Friday Again 1/22/2010

Time seems to be flying.  It’s like I’m in some sort of race.


This is what the yard looked like last night when I walked to the front door.  Funny, when I was driving, the stuff that hit my windshield looked and sounded like plain rain.

The seeds that I ordered left Portland, OR yesterday and arrived in Sterling, VA early this morning.  I guess I will have them by the time I get home tonight.  I’m really excited and hope that they will send lots of reading material with the seeds.  I’ve already asked T-Jay and my Mom to save containers for starting the seeds for me.  I wonder if my little sister is doing a garden this year.  I’ll have to see if she wants to share some of my seeds.

LOL…growing this garden is going to be interesting, especially with my anal tendencies towards neatness and clutter.  I’m sure it will be a huge battle between me and mother nature.

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