If I ever own a public bathroom…..

…..each stall will have a fold up shelf unit of some kind in it.

This just is no way for someone to take a leak.


My little 4.5 cubic ft refrigerator came in yesterday.  I was so happy to find it at such a low price that before I realized it, I had clicked the button.  I accidently had it come here instead of the townhouse. 

CIMG7841Now I’m waiting on Kenny to get home so that we can put it in the back of the Evil Twin.  It only weighs 67 pounds, so I’m sure we can manage.

Meanwhile I have packed up more boxes….

CIMG7842I hope I can get it all in!

I stopped by Buckland Farm Market to stock up on fresh food for the coming weekend.  They are in full swing for Halloween.

CIMG7833CIMG7834 They had a cage with rabbits for sale.  


They were so cute a fuzzy….and then my stomach started growling.


  1. seriously, if I could I would take a break from packing to come and help you pack. That just how much I care. It's the last bit, about fuzzy bunnies and growling stomach that got to me.


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