First Day Of The Year 1/1/2010

Hopefully, everyone that partied away from home, made it back safe and sound.
I spent the rest of last night finishing year end paperwork to get ready for taxes in April.  Hopefully, I will have enough deductions to at least not pay through the nose.
I must have made it to midnight because I heard guns going off when I was trying to get to sleep.
Yesterday morning the Evil Twin was covered with ice….




No ice today.  It might actually get up to 40 degrees.  Ha, The sun might even peek out for a bit.  
I’m going in to Millers at 11 this morning.  It’s going to be a long day and I hope lots of people will come in to buy a car so that time passes quickly.   It truly helps to be working with a great crew that gets along with each other.
Well, my home is all warmed up.  My pussy has eaten all of her canned food.  Time to get in the shower.  I hope everyone has a great first day of 2010 :)

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