Winterizing part 2 10/12/2012

Since the curtain dividing the kitchen from the living room is so thin and it probably won't help much in keeping the warmth in, in the part of the house that is used,  it is time to get serious.

The past couple of nights have been a bit chilly.  Even though it hasn't gotten under 71 degrees on the inside, I  know once the cold really hits for weeks at a time, this will never do.
Then I received an email from Northern Virginia Electric Co-op saying that we will have a snowy winter this time around and to get ready for it.  So it was time to go into the shed and get out that bag of bubble wrap that I've been saving since I had my trailer.

This is from the living room side and.....

this is from the kitchen side.

The nice thing about bubble wrap is that it insulated really well, but still also lets daylight in.  At least it won't look all gloomy like it did when I boarded that entrance way shut.   Bubble Wrap sure saved me when I spend the winters in my travel trailer.
Bubble Wrap Mania in my trailer  end of September in 2009.

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