Happy 2010

bringing in 2010

After serious & cautious consideration . . .

Your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2010!

My Wish for You in 2010 is…. 

May peace break into your house and thieves come to steal your debts. 

May love stick to your face like Vaseline and laughter assault your lips!

May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires.

May happiness slap you across the face and your tears be that of joy.

May the problems you had forget your home address!

In simple words . . .
May 2010 be the best year of your life!

Another Year Flew By

I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve.  Where did the time go?  I remember that time was dragging by when I was waiting to turn 18.  Ha, don’t have to worry about time dragging by now, do I?

This beautiful photo was taken by a man in Front Royal, VA during the last snow storm….

Front Royal train

The snow is almost gone now, but there is still enough left over in the yard for me to still use the path that I dug.

I was all set to go to my Mom and Papi’s house before work today, but I was asked to come in early to work, so I’ll see if I can make it there sometime next week.  Maybe the weather will be better.  Icy rain hitting my roof this morning woke me up.

I finally finished the commercial inspection yesterday.  After researching the company more, I found a photo of the storefront on Bing.com and it turned out the the company had two names.  That explains why no one new what I was talking about.

The people of Fall Church must have been having a bad day yesterday.  Everyone was so impatient.  Riding my bumper to make me go faster while I was trying to avoid pot holes.  An elderly lady was screaming and cursing at her mother in the parking lot.  While I was taking photos a guy from the grocery store in the shopping center tried to get me to take photos of where the snow removal crew had screwed up and it took a while to explain to the guy that this was not what I was there for.  After I was done, I was too glad to go back to the calmer side of the world.

It looks like my next day off will be on the 9th, that’s if I don’t have to chase anyone. 

Thanks for stopping by, for the laughter and advice.  I wish all of you a happy and safe slide into this coming year.

…and for those that own them, keep those Scions on the ground. :)

27 Days On One Tank Of Propane

I had the furnace on for a while last night, but the temperature wouldn’t go above 62.  I figured the tank was getting empty, but it was time to sleep so I went to bed without switching over to the full tank.  This morning I tried again, but she was just blowing cold air.  Sure enough, when I went outside the gauge showed red (empty).  I’m very happy that the tank lasted 20 more days than it would last winter :)

Thinking I was going to have an easy day yesterday.  I drove to Falls Church to do the commercial inspection around noon.  As always I had a printed copy of MapQuest and Gloria (GPS).  Plugged in the address for the business that I was looking for…no problem.  I get there and the house numbers don’t match what I have…not even close.  I call the woman that owns the business and she doesn’t speak enough English to tell me where she is located at nor how to get there.  I call the lender and there is no answer.  No one in the neighborhood knows what I’m talking about and I’m running out of time.  I had agreed to go to Leesburg to chase a car.  With traffic being crazy on top of everything else, I couldn’t stick around to try to find it.


It took me 30 minutes just to get out of Falls Church.  I can’t imagine having to drive through this mess everyday.  I’m glad I don’t have to go out there too often and especially glad that I took Loudoun and Fairfax Counties off of my zip code list.

So off I went to Leesburg, leaving me just enough to get to Millers by 4:30. 

I took the back roads back to Manassas and avoided any more traffic craziness. 

After I had been on Gum Spring Rd for a few miles, I noticed that the Evil Twin was feeling a bit wobbly.  I turned down the stereo to see if I could hear anything unusual.  There was that all familiar “tire without air” sound.

I drove slowly to Millers.  When I got out of the car I could see that the left rear tire was almost flat, so I went straight to the service department and told Cecil my problem.  I was still hoping it was a slow leak.

About an hour later, Cecil informed me that the tire had to be replaced and that it was not safe to drive anywhere else.  On top of that they wouldn’t be able to get me a tire until Thursday.

I ended up borrowing one of the loaners and drove to NTB to pick up a tire.  By 9 PM the new tire was mounted and I was good to go.  Now I have one more tire to go to make a new set.  I guess the driver’s side tire is next.

By the time everything had calmed down, it was to late to call my Mom.  Oh well, today is another day.  I just hope that I can beat the freezing rain that’s coming our way later on today.

Sure Am Glad I Waited To Go To Culpeper…

because just as I thought the roads had taken time to MELT down in that county. 




The address that I had to go to had two roads that were private so they had not been treated at all.  The first one was asphalt, the second one was part gravel, part dirt.  The Evil Twin was struggling across mud, holes and frozen spots.  LOL….I meant to take a photo, but had to concentrate on not getting stuck or worse.  The car looks like I’ve been off roading.

After I got back to Warrenton I stopped to do my Laundry and ran out of time before I had to be at Millers, so I drove straight on to work with my clothes VERY neatly folded in the back seat.  I don’t do iron :)


While I stopped at a gas station, I noticed that the 16 oz bottle is back.  Sure haven’t seen that in a while.  I remember Donna talking about our shrinking groceries a couple of weeks ago.

No surprises when I got home last night :)

Today I have a commercial inspection in Falls Church.  Since this is out of my zip code area, they are paying me out of the ying yang to go out of my way to take care of it.  This inspection had been assigned to some one else that didn’t complete it.  It will take about half an our.  What’s up with that?  If I can’t do an assignment I call the client and let them know.  How can people be so unprofessional?

I’m going to give my Mom a call in a bit.  I think my sister and her husband have arrived at their home.  We are supposed to all get together on Saturday, but that’s the day that I work 10+ hours at Millers.  I’m hoping I can stop by there one day during this week instead. 

We’re expecting 17 to 44 mph winds today.  It’s going to be so much fun driving my box…..NOT!

I Had Quite A Scare….

……when I got home last night.

I walked in the door and heard a strange sound, like something running, as in a machine.  It came from the bathroom and of course I was freaking out not knowing what it could be.  I know that I had turned everything off before I left.

When I got in the bathroom, my hair dryer was hanging on the wall…..running.


Now….how do you suppose my pussy turned it on?  LOL…she must have been bouncing off the walls while I was gone!

Sarah brought her dog, Sinbad, to work yesterday.  I think he is the largest Doberman I have ever seen…..


Usually when someone brings a dog to work, everyone gathers around with ooohhs  and aaaahhs, talking baby talk to them, petting them.   LOL…not this time.  Everybody kept their distance.

Today I am finally going to brave out to the “wilderness” of Culpeper to take care of a chase that I’ve had since the snow.  By the looks of it, most of it has melted and I should be able to make it out there and back.  It’s supposed to be very windy, but it should make a nice road trip with the sun shining even though it won’t make it to 40 degrees today.  Maybe the wind (30 mph) will dry out the yard a bit.  Getting covered with mud from my door to my car is getting pretty old. :(

A Trip Down Memory Lane Thanks To Okka

Okka uploaded some old family photos yesterday.  This is my Mom and I on the day of my christening in 1957….

My Mom and I  at my christening 1957

Me at age 6 in 1964….

me 1964

On the day we left Germany to join our father in the US in the summer of 1968.  I think the ship was called the Hanseatic, I’ll have to ask my Mom.  All our belongings were in two large wooden crates.  Look at all the clothes we had on…..7 days later we arrived in New York and it was 107 degrees…..

Getting ready to board the ship for our trip to America 1968

How scary that must have been for our Mom to get rid of all of our belongings, pack the three of us up, say goodbye to family and friends not knowing if and when she would see them again and go to a strange land to start all over again.

My Mom’s a gutsy lady :)

Dinner at Mom and Papi’s Place

The absolutely bestestes (this SHOULD be word) happening of the entire day was that T-Jay felt good enough to join me at his Oma’s home.  It was so nice to spend some time together that included my son.  It had been a long time! :)

The weather was good to us going up to Linden.  A little drizzle, but that was about it…





Mom loved the dishcloths that I made for her and immediately put in an order for 10 more.  LOL….Looks like I’ll be busy during these winter months and I’ll get a lot of practice knitting them.

I gave Papi a jar of Guy's, Miss-Bee-Haven Dry Skin Treatment, and he was all smiles.  He told me that he uses it every day and that his hands are soft as babies butts.  Mom got into the jar while he was not looking and he was none too happy about it.  He said that he refused to share the jar with any one.  So Guy, check your e-mail for an order later today. :)  BTW…the Lip Balm was also a big hit. :)

Dinner was awesome.  Meet Mr. Turkey…..


The table was set beautifully….


…..and it was delicious as always….


I loved the decorations, this is my favorite…


Then it was time for the first desert.   German chocolate pudding with eggnog from Pennsylvania…


After we cleared away the dishes and I made a skeleton out of Mr. Turkey, we went to the kitchen for coffee and German cheesecake….


That piece of chocolate candy is filled with Cognac.  I think I had about 4 of them….don’t remember.  The cheesecake was to die for!!!

Took a peep outside to see what the weather was doing….



I found this in the kitchen.  It’s a cookbook that I gave to my Mom in 2007.  I had never noticed the statue that holds the book.  Funny, as many times as I’ve been to their home, I always find something that I didn’t notice before…..


…..and I always seem to find something that reminds me of something that Guy blogged about.  Here is Mom’s new bread box…..


What an enjoyable afternoon it was.  Lots of hugs, laughter and great food. T-Jay and I left when it started to rain.  The drive back wasn’t all that great, lots of fog and rain.

I brought home ALL the leftovers.  Including ALL the stuffing that my Mom had totally forgotten about.  I told her that I would take it.  I remember that on some ones blog there was a recipe for using stuffing as a breakfast dish.  I’ll have to look for it.

Sssshhhhh…..be quiet…..Pappi gave me a can of “Dumski’s” cat food.  My pussy is eating the whole bowl that I fixed for her including the meat.

Happy Holiday

Wishing you all a happy, warm and stress-free holiday.  LOL…I’ve got all three covered on MY end. :)

I got up to a lovely 28 degrees that’s a heat wave compared to yesterday.  When I went to bed last night, I was ready to wake up from the noise of freezing rain on the roof, but we seem to have dodged the bullet….for now at least. 

I left the house to check on my mail yesterday afternoon.  I had been expecting a small package from Guy.  I had given a bit of my cream to my Mom.  After using it all up, she and my Pop wanted to know how they could get there VERY OWN jar.  When opened the mail box, it had arrived.  Thanks Guy :)


I went to get fuel while I was out.  It did not take me very long, but my pussy had time to do this…..



I swear, I wasn’t gone all that long!!  LOL…I should know to put that stuff away and am super happy that I put that roll of toilet paper on its dispenser before I left.

Every morning I look at my Feedjit on my side bar and every morning I see someone new that stopped by.  I always wonder how they found me and who they are……lol, since they seem to hit and run.  It always makes me feel like getting home, finding someone sitting on my bed and not knowing who they are.  For those of you that are lurking :)…..it is okay to comment now and then.  I’d love to hear from you. :)

Well, it’s time to get ready to visit my Mom and Pop and check on T-Jay to see if he’s feeling well enough to join me.  I’m leaving my pussy at home.  I’ll wait until it gets warm to take her to visit.  Maybe by that time I’ll figure out a way to make it not so stressful for her.

I hope that everyone has an awesome day and for those of you that own them…..keep those Scions on the ground! :)

BBBRRRR….9 Degrees at 8:30 This Morning

LAST winter I had no running water at 11 degrees and I was  bathing at the sink with a gallon jug of water.  I’m so happy that all the research and work of insulating my home has paid off.

LOL….five minutes after I published yesterdays blog, I had a knock on the door.  It was Asia, Cyndi and Kenny’s daughter with a box of coffee filters in her hand.  Thanks Cyndi :)  Later my sister posted this on Facebook….. “blog it and they will come” :)


My pussy chillin’ and catching rays yesterday.  LOL…notice the temperature gadget measuring the temperature of the outside of the window warmed up by the sun….


This morning darev2005 mentioned that his computer had a virus.  That made me think about mine.  It’s been running a bit sluggish especially when I first turn it on in the morning.  Since I won’t be going anywhere today, I’ll take care of some maintenance.  I downloaded the newest version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  I have other protection on this laptop, but something always slips through the cracks.  This may catch something that my other software may have missed.

I’ve been trying to knit my Mom a few dish towels and unraveling and starting over a dozen times, I finally think I’ve gotten the hang of it.  Not perfect, but with some practice, it will pass.  I hope to have a few more to take to Mom’s tomorrow.  The one on the left is one that my Mom bought online.  I need some practice!!!…


Kaydee posted pictures of Christmas in Southern Australia.  It would feel mighty strange for me to celebrate this holiday in 100+ degrees.  I’m sending some cold air your way. :)

…so what’s up with my “bold” button?  Weird…couldn’t get it to “unbold”.

Computer has scanned for 1 hour now and found one infected object.  Not too bad.

Scanned 1 hour 17 minutes…..crap….12 infected objects found.  LOL….to be continued…

Ha…..So Much For State Maintained Roads

Yesterday was a major nail biting butt hole puckering day.  All the main roads where dry and easy to travel on, but the individual subdivision were in a mess.  Some of them only had enough space cleared for one car to drive through…others didn’t remove ANY snow at all…


Most of these roads are private roads, but they are in very expensive neighbors where people pay hefty monthly HOA (home owners association) fees.

This is a state maintained road……


All in all I drove 82 miles, but due to all the snow left on the streets I only stopped for 2 stop signs.  I was afraid to come to a complete stop and get stuck.  Luckily there was not much traffic so I didn’t have to avoid running into anyone.  I was only too glad to get back on the main roads after this.  Had to stop twice to kick snow and ice off in the wheel well  liners because I could hear the tires scraping against it.

I for one will be very happy when they come out with GPS that has snow route options. :)

LOL…..and here I am crying and bitching about our snow storm.  Check out the photos that Kymber sent me from their last snow storm in Ottawa, Canada.

Kymber’s advise on what to do when you’re snowed in is……

Kymber, that sure is a lot of glass in your home…..it’s just screaming for bubble wrap :)

I have four chases for today, but I have cancelled two and postponed the one that I still have for Culpeper.  I know I would probably get stuck out there.  That leaves me with one in Woodbridge for this afternoon.

I was down to two coffee filters yesterday and I ALMOST stopped at a store to buy some.  Changed my mind when I saw the parking lots.  The traffic was unbelievable and the people totally off their rockers.  At this rate I won’t be visiting any stores until next year.  No thanks….I’ll be using napkins, paper towels, nylons and anything else I can find around the house to filter my coffee.

Tonight is my last night of work at Millers until Saturday.  On Friday I will drive up to my Mom’s and Pop’s house to spend the day with them.  Mom called me yesterday to let me know that she had baked a German cheese cake.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I’m still debating on taking my pussy along to my Mom’s.  She hates to ride in my car and yowls (is this a word?) and carries on during the whole time she’s in there.  I don’t know if I can take that for the 40 minute drive. 

I’ll probably leave her at home. :(

First Day Out And About After The Snow

Leaving home at around 3:45 PM yesterday.


Thanks to Kenny’s Dad, the way out to the paved road was not too bad.  Once I was on pavement, since the temperature had gotten over freezing, the road was sloppy where the snow and ice had melted and I was already worried about having to drive back home once it froze back up….


The secondary road was dry in many spots……


I got to work without any problem.  Not too many idiots on the road except for one.  A speeding pickup truck with a lift kit and huge tires slid right past me at a stop light.  Only a few people had been too lazy to take a few minutes to knock that almost two foot snow bank off of the roof of their cars. 

Going home was not too bad either.  I was worried for nothing.  A couple of patches of black ice and that was it.

I can’t believe that I’m still using the same tank of propane that I hooked up on the 6th of December.  The straw and bubble wrap has done wonders.  I’m such a happy camper!  Last winter I would have been on my third tank by now.

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting to get rid of all this left over yarn I had.  Finished the last throw rug at the end of last week….



For some reason my pussy doesn’t like the one in the bathroom.  She always goes around it and refuses to step on it….weird!

I have now started making dish cloths.  My Mom gave me the idea when she ordered some of them on line.  She gave me a few to try out and I really like them.  I’m on my second one.  I’m not very happy with them yet since I can’t seem to get the side borders right, but I’ll keep on practicing until I get them just so.

I learned to knit in Germany and the way they knit is different from the American style knitting. Due to this I have a hard time following American directions.  Maybe I should look for German instructions?

While I was at Millers last night I got 6 e-mails for mortgage chases.  Some of these people are as much as 6 months behind in their mortgage payments.  It sucks to have to go to them at this time of year.  I hope that I don’t run into anyone that doesn’t get that I’m just the messenger, but as always, I’ll have my Bersa by my side….just in case.

Looks like I’ll be out most of the day today.  I will do five of them.  The 6th is in Culpeper and this will be the 3rd time that I will be going to this home.  I always save all my photos by the person’s name and I knew the name sounded familiar.  When I got home I found the photos and after looking at them and remembering where they were taken at, I know I probably can’t get to the house in the Evil Twin.  I’ll save that one until tomorrow and give the snow a chance to melt down some more.  Meanwhile I’ll get the other 5 out of the way.  Gainesville, Woodbridge and Dumfries.  Two hours of drive time. 

I think I’ll head out of here around noon.

Time to warm up the rest of my home, while I’m making one more cup of coffee, so I can head to the shower. 

Digging My Way Out Of The Snow

After I got myself warmed up yesterday, I went out for round two….
There was a little hump behind the Evil Twin that I had to back over.  I spent about 15 minutes trying to rock her over that hump, but she just couldn’t make it. 
I went back inside to call Millers to let them know that I still couldn’t make it out of my driveway.  I can’t believe that they were expecting two customers to come in to buy cars.   
After breakfast and the warming of fingers and toes it was time for round 3.  I had forgotten to dig a path to my Propane tanks.  It would have been a real pain to get soaked with snow in the middle of the night to switch an empty tank over to a full tank.  For some reason my Propane always runs out in the middle of the night and I have to fumble my way out there with a flash light.
When I went back outside, Kenny and Aaron were busy clearing their driveway so I went out to give them a hand.  Kenny was grinning ear to ear when as he was playing with his Dads toy…..
Kenny and Aaron making the plan on how we are going to park our cars according to everyone’s schedule so that we don’t have to ask each other to move our vehicles…..
I found two spring flowers coming out early……..

Oh wait….never mind….those are Kenny and Cyndi’s kids bike handles poking out.
Here’s Cyndi coming out to check on us IN SLIPPERS bbbrrr….
Then it was time to see if we could free the Evil Twin….
Kenny and Aaron’s Dad got home from work.  The three of them tried to push my car over that hump, but it turned out that the path going to the road needed to be widened a bit….
First Kenny widened the path…
Then Kenny and Aaron’s Dad worked on it a bit more….
After they were finished, they helped to push me and my Evil Twin out of the yard and in their driveway.
By a little after 3 PM, with the help of my awesome extended family, whom I would never have met if we didn’t all own Scions, she was finally free. :)
After deciding who had to leave when and who was coming back when, this is how we parked our cars.  Aaron’s xA is snug as a bug behind the closed garage door. He says he’s not driving HIS baby….
Here is Kenny and Cyndi’s Propane tank with a perfect snow “cone head” on top…..
Good thing I noticed that because with all the digging and scraping, I had forgotten all about my Propane tanks…
I dug a path to them and removed the snow so that I could get to them before the snow goes away, in case I have to.
  While I was back there, Kenny was trying to free their satellite dish so that they could get their internet back….. 
I’m glad that I won’t have to go back there for anything, like emptying my black water tank since it’s totally snowed under…..
I went inside for some big time finger and toe warming and a nice cup of hot tea.
This morning everything is back to normal.  I’m going in to work this afternoon and have a car chase lined up for tomorrow. 

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