Stocking up on a few groceries..... 8/3/2010

...before the start of my very crazy work week.

Our daytime receptionist at Millers is going on vacation on Thursday, so I'm spending the next few days getting ready to work more hours.  I started this morning by taking care of my laundry and some grocery shopping at the IGA in Marshall.  I like this store because they carry a lot of organic and locally grown food.  I also found the German bread that I like there.  Every time I go there I find something new.  Like ....

and.....Maytag???  Blue cheese???

.....and then, THIS disgusting display of Monsanto's Roundup next to plastic #1 (PET Polyethylene Terephthalate: Common Uses: Soda Bottles, Water Bottles, Cooking Oil Bottles
Concerns: Can leach antimony and phthalates) water bottles...

It seems like no matter what store I go to, I always find something there to piss me off.

Tomorrow I will get my hair cut.  Then on Wednesday, I have a commercial inspection in Woodbridge to take care of.  It's going to be a crazy, crazy week.


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