Ms. Bersa gets a new mod

Yesterday, after I finished a car chase in the area, I stopped by to see Jim at  Virginia Pistol .  I wanted him to install something on Ms Bersa for me.



That's Jim below.


Jim had put a laser grip on the side for me and installed it while I was there.

Below is Ms Bersa before laser grip installation.


This is Ms Bersa after installation.  I know, I know….I asked Jim if he had a female “bad guy”, but he didn’t.




DSC06894 DSC06892

I thought there was going to be a major difference in the feel of the gun, but surprisingly there wasn't.

I always take my gun along when I go on inspections and chases.  I wear it on me when ever I get that gut feeling to do so depending where I’m at, but after an incident happened in a neighborhood close by I started wearing it at my side at all times.  An agent that was inspecting a shopping center and taking pictures was stabbed and robbed in Manassas last week.


  1. Wow, I don't blame you for wearing it all the time. That would be scary. Stay safe, Sheila

  2.'s pretty sad. Stuff happens even in the so called "good neighborhoods"

  3. Wow. I'm too chicken to carry a gun, but Cliff is a firm believer. So is my son, in a BIG way! I'm just afraid I'd kill myself while trying to kill the attacker.

  4. Donna...after a while it all becomes a habit....a habit that could save my life. It helped me to take the concealed to carry course and to be friends with the instructor. Jimmy has helped me a lot and has years of knowledge and training. I have elbow issues and Jimmy helped me to choose a weapon according to size and weight that I would be able to handle with ease.


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