Stuff NOT growing...9.12.11

It's been months since I've been on here and it's hard to get started writing much has happened since then.  I guess I should take my own advice and just post one thing at a time?

I tried to grow my little garden, but we had so little rain.  Even though I watered the plants in the beginning, they didn't seem to like my county water.  No wonder, I can smell the chlorine when I walk past the sink.  I don't drink it or cook with it.  At that time I didn't have the extra funds to buy a rain barrel, but I'm hoping to get one for next year.

Talking about water, my BerkeyLight water filter crapped out on me a couple of days ago.  The top tank was full, but the water wouldn't filter through.  This morning I took it apart and contacted Jeff whom I had bought it from.  The two black filters had come apart.

Jeff told me to contact Berkey, that the filters are under warranty.  I emailed the company and receive a reply a few minutes later saying that they would replace the filters free of charge.  Awesome customer service!  I'm glad that I have my smaller Berkey
for backup.

Today's funny is a sign that's now hanging in the dining room at work:

It seems to be helping since not many dishes are left in the sink lately. :)

Time to throw some food in my stomach.  Spinach, Miracle Noodles, Spices and Shrimp...yummy :)

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