $5,000 and sold it on Saturday for $8,600. It was so sad to watch my baby gone again. The man had removed all the good stuff....the turbo, sound system, wheels, and dual custom exhaust. If I ever run into some play money again, I will turbo the xB that I still have. I really miss the power, especially going uphill.

Below are my favorite photos of "Lexy".....may she rest in peace.

Going Through My Trash

What if I forgot something that I knew???

I'd be very busy later on today since I have to get in touch with a bunch of very important people.

I better write myself a list.

1. Email Richard Silva to set up information so that I can pick up that 20.5 bucks that's been abandoned a the First City Monument Bank in Nigeria.

2. Email poor Mrs Larisa, who's husband has passed away. She needs help collecting her inheritance. (The poor woman)

3. Email Stefan Mostrom about that guaranteed penis inhancement. (I wonder why he has my name and email, but doesn't know that I don't HAVE a penis??)

4. Email Mr. Fabian Grey at Microsoft Word Promo about the 5.5 million lump sum I've been approved for. (this will sure come in handy right now)

5. Email Mr. Rees Vivian Paul, who is a merchant in Tokyo, but taking treatment for prostate cancer. (he only has a few months left to live and needs my help to set up his money to use for an orphanage)

6. Email Rosa Richardson (wants to know if my wife or girlfriend cheating on me?)

7. Email Dexter Livingston about that new high powered vibrator. (Maybe Dexter needs to talk to Stefan and straighten him out)

8. Email Mr Danston since my car warranty seems to have expired. (Strange, where did THAT come from?)

LOL..... the list is growing and it's only noon.

The Tight Spots of Field Inspections

This was on the way back from Lignum, VA. I almost measured the width of this one lane bridge to see if I could even go over it. Must be really scary if you own a Dooley.

Here are some pictures of Silly chillin' out this afternoon and keeping the dogs entertained.

It's A Good Thing That I Love To Drive....

.....Because I sure did a lot of it yesterday.

I always set me GPS on No Interstates. So I drove through the country side to get to Stafford.

34 miles of nothing but farm land, little houses, some very large houses and no gas station or 7-Eleven in sight. Music blasting, the bass massaging my back and vibrating my GPS off of the dash. Oh what a beautiful day it was!

Then I was assaulted by a huge patch of asphalt and townhouses.

When I got to my job at the dealership last night, I was asked to pick up a car from another dealership in Leesburg. I got to drive a RAV4 up and a Yaris 2 door back.

At home I uploaded my paperwork and pictures from the inspections and that was the end of my day. Of course I had to wait for Silly to find just the right spot in the litterbox to poop in while I was dumping it before going to bed.

I still don't know what that song is all about. This version doesn't have the talking on it so it seems less mysterious to me.

April Showers Bring May Flowers....

.....I sure hope so.

Three days of rain is downright depressing. I can't seem to get warm and I going around with a cold nose like a dog. :) I am too happy that the sun will finally be out tomorrow.

I have two inspections in Stafford and I needed some new riding music. So I found a mix of mp3's to down load to make a nice CD.
So far I have music by:

Asian Dub Foundation
Black Uhuru
David Bowie
Edith Piaf
Snoop Dogg
Grace Jones
Idris Muhammad
Jean Carn
Kanye West
Led Zepelin
Metal Fingers
Milk Inc.
& Rave Music

I can't wait to be out in the sticks with it tomorrow where I can really blast it.

There is one song by Kanye West that I'm absolutely fascinated with called "Say you will" mainly because I just can't seem to understand what it's all about. I think I will take all the base out of it while I'm playing it tomorrow to see if I can understand ALL of the words. It's driving me nuts. If that doesn't work, I'll get the lyrics on the internet and see if that sheds some light on it.

Save, Save, Click, Click....Oh What A Relief It Is!!! :)

I just finished my taxes and e-filed them. I'm sure glad that's over with. I managed to find enough deductions to change money owed from 1,000 to 200 for federal. In combination with my state refund my refund is 0. I was sweating bullets all day yesterday.

Question of the day is....why does Silly insist on having to poop while I'm cleaning her litter box? It's so bizarre. She does this everyday. It reminds me of when I was trying to teach my son by saying: "T-Jay, while you're going upstairs anyway, please take the laundry with you."

Peaceful Sunday

It was a long but relaxing day today.

Got my inspections out of the way. I had no issues with anyone, I guess it helps to be female for this type of work.

Tomorrow is my tax day. I have to find some more deductions before I finalize it. I wonder why I always wait until the last minute to do my taxes.....especially when I always do everything right away to get it out of the way.

Chasing Cars on Easter Sunday

With working 7 days a week lately, I've totally lost track of time. On Saturdays I always work all day at the dealership and don't have time to do any field inspections. Any assignments that come in on Friday, and most are due in 48 hours, I plan to do on Sundays.

I totally forgot about tomorrow being Easter Sunday. I wonder how I will be received when I'm knocking on doors of those people that have gotten behind in there car notes? I kind of wish that I had already received my conceal to carry permit. I know a couple of times it would have made me feel better that I had my weapon on me instead of at home......just in case.

Sometimes it get's a bit weird when I get sent out 30 miles away in the woods leaving paved streets behind me. So far only one assignment actually made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I was sent out to a little town about 50 miles the boonies. I was to inspect a business and equipment that the business had been late paying for. It was pouring down rain and I was on this one lane part gravel, part dirt road. For over a mile the road was so steep going up and down, that I had to drive my poor xB in either first gear or with my foot on the brake.

When I finally got to the address there was an older man sitting in a truck, in the rain. He told me that I was looking for his son that lives a mile down the other road. When I got to the son's address I saw that there was no business signage and I took pictures of the place before I knocked on the door.

A young man answered the door telling me that he was the guys brother, visiting from out of state, and after a pause he told me his name. He also told me he didn't know his brother's phone number or anything about the business that I was looking ???? I gave him the "Demand Letter" that I had prepared and then got into the car to phone the lender.

The rain had gotten worse then. When I looked back at the house that I had just left, the supposed brother was sitting out on the porch in a rocking chair staring at me and getting soaked. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to get my butt out of there.

I'm glad that all three of the inspections for tomorrow will take place in well populated areas.


I went on a field chase for a lender this morning. The borrower had gotten behind in her car loan payment, so the lender had given me the address to go knocking on her door and deliver a demand letter to her.

When I got there I was met by an elderly gentlemen who told me that she must have been the previous owner of his house. After checking county records I found out that he bought the house a year ago.

WTF???? How can a lender after losing touch with a borrower for more than a year not know that he or she has moved? This is totally beyond me!!

Just When I Get Really Disappointed In People.....

Someone goes out of their way and does something nice for a complete stranger.

I was looking for the Sheriff's Department and the Circuit Court in downtown Warrenton today. I put "78 West Lee Hwy" in my how hard can that be???

Well the GPS kept directing me to the Ruby Tuesday no matter what direction I was coming from. I was really getting stressed out. Funny how putting Hwy instead of St could make such a big difference.

I finally got downtown which is on top of a huge hill and I drive a stick shift. Everywhere I went people were stopping inches from my back bumper and there was really no way to drive after a complete stop without rolling back a few inches. People that know me, know how anal I am about my car so this was naturally freaking me out a bit. I finally decided to just find a parking lot near the top of the hill and walk from there.

Still not knowing where I was going, I decided to ask this gentleman that was sitting at the bank across the street from me. He gave me really good directions and I told him that I would just walk.

I had walked about a block when the gentleman and his wife pulled up to me and offered to drive me over to the Sheriff's Department. They really made my day. What a nice thing to do for a complete stranger especially in this day and age.

Sometimes Less is More

I went to perform an inspection in a really run down neighborhood this morning.

It was kind of weird when I arrived. I must have sat in my car for a good 10 minutes remembering the last time I was in a neighborhood like this.

It was at a time in the 80's when I didn't own a pot to piss in. One time I stayed with friends in their house that had a dirt floor. They rented the house. The floors had rotted out and the landlord refused to fix them. The renters didn't have the money to do it themselves or to move to a better place.

I remember that we had some of the best times then.

It's strange how sometimes the more "stuff" and money we have the more stressed out and less happy we are.

It seems that many times it is easier to be happy when you don't own a pot to piss in.

Living With A C-Rex

Yes, I'm living with her, she's not living with me.

Her name is Silly short for Miss Furrydance Esyld.
Silly is a purebred Cornish Rex with a very short, hardly shedding, curly coat and I think she was a dog in per previous life.

I've had Silly for a month and a half.

It all started back in January when I was feeling a bit lonely here by myself, but not lonely for a human. I knew I didn't want a dog again and thought about getting a cat. Then I almost pushed that idea aside since my favorite color is black and I wouldn't be able to deal with cat hair all over everything. Then there is also the independent issue. I've seen many grown cats that only want to get close to you when it's feeding time. When their bellies are full, we humans don't seem to exist.

So I Googled low shedding cats and found a breed that would be perfect....the Cornish Rex. Of course I never thought that I would be able to get one because all the breeders I found were way out of the state of Virginia.

Then I lucked out and found dear Teri, she's the owner of the Furry Dance Cattery, in Woodbridge, VA. I was so happy to find someone close by. Teri let me adopt Silly on February 15th.

Silly is very unusual.

She brings me her toys so that I can throw them for her to fetch.

She hugs my legs when I get home and fusses up a storm for at least 10 minutes.

At night she gets on my pillow and then scratches on the blanket until I lift it up. Then she burrows down to my feet, puts her cold feet on my legs and goes to sleep. In the morning she wakes me up and then goes back to bed until it's time for me to make the bed up.

I have a large folded blanket on the couch in the living room that she drags all the way to the bed....I don't know what that's about yet.

I've never seen a cat so happy when I clean her litter box in the morning. She is so excited and has to watch my every move. Then when I put the box where it belongs she right away has to spread out the new litter that I put in there.

I have to tighten the faucet handles in the kitchen sink because she will turn the water on to drink from.

All I have to do is rattle her harness and she knows it's time for a walk....unless the ground is wet, of course.

When I use the lint roller on my clothes, I have to roll her fur too.

She loves Ramen noodles.

She knows what "No" means.

She gets bathed every month...doesn't like it, but puts up with it.

Same with clipping her nails.

It seems like I have a permanent two year old living with me. The energy and the things she comes up with to amuse herself is amazing.

I feel like I've had her forever and can't imagine life without her.

Is winter over now?

This winter has been a major learning experience for me since downgrading from 1,220 sq. ft. worth of living space to 358 sq. ft.

My biggest lessons have been in insulating the underside of my travel trailer to keep the holding tanks from freezing up. I will have to think of better ways to hold the temporary skirting up around the bottom...well, I have all summer to think about it.

Meanwhile I have taken all the tarps that I had duct taped to the bottom off, folded them and have them stacked up under the trailer. I have to figure out how to get the duct tape off. It really stuck on there good.

This winter the I only had one really bad day. The gray and black water holding tanks were full and I couldn't dump them because they were frozen solid. I hauled butt up to the Lowe's and bought a cheap propane heater and tank. Set it up underneath and burned it on very low. Every 15 minutes or so I went under there to feel the bottom of the trailer to make sure nothing was getting singed or too hot. After three hours both tanks were finally melted enough for me to dump.

Oh...there was another day where it got below 15 degrees and the water hose that brings in all my water froze up solid even though I thought I had insulated it enough. My son and I spend half a day wrapping that hose..... It took 2.5 days to melt and I found out that I needed 2 gallons of water a day to take a bath, wash my hair, make coffee, cook something to eat and clean up afterwards.

Besides that it was pretty cozy all winter. A tank of propane lasted for about 2 weeks until it was time to refill, but that was only if the temps stayed far below freezing for an extended time. I haven't been blogging

Probably because I always have too much going on in my life and never know where to start.
I've been reading a blog by "The Guy Who Writes This" and he seems to pick one thing a day to write about. I might have to borrow that idea to get myself in gear.

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