Good Sleep, Cash for Clunckers, Water Pressure Issues, etc 07/24/2009

Where did this week go???

I blame all this on a special friend of mine that's been keeping me laughing and smiling most of the past week. :)

The week just flew right by me even though I didn't have much work in the inspection department. It's been really slow. 

The upside to this is that I am all caught up in paperwork and get to enjoy what my desk looks like without piles of papers.


The water pressure is back to normal in my home, which is really awesome while taking a shower. :) In the past week, it's been like standing under someone with a mouth full of water and no teeth.

I have been trying to help it along a bit by saving my water from the kitchen sink to flush the john instead of letting it go down the sink. Don't know if this helped any, but it sure made my toilet smell peachy.


Today is the first day of the "Cash for Clunkers" program and I think it's going to be a bit crazy at the dealership tonight.

Besides customer arguing about qualifying, there is a learning curve for our sales people on implementing this program.

I'm glad I finally slept through all night without any barking interruptions because I have a feeling I'll be working late. I made a container of very strong coffee and it's sitting in the freezer. LOL....I'll be sucking on a coffee popsicle tonight.


Tomorrow is my baby sister's birthday. There will be a get together at her house at noon. My Mom is bringing her homemade German cheesecake :)It's like 5 minutes from the dealership and I hope I can get away for a bit to help her celebrate.


My dear son washed and detailed the Evil Twin last night. Two hours later we had a really bad thunderstorm. I'm looking at her now....pitiful!!! It looks like I've been off-roading again. :(


That's all that's going on in my neck of the woods.
I'm feeling boils, no ingrown toenails, no band aids on my forehead. Live is great! :)

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