Cooking your own meals instead of eating out 5/20/2010

I thought that I would get tired of it after a while…you know, coming up with things to cook and not getting bored with it all.  There have been some weird concoctions made in my kitchen lately to keep it “different”. 


Like this pork sausage patty on the plate.  I added celery, red onion, green onion and an apple to the ground up meat.  It was awesome! :)


Here I have sautéed banana with cinnamon.

Today I steamed up a slab of pork ribs with carrots, cabbage, celery, green onions, apple, turmeric, sea salt, and curry.  The meat is tender and the veggies are crunchy.  
The possibilities are endless. :)


I started my first potato tire today.  Vegetable scraps, soil, and straw.  Let’s see how that goes.

Today turned out to be a beautiful day.  It looks like the rain is finally over with.  Wonder what will happen if I wash the Evil Twin.  Never mind, I better not jinx it.

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