Paper bag flooring test in small bathroom 2/28/2013

Construction Paper
Minwax Stain (cherry)
Elmer's Glue
Water based Polyurethane

I decided to test this out in my 1/2 bathroom.

I tore up pieces of construction paper.  I swear it was in a neat little pile, but my pussy decided it was a new toy.

I mixed Elmer's Glue with water, brushed the solution on each piece of construction paper, and then put it on the floor.  I won't be able to do it this way in the living room since it is concrete.  So I will use straight Elmer's Glue.

First area dry.

Covered all of the bathroom

Covered with a layer of Minwax Stain.  I then wiped it off.  It takes very long to dry and it stinks. Wiping if off speeds it along quite a bit.

Now, covered with Polyurethane.

Finished with the help of a fan.

I was really pleased with it and decided to go ahead and do the living room.

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