Ms. Bersa gets a new mod 9/26/2010

Yesterday, after I finished a car chase in the area, I stopped by to see Jim at  Virginia Pistol .  I wanted him to install something on Ms Bersa for me.



That's Jim below.


Jim had put a laser grip on the side for me and installed it while I was there.
Below is Ms Bersa before laser grip installation.

This is Ms Bersa after installation.  I know, I know….I asked Jim if he had a female “bad guy”, but he didn’t.




I thought there was going to be a major difference in the feel of the gun, but surprisingly there wasn't.
I always take my gun along when I go on inspections and chases.  I wear it on me when ever I get that gut feeling to do so depending where I’m at, but after an incident happened in a neighborhood close by I started wearing it at my side at all times.  An agent that was inspecting a shopping center and taking pictures was stabbed and robbed in Manassas last week.

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