Another Year Almost Over 11/30/2012

 I went into my shed yesterday morning and saw this cardboard box with Christmas decorations in it.  For some reason, I decided to put the decorations up.  When I got to the kitchen I emptied one of the boxes of LED lights and saw the receipt dated December of 2004.   Wow....that's how long it's been since I've been in the mood for Christmas decorating? 

I don't have a tree, so I did up the windows.


And the bush outside.


It looked pretty darn festive when I got home last night.  I will need to take a   photo with a real camera instead of the phone.

xmas decor

Tomorrow will be my 56th birthday.  Time sure flew by this year, making it even more important to put my finances in order so that I can get my super small home by the end of next year.

The goal for next year is ...... happiness. :)

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