Baked Sweet Potato, Eggs, and Sausage for Breakfast….. 2/2/2010

……yummy.  The breakfast of champions.  I know …. it looks weird, but it’s delicious 



I had to laugh last night when I got home….looking at my almost absolutely useless solar light after a day of sunshine.  Not entirely useless since it does give me a hint that my home is somewhere nearby….


The other day my blow dryer started making strange noises and then cut itself off.  So tomorrow's project is to take it apart and see what’s going on in there.  Meanwhile, I have my backup dryer from my car show/road trip days.

Then tomorrow afternoon it’s off to the doctors to see what’s up with this boil like thing on my jaw which is getting on my last nerve.  You know what that means!!  


This afternoon I have two chases  in Remington and one in Gainesville.  On the way back, I think I’ll get the propane tank, that’s sitting in my back seat, filled up.  Just in case.  They’re calling for more snow tonight.  

I also picked up a commercial inspection.  Things seem to be picking up.
SEVEN days without cigarettes as of last night. :)

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