Printing in Red 07/22/209

I'm fighting my printer this morning. Rat Bastard!! (thanks Guy)

It's only printing red now so I decided to print up a huge batch of envelopes for work while I can.

I guess I will copy and paste anything that I need to print in Word and then change all the info to red. Rat Bastard!


I'm getting ready to do a commercial inspection. I think I will make a dry-run and see where this is at. It doesn't look like a commercial area from the info I have found on the company.

Yep, sure enough, it's a single family home. I have 4 different phone numbers and none are getting answered.
I'll save my fuel and keep calling.

Ha, finally got a call back. Turns out it went out of business in April. Tomorrow I'll drive over there, take pictures of the house, upload them and a report with explanation, and collect 60 bucks. Live is good! :)


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