Bidet/Toilet Seat 05/27/2009

I was out buying toilet paper the other day and was thinking of the bidet/toilet seat that I had at my townhouse before I moved out last year.

A roll of toilet paper would last me 3 months easy.

It came with a wall mount remote control, deodorizer, warm air dryer, built-in ground spray nozzle, self-cleaning spray nozzle, thermostat controlled water temperature, built-in memory system regulates water pressure, and temperature push button control panel and a comfortable heated seat.

I really loved that seat! 

The only person that hated that toilet was my son. That is probably my fault since I didn't tell him that he shouldn't use the high pressure back wash with a relaxed butt. Poor thing said that he felt violated. 

When I moved here, I had to learn to wipe my butt all over again. 

LOL...Good thing's at Kenny and Cyndi's house...if I miss it too much!

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