Ist doch nicht so schlimm………..10/15/2009

It’s not so bad.

I got up this morning,  in not too good a mood and felt kind of down in the dumps.  I didn’t have any car chases to do and didn’t want to hang around the house stewing in my worries about my upcoming doctors appointment.

I had to tell myself that it’s not going to be so bad and that I need to snap out of it.  I got in the Evil Twin and headed down to see my Mom.  I knew she would hug me, kiss me, feed me, burp me and send me on my way.

……………..and everything would be okay.

……………..and that she did. :)


Going down I66 west to Linden.


LOL….I hope that  I won’t wreck one of these times when I’m taking pictures going 70 miles an hour.



CIMG5027   CIMG5029 



At my Mom’s house.



After the hugging and kissing, Mom cooked me a soft boiled egg and a crusty warm roll with


cream cheese and sugar beet syrup.  Oh and let’s not forget a pot of fresh coffee.



She showed me some recipe books that she had found while she was cleaning out a cabinet.  The one above was given to her in 1956 and I used to scribble in it when I was little.




Her hubby had gotten her this book at a flea market.  I adore the old print.


Then my Mom found this hand written note by my grandmother, Oma Antje,  with the recipe for lemon cake.  It was probably written in the late 70’s when she came to visit us in the States.



So of course, out came the baking equipment.

 ……and I got to lick the bowl clean.  The cake was heavenly!  Of course, I couldn’t take any pictures of it with my mouth full.

Love you, Mom!  Thanks for getting me out of my funk. :)

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