Mystery of the Hanging Balls 9.22.2011

I took this sitting on Rt 1 in Fredericksburg yesterday morning.  I ended up parked next to the driver at a red light.  Of course, me not being able to keep my mouth shut, I rolled down my window, waved at the driver and yelled at him "Nice balls!".  He got this big grin on his face and yelled back "Thanks!"

So, what is it about the hanging balls in this country?  I've seen them in red, blue and now chrome.  I remember the first time I saw hanging red balls behind a pickup truck on I-66.  I saw them swinging down the road and just had to get closer to see what it was.  Almost drove on the shoulder.

So, somebody please tell me the mystery behind them!

In other news....I had eight assignments yesterday.  Five car chases and three house inspections.  The house inspections took the longest since it involved drawing a sketch of the house and taking measurements with a measuring wheel. One of the houses looked like every time the owner had some extra money, he/she added another addition, 10 x 10 foot at a time.

I went to Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Arlington, McLean, Falls Church, and then Herndon.  Travelled 178 miles and was two hours late for work.  Last night I was up until midnight uploading reports and photos.  I still have three left to do today.

If I had a guaranty that I would get this many assignments every day, I would gladly do this full time.


  1. hmmm...i can honestly say that i have never seen those hanging balls - must be an American thing or something.

    as for all of your assignments - girl, how do you manage to do it all?

    you blow my mind Tango!

    your friend

  2. Kymber....yep, must be an American thing.
    As for managing assignments, I'm sure you've got me beat by a mile working at your home. :)

  3. YOU BUSY BEE!! So where is the TC you sold? wondering what they go for now a 2009 great cond?


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