Sunday, just another Monday 11/04/2012

It's starting to be a beautiful day out here.  It's 39 degrees, but the sun is out.  It's about time.  I don't mind the cold, but I do need my sunshine.  This was yesterday morning....

Even though I get off of work at 5 PM today, it will already be dark when I get home.  That sucks, I hate this time change, even though I did get an extra hour of sleep.

Last night I added a few links to LDN information.  I've noticed that there are a few Germans lurking on my blog.  They never comment, so I have no idea who they are....anyways, I added LDN hilft bei Autoimmunerkrankungen which is a website in German.

For the past couple of weeks, a cold virus has made its way through most of the employees at work.  Some of the workers have even taken time off because of it.   It seems that I have caught the damn thing now.  The last cold I had was in 2009 and I was miserable.  This is a very strange cold because even though I have it, I feel great.  Weird!....but awesome!! :)  Ha, maybe it's not a cold at all and the runny nose was due to me freezing my butt off at work yesterday, but that doesn't explain the sneezing and coughing last night.
If I do start to feel bad, I pulled these goodies out of the closet.

Meanwhile, I put some Vitamin C in capsules to help me along.

Well, it's time to go to work.  I'm leaving Silly under my pillow keeping warm.

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