LDN...Day 5 2/13/2011

I changed my mind about jumping right up to taking 4.5 ml of LDN and took 3 ml for the past two nights.  Still no side effects unless good side effects count?

Lets see.....I slept well and woke up rested before the alarm clock went off.
For a change, I did not get up between 2 and 3 AM to go empty my bladder, which is awesome!!! :)  I can't remember the last time I did not have to get up to do that during the night.

I seem so have more energy during the day and don't feel tired until night.  Usually after 3 PM everything goes downhill.

I was putting the LDN in a glass and then drinking it.  I tell you, it is butt awful tasting.  It reminds me of the powder BC that I used to take many, many years ago.  Since it needs to hit me all at once, I can't mix it with something good tasting and sip it.  So last night I took the syringe that I'm using to measure it and just squirted it back in my throat.  Swallowed it and chased it with water.   Much better :)

I'm keeping a daily journal to keep track of anything going on and any changes that I make.

Last night T-Jay decided to give LDN a try.  He started at 1 ml.  I don't know how it affected him yet since he was still asleep when I left this morning.  Hopefully he also did not have any bad side effects.

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