It's A Good Thing That I Love To Drive....04/17/2009

.....Because I sure did a lot of it yesterday.

I always set me GPS on No Interstates. So I drove through the country side to get to Stafford. 

34 miles of nothing but farm land, little houses, some very large houses and no gas station or 7-Eleven in sight. Music blasting, the bass massaging my back and vibrating my GPS off of the dash. Oh, what a beautiful day it was!

Then I was assaulted by a huge patch of asphalt and townhouses.

When I got to my job at the dealership last night, I was asked to pick up a car from another dealership in Leesburg. I got to drive a RAV4 up and a Yaris 2 door back. 

At home, I uploaded my paperwork and pictures from the inspections and that was the end of my day. Of course, I had to wait for Silly to find just the right spot in the litter box to poop in while I was dumping it before going to bed.

I still don't know what that song is all about. This version doesn't have the talking on it so it seems less mysterious to me.

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