First Kabocha and low electric June 27th, 2012

I found my first Kabocha after many months at Global Food Store.  Doesn't it look just full of awsomeness?? :)  Can't wait to cook it!

I think I have found something that likes to grow in my yard.   Kabocha, grown from the seeds that I saved from the last one that I cooked.

 I guess we will see how it goes. 

Got last months utility bills in last week.  The electric is down to $66 and the water down to $29.95.  The electric must be so low because of my dryer kicking the bucket.  That just shows me that the bright yellow signs that we see on new appliances, that show us how much it costs to run the item per year, is just plain bullshit!  Besides not being able to use the dryer, nothing else has changed this past I had the air conditioner on for a few days.

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